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Be to still do not turn round? Do not know why, jun Nuo is abrupt very be fear of later.

It is to protecting oneself obviously, why to want beggar of disguise oneself as however? Obviously what do know to be met, why should pretend again muddled?

“Elder sister? ” the teenager circles body side from back, “Don’t have a thing? “Don’t have a thing??

A pair of black boots, do not contaminate soil. Private parts garment is placed, have no drape. Black sleeve, closely bundle move. A suit heroic bearing is promoted, a pair of heavy eye are sober as usual.

Be illusive?

“Do not have a thing. ” Jun Nuo laugh, for afraid general a fallen leaves between hair gets off, laugh: “You, don’t also have a thing? Don’t also have a thing??

“I… ” afraid swings Jun Nuo arm, some lose one’s head are typical: “What thing can I have? The hole that seal demon is daily quake, normal ah. You forgot my volant, fly towering can be sheered. Fly towering can be sheered..

Be stubborn! Jun Nuo laughs, also not expose, it is 4 wait-and-see only rise. Not small quake, in the mouth in afraid however seem very often.

“Is you say ‘ the hole that seal demon ‘ quake? “Is you say ‘ the hole that seal demon ‘ quake??

“Right, the hundred years demon before honour 7 evil spirit, be by seal below Jing fogbank ground. Be by seal below Jing fogbank ground..

Jun Nuo forced smile: “Your battle even the phlogistic demon of 9 Trojan seal 50 years ago does not know, how is big to a hundred years demon before fight so clear? How is big to a hundred years demon before fight so clear??

Afraid thinks, path: “Phlogistic demon of what, not be here now, can be that demon honour 7 evil spirit be in all the time underground of this Jing fogbank! Can be that demon honour 7 evil spirit be in all the time underground of this Jing fogbank!!

“Can ‘ the hole that seal demon ‘ ought not to be ‘ hole ‘ ? Why be land base? Why can you cause so big quake hill to shake again? Why can you cause so big quake hill to shake again??

Afraid one twitch one’s mouth: “How do I know. Anyway we a group of things with common features Mesozoic it is so those who pass. Anyway we a group of things with common features Mesozoic it is so those who pass..

Afraid has actually ask to answer surely. Jun Nuo does not want to miss so good chance.

“For generations? ” Jun Nuo asks questioningly: “Hear hundred years life removes a person a group of things with common features, you are in hill of this Jing mist more than 70 years, how can you have ‘ for generations ‘ say? How can you have ‘ for generations ‘ say??

“We? Can you live hundred years? ” afraid now.. is stupefied, thought very long did not talk again, but a kind of cloud spreads in his expression. A long time, just ” breathe out ah ” forced smile: “Then we can be the gens with brief life really. “Then we can be the gens with brief life really..

A teenager of 923 years old, relative giving Bei and despair are overflowed in the eye, plaint in the mouth ” the destiny is unjust ” . Jun Nuo remembers him in one’s childhood, now.. feels he never has sighed with emotion so, also never such despair passes, the instant some feel distressed he.

Jun Nuo has pulled him, ask: “You are inferior to telling come I listen, if having way, I help you, you became the word of can do nothing about it to tell a story to me at will. You became the word of can do nothing about it to tell a story to me at will..

Afraid carries eye, thrill through is surprised one tiny bit, random cram distrust, “You? Why should I tell you? Why should I tell you??

“Because I am not a person ah. I am an alien. ” path of Jun Nuo laugh: “Some words cannot follow clansman to tell, but can tell with alien. Anyway you had been told, we parted company, later also nobody can ask me. Later also nobody can ask me..

The look of afraid is looked up and down up and down, cong Junnuo’s eye arrives again she is plantar, that jade hairpin that goes up to her head again from her arm, without was not swept, be like is to be in think she is worth undeserved reliance.

The teenager also does not know to be touched by his this eyes, cold path: “The letter says, do not believe do not look in disorder! Do not believe do not look in disorder!!

Afraid became white teenager, take everything into one’s own hands lives Jun Nuo artifice, angry path: “I believe her not to believe you! “I believe her not to believe you!!

The teenager is cold look and inspect, afraid is frightened so that hasten however take a hand. The about of this Jing dread, it is to mix unexpectedly Yu Huaijing is general.

Have so horrible? Side head sees Jun Nuo, see the teenager is shallow only light smile, be without the double eye of billows as before, it is expression is cool only.

“Actually I also am not particularly clear, just listen to clansman to say, we are cursed, in us the oldest also can live 30 years old at most. In us the oldest also can live 30 years old at most..

“30? ” Jun Nuo has some of be surprised other slightly, but one after-thought, since entering Jing mist hill, no matter be the girl of hunter of the gally that play the part of ghost, still be the birds that the sky circles, also or it is the afraid before, it is a teenager it seems that.

Dew of afraid now.. face is agonized: “These things are in we a group of things with common features inside forbid to discuss. I tell you, you but cannot tell others! You but cannot tell others!!

See him one face is innocent, jun Nuo smile nods.

“Actually. ” afraid has some of be affectedly bashful, sound now.. decrescent, “Actually I am not fed up with you. “Actually I am not fed up with you..

Jun Nuocan laughs like that, the person that oneself like on the world is not little, what can not like oneself is quite much also, but have a bit, those who like oneself often is those did not know well the teenager of affairs of human life. They are innocent, be illogical worldly and multifarious, not of dispute adult gain and loss breaks, right instead Jun Nuo more can straight-out and wait for.

Afraid now.. saw a girl, toward Jun Nuo body side hides, “But I am fed up with person a group of things with common features. Especially hunter! They enter Jing mist hill, those who break this mountain forest is quiet, hunt kills animal a group of things with common features, also hunt kills us. Also hunt kills us..

Jun Nuo remembers yesterday evening plays the part of the thing of ghost suddenly, ask: “Is you did not want to kill them? “Is you did not want to kill them??

Afraid now.. is changed into another ferocious expression, path: “We think all way, want to drive away the hunter, but they do not go namely, still held many animal a group of things with common features. But you… save them actually! I think you are hellion! I think you are hellion!!

Jun Nuo scratchs his head: “This… if be you,confront crisis of life and death, I also can save you. I also can save you..

“They are hellion, are you also saved? Are you also saved??

The world of dot, have good person and bad person only.

Afraid sees Jun Nuo does not reply, mutter a mouth: “Say to be able to save us, that you… skill solved our curse! That you… skill solved our curse!!

Jun Nuoshun mouth answers: “Can try. “Can try..

The double eye now.. of afraid is showing light, “True? “True??

“The forehead… my means, the curse that can try to understand you first after all how… “

Afraid did not hear Jun Nuo’s explanation it seems that, continue to examine minutely: “Can be you solved really? “Can be you solved really??

“Haw… I think me… “

Afraid is elated: “Good, go! I bear the little gentleman that you go to seeing we are great! I bear the little gentleman that you go to seeing we are great!!

“Great little gentleman ‘ ? ” Jun Nuo is understood ” great ” it is to praise, also understand ” little gentleman ” it is a position, can be together repeatedly, have so little did not understand.

“Right, great little gentleman. ” afraid temporarily glad, forget a teenager to still be in beside, pull a Jun Nuo to go, “Great little gentleman, it is us the most broad and profound, the most powerful, a the most beautiful person. A the most beautiful person..

Before Nuo is being dragged, gentleman goes, feel suddenly however to see those who see a person a group of things with common features get tribal chief also pretty good. Hunter, on the west barren animal a group of things with common features, animal of Jing mist hill a group of things with common features, feather person a group of things with common features, still have that memory the You Hun of strange difference, the evil spirit that more unruly hill change comes over is numerous, anything that misleads people is heavy, secretive is quite much. In case their little gentleman, particularly great really,

Slightly side head, jun Nuo is right teenager beck, he follows signal come up, glance sideways with Yu Guang however see his one face inhospitality, can’t help pausing, stop offal pace.

Teenager backside, cloudy deep forest, dark emerging agitation, it seems that the secret with darker under cover.

“Should the elder sister go certainly? ” the teenager is apparently vinegary.

Jun Nuo laughs: “Come, repeat that maximum sentence that you say to me. Repeat that maximum sentence that you say to me..

Teenager terrified, not self-conscious and pure: “Elder sister you… happy good. “Elder sister you… happy good..

“Hum. Right. ” feel only before, this word is perfunctory overly, there can be use quite however presumably nowadays.

The teenager smiles, expression is shown a bit downy, again: “Good, elder sister you are happy good. Elder sister you are happy good..

Feather abuttals of person a group of things with common features leaves Jing fogbank quite far seemingly. Afraid is taking them 2 people, cannot fly across from inside sky, one situation is difficult one pace is shallow turn back, several batches of hunters still were encountered on the road.

Jun Nuo follows since 11 years old the world of Zhou Youan roam, be seen place receives all extraordinary job. Zhou Youan gave a name follow a gender along with the heart, jun Nuo also learns 7788, never be sanctimonious of be particular about, never care about wind of old and well-known family model, comfortable along with the heart good, it is with what peculiar way can play.

At first afraid sees the hunter always is gnash, jun Nuo exert bosom action frightens them, return actually to final afraid very expect to be able to encounter a hunter, want to see Jun Nuo after all still how many caustic is enrolled, want to see those people be frightened so that fart rolls the about that make water sheds by her.

But this in the course of contacts, afraid also puts down wariness completely to Jun Nuo gradually, two people you I am one sentence, chat so that that calls a buzzing with activity. Chatting, jun Nuo still ridicules from time to time teenager, “You see you, all the way close-lipped little sign, give hold back me bad. Give hold back me bad..

They go to stop, crepuscular time just reachs a the boundary of a piece of land of person a group of things with common features. The half half way up the mountain of peak of a hill, spring Chan Chan, arboreous and very tall. Now.. turns, enter an open ground, apparent knife chops axe authentic trace. Flat is continuous open, look place reachs very tall gigantic tree, enter the sky continuously.

“Fierce. ” afraid relied on to come over, already completely ripe to Jun Nuo sth resembling a net and accredit, “This is our divine tree! “This is our divine tree!!

Jun Nuo looks up look up at, whole tree has 40 measure at least, trunk is forceful alarm enters high in the clouds, one tree red autumnal leaves follows wind arbitrary, become as expected on divine tree appellation.

“But this god tree, it is clearly… ” Jun Nuo lowers his head, see the eyes of divine tree adores in afraid eye, give birth to unripe stanch next if, laugh: “It is divine tree really! “It is divine tree really!!

“Afraid! ” a teenager of 956 runs quickly, fulminate: “Run everywhere again! Do not know now is everywhere… “

That teenager sees the Jun Nuo that afraid body side follows, the instant is stupefied, “You… you are not… that… “

“Which? ” ask in reply of Jun Nuo slow-witted arris, he can not remember seeing this girl, in where knowing him mouth ” that ” be why meaning.

“Have a hunter! ” exclamation resound through mountain forest, feather person from part of speech of far and near emerge. Direct Zhen Chifei comes, also have those who holding hoe in the arms to run.

A flock of teenagers of more than 10 years old, hold all sorts of arms sword halberd, surrounded Jun Nuo rise.

Look misunderstanding is not shallow. Can this misunderstanding from why and come?

Jun Nuo places a hand again and again: “I am not a hunter, you see the fellow thing of my hunter be done not have. You see the fellow thing of my hunter be done not have..

“She is not… ” the sound of afraid is flooded to be in be roused to action of feelings of the masses.

“The forehead… actually, I am to come to those who seek a person… actually I am not a hunter really… ” Jun Nuo is explaining, but no matter what she says, feather the person is in make a noise about sth, inexorable go, if also letting her, pass do not go out.

More those who make her helpless is, feather person a group of things with common features is returned each is pepperbox, differ she said to had rushed.

One Dao Yijian, one gun one halberd, a bit does not give Jun Nuo the chance that breath. And Junnuoben is inadvertently with their dogfight, can dodge everywhere only evasive, do not have openly engage in a battle.

“Everybody… ” Jun Nuo still is waited for persuade, now.. experiences intense murderous look is broken empty and come, its breath is powerful, speed fast, force so that she took astral month backhand come out.

“Zheng — ” , dash against of astral month the back of a knife blade a Tie Jian, scintilla splatters, na Tiejian is bumped into, change orbit to turn immediately and insert continuously aside truncal, arrow end still vibrated a short while ability stops.

One year of teenager of about 956 walk out of from inside the crowd, hold Gong Erli, curved bend builds an arrow, shoot two Tie Jian again. This distance than before closer, the force is fiercer, rate is rapidder.

Month of the star between Jun Nuo hand retroflexions, without sophisticated one device half type, one left case of one right two-phase is blocked, more than inches of agnail that are in with knife case directly give catching, the artifice turned to bear the force of Tie Jian’s attack. Wait for her to put down a knife to come, those two arrows still retroflexioned two rounds just stop, hang on agnail to did not fall however.

“Not! ” afraid casts off control suddenly, before the teenager that goes straight towards that archery, the intent is prevented.

Jun Nuo expiration comes at a heat, if afraid can say to be clear about best, she can not want to written guarantee with birds next what enemy are complained really.

Afraid still fails to start to talk, however again one is killed meaning come over from back, when coming roaring, swift and violent to extremely, compare a moment ago iron arrow offensive more intense.

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