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The 16th chapter and division moth广州桑拿论坛体验报告er meet

” the moon in the dream ” Huai Xiaorou / , this chapter in all 2204 words, update at: 2019-08-13 18:00

such, we say one listens, the cock of home of the aunt after imperceptible room has begun to hit cry, the energy of life end that is very sound, appearing the self-confidence that breaks through all darkness, light, we return not as vivid as a cock clear, I think.

After hearing crow voice, you are inclined according to the head on my back slowly carried rise, I feel you are being taken disconsolate slow, say:

“Do we go? “Do we go??

“Be good! ” this is a few hours since, the 3rd word that I say, you looked at me to laugh, embraced deeply, pulling me to rise leave. I got on ladder a few years, because this is skilled spry and light, and you are so slow however and not close. I say:

“I go down first, helping ladder up do you fall again? Helping ladder up do you fall again??

“Which can, I first! ” those who say is decisive in that way, sturdy.

Accordingly I also hold to no longer, along with you bit by bit move downward taking move resembling is fear is ceaseless be down look around, my heart resembles is gently by love lay a finger on one have warm warm heat.

You stand in ladder bottom to carry the pole of the handholding both sides with close closefisted, look up say:

“Fall! “Fall!!



Sword of desolate of the 50th chapter is held in the palm with wanting work loo广州夜生活娱乐WFGk

” still bead sequel ” city puts an ox / , this chapter in all 3017 words, update at: 2019-08-12 22:37

Clever peak hill condenses the wonderful view of hill of the world name, gather together the elite of terrestrial blessing ground, churchyard famous places and historical sites is numerous, one of temple of dwell concealed buddhist, big Yun Si, 8 scene, clever cliff explore gets the better of a Shui Yan, , it may be said ” hill is Buddha unripe scene, buddha graces for hill ” , both bring out the best in each other.

Uprise overlook, be just as place oneself the middle of forhead, infinite scene, all stop eye ground.

This day, yong Qi walks in hill, can’t help some are thirsty, see a someone fitly, chai Men is ajar, before going up, Yong Qi denounces saliva to drink, knocked a long time, just walk out of 1956 years old from house, bare is worn the upper part of the body, the person of smooth baseboard, ask: Dry what?

Yong Qi sees his idiotic, the appearance of very not clever light, say: On foot tired, denounce saliva to drink.

That person rolls a head to house in loud say: Woman, somebody should denounce saliva to drink.

Then inside the sound line that transmits an old biddy: Should drink water to give him a water. That talent opens Chai Men, say: Come in.

Yong Qi is looked up and down carefully, this is house of a cogongrass[……]


Small swallow of the 广州夜蒲网桑拿论坛52nd chapter restores memory

” still bead sequel ” city puts an ox / , this chapter in all 3309 words, update at: 2019-08-12 22:41

The word says Qianlong has not stand up to now store, not be to had not stood before, it is the day fails the person wishs only just, qianlong altogether seventeen son.

The tradition of the Han people is: Of lineal descent establishs of lineal descent, stand without of lineal descent long.

Qianlong also suffers this effect, original, qianlong is to want to establish cornstalk of of lineal descent, place of rich examine family name is strange after Xiao Xianhuang child Yong Lian.

Yong Lian from small clever and lovely, not only Qianlong, also like even Yong Zheng’s emperor this emperor grandson very much, the there will be Yong Lian of 7 years old only at that time name after Qianlong accession keeps the close small box that be in in, put in palace of male Qing Dynasty ” conscientious ” after plaque, but what everybody did not think of is, yong Lian did not do imperial lot however, with respect to die in one’s bed, of Yong Lian hit to Qianlong to death very big.

After Yong Lian is dead, age of emperor cornstalk Yong Ying is the oldest, but not be empress place is born, not be of lineal descent namely child, yong Ying is stood to be prince later, dan Qianlong often is opposite its are accusing, make the pressure of prince spirit very great, qianlong 13 years (174[……]



” still bead sequel ” city puts an ox / , this chapter in all 5186 words, update at: 2019-08-12 19:54

Beijing Forbidden City too with the hall, great clear dynasty the 6th emperor, zu Yuyin getting male relative of a senior generation, the Qianlong emperor that is 10 complete old people from instruct later sits up on dragon couch right now, chancellery of civil and military bend forward body side stands, cent lists both sides, an eunuch that pass decree is in loudly read out plans to instruct well already instruct, the character with these unintelligible archaic and abstruse, it is language that Qianlong emperor seeks the elder brother that seals two to die already to be infante, book complimentary word theres is no lack of in article. Altogether of Yong Zheng emperor 10 child 7 female, what be chased after this to seal is the great that dies at 8 years old sunshine, to carry infante, die at the Fu Hui when 8 years old likewise with another, to conceive infante. Read out ends, group official hurrah of a hill.

Later, walk out of an old official from inside morning class, it is premier general affairs and salary of allow of large village infante, on hasten pace before, bend forward path of body play music: Open report the emperor, do I wait for fish? 3 A elder brother Ajina won the account once upon a time blame involve others in a criminal, the person that obtain a blame to evacuate yellow area with itself is diffe[……]


48. ending 广州夜网ABD(2)

” if the dream wakes to jubilate however ” cherry is new new sauce / , this chapter in all 348 words, update at: 2019-08-21 14:12

“Joyous, had we gone back? ” the hand that Jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty is playing her.

“I still do not think now! ” the hand that Shen Rehuan throws him, take a kitchen, jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty goes in immediately afterwards.

“You are afraid that I harm you again! ” the word of Jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty straight from the shoulder, shen Rehuan’s hand trembles, did not manage again he.

“Joyous, you go back, grandma a person is possible! ” the old lady walks over.

Shen Rehuan pauses, laughing to say: “Grandma! You are joking, I this time come even if accompany you, how can say to go! How can say to go!!

“Joyous! ” the old lady is not had language, this child how so gruff!

Shen Rehuan does not talk, flashy the sound that cuts course only.

Jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty takes out fruit knife, forward oneself are abdominal suddenly 3 knives, “Joyous I also do not owe you again! ” say, corners of the mouth of the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty was containing Jiang to laugh.

Shen Rehuan frightens extremely, tear flowed, ” the name of the last rul[……]


The 2nd chapter: Suffer广州桑拿夜网论坛HDF all kinds of torment

” if the dream wakes to jubilate however ” cherry is new new sauce / , this chapter in all 608 words, update at: 2019-08-08 14:28

“Not, do not put me here! ” Shen Rehuan says. “I am sorry, shenyang size elder sister, this is the command of king! ” burly man is like Shenyang joyous coop went in the gate of a complete darkness. “Somebody? Where is this? That can torment a the dead place that this won’t be fokelore. ” Shen Rehuan thinks or have some of fear after the event. “Ah, of course somebody! ” the man that there still are a few drearinesses behind the woman of a few ferocious. “Need not Shenyang size elder sister know who we are? Where is this, you also are clear about most propbably, we give the order of king ‘ well keep an eye on you ‘ ! ” the feminine mouth say that head. ” , jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty. Breathe out… ” Shen Rehuan forced smile well keep an eye on, why do you want such, little imagine ‘ well keep an eye on ‘ tormented Shen Rehuan 3 years.

“Bearer, let her know rule first. ” those who head say femaly. “Custom? ” Shen Rehuan is interrogative. “Not clear? Resemble namely doggish climb circuit, next the edge climbs an edge to twist the buttock! ” ” not, I do not work! ” Shen Rehuan can be that old young lady that stand high above the masses, obstinate and unruly, cannot low 3 gas. “You say again! ” the female apparent anger that head. “Not, I do not work! ” Shen Rehu[……]


The 5th广州佛山桑拿论坛 chapter: How does Gu Shaohui deal with?

” if the dream wakes to jubilate however ” cherry is new new sauce / , this chapter in all 347 words, update at: 2019-08-10 17:56

“Consider little, king let me give you the individual! ” Xiaojiang is right before have sth in mind girl of this fashionable myriad however cruel and evil person! “Oh, the person that Jiang Wang sends is interesting! ” a cool meaning in Gu Shaofeng eye, raised a few minutes of interest again however! “Bearer, carry her come in! ” Xiaojiang says, a few men are carrying Shen Rehuan to come in, a bit not of jade of pity sweet cherish abandon Shen Rehuan, shen Rehuan still did not awake however. “You! This… still you are guessed! Say, can kill? ” Gu Shaofeng a bit not leave some leeway. “Can, consider follow your mood less! ” Xiaojiang says to go, only cold hear Gu Shaofeng said to the person: “Throw the person into that inside! ” Xiaojiang and follow a few of travel one case male gallop the car went Jiang!

” , the person has sent! ” Xiaojiang says to Jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty. “Hum, how does Gu Shaofeng deal with she? ” Jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty leafs through a file to ask at the same time at the same time. “Time king, did not hear, hear only ‘ put the person into that inside ‘ ” ” oh? Went, you go down first! ” Xiaojiang one bowed to be exited. Jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty knows Gu Shaofeng wants to work[……]


The 264th chapter is lookin广州花名录g for me all the time

” seek a dumb person ” ambitious woman is incomparable / , this chapter in all 3090 words, update at: 2019-06-01 20:16

She surveyed happy home a lot of days, that fierce man that makes A Feng is absent, and the attention that that beggar near building site caused her, just know through chatting because grabbed Chen Xinning’s sack,so he also is, what just be killed by cereal grand this world is so miserable, her evil-minded idea was formed quickly inside brain.

She incites beggar and her to cope with cereal grand this world and Chen Xinning together, but this fellow is apparently,was psyched out by cereal grand this world, he not dare, do not go incur he, he still can earn a living, but go again incur he, the share that he has the possibility dead only.

To can allow the side of his be most willing to she, she paid how bitter price. Her body be had by him, ask for, the man of this disgusting keck letting a person, broke a hand, lame leg, but that respect suffers an effect not at all however, to retaliate Chen Xinning and cereal grand this world, her go ahead regardless.

She also should let Chen Xinning taste this kind of flavor, by a so disgusting and dirty man compelled be a kind what kind of rip a heart to crack lung, think of the pleasure after retaliation, everything is not important.

But, how can Chen Xinning a hair does scot-free appear be before? Impossibl[……]


Mom of the 180th c广州桑拿夜网HRDhapter is ill

” seek a dumb person ” ambitious woman is incomparable / , this chapter in all 3430 words, update at: 2018-05-21 20:02

Small will sit in the office, at hand is putting a bottle new the red wine that open.

Cereal grand this world is gone out to treat a disease by Chen Xinning belt already several months, the condition that does not know him how?

He did not call to them, he does not want to disturb them, and he also believes cereal grand this world has been met certainly.

Different is these a few months come, long Yu and He however each other are hit controlling the other side, the economy of this locality that be troubled by got not little impact.

And whole person went after He Shaofei disease is good, also be no longer before that warms male model young manager, his eyes becomes extremely sharp, the person also becomes very overbearing, such contrast still is to let a person suspect he is medium really unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease.

Small will send the red wine in the hand to the side of the mouth, the too deep person of love can lose reason, lose this heart!

Be known according to him, he Shaofei clique goes out the whereabouts that a lot of person searchs Zhuo Ya, but these a few months will do not have phonic message all the time.

The world is so great, if a person wants to hide, it[……]


The 169th chapter becomes广州桑拿夜生活论坛VFD tycoon

” seek a dumb person ” ambitious woman is incomparable / , this chapter in all 3222 words, update at: 2018-05-06 12:51

Want at the outset when they show first time sees him, that callous interest on his body is frightened so that they do not say to give a word to come. And he also did not talk more, with respect to arrangement a youth closes them to an almost bedraggled old village, return somebody to be worn in guard, do not let they and outside connection, resembling is coop jail. Until the other day, that youth comes a guard their person mogged, they ability recovery is free. Be frightened so that die partly by him at the outset, but he is like now,be very the appearance that is afraid of them.

They also understand on TV, they know cereal grand this world is mad, nowadays class also do not go up, can hide in this only big curtilage in dare not see a person.

Cereal grand this world sees the eye of the other side is seeing him, frighten so that hide in Chen Xinning’s back, hand not by clutch Chen Xinning’s arm.

Chen Xinning sees Gu Hao positive light tone say: “Do not be afraid of, grand this world, I am in, do not have a thing, I can protect you! ” she turns again the head saw them: “I think you are to make a mistake, his money is him, you need money, can oneself earn, the hand has a foot, why to want to be asked for to others? Why to want to be asked for to others??