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Bottle turn the star moves, subcelestial numerous and complicated, do not know year of geometry.

On military forces field, the black clothes woman on horseback, spear is in hand, atmosphere is composed, heroic bearing of valiant of frown and smile. Bout body a smile, all of 100 fawn on is unripe.

Heart of Jun Nuo now.. is manic, first time of ever since one’s birth, she does not want to see her face particularly.

Be without be concerned about, the woman with the illustrious heroic bearing on this horseback, he Junnuo has same face, just at the moment she, expression is firm and persistent, heroic spirit is very heavy.

Woman rope of one raise horse, ma Er hoarse cries, go straight towards a batman continuously. Batman people panic-stricken 4 become separated in flight, only a teenager makes the same score calm static station to be in former office. Woman spear prick, till guttural, guttural gently lacerate, the teenager still is motionless.

“Why to hide? ” the woman on horseback is arrogant ask ask.

“Little put sb on the spot chooses bodyguard, not be afraid of death just is the first want justice. Not be afraid of death just is the first want justice..

“The benefit of talking around! ” woman backhand one raise made long-barreled gun the arrow be thrown. Broken empty sound stops abruptly, teenager single hand holds a gun, flying body turns to decide body form already, act according to that gun both hands again on.

Woman brow is carried, ask: “What do you call? “What do you call??

“Xiaorong. “Xiaorong..

Make an appointment with the teenager of 967 that year to contain bend just about.

“Skill is pretty good! Fox, force of this boy battle how? Force of this boy battle how??

One is not worn the person of armature is boosting this large volume, before be being greeted, go, broke up a few break up, took aim a few times, ability path: “Entered camp in March, entered Li Ping’s battle, capture 1000 two. Lunar musical instrument peacefuls on river incursion, dead person go 100 times 11 people, he is among them one of. He is among them one of..

“Pretty good! Skill is pretty good also! Follow this challenge later. ” the woman is satisfactory to this teenager terribly, this day also the mood is auspicious, laughing to draw a horse and go.

Wind and cloud a few, years shedding is long.

On battlefield, she is attacked, he defends. Her fight the enemy, he convoys.

Before long, cheng Ying of little put sb on the spot becomes the female general that dragon fetch empire provides prestige most at that time, get holy lot rate army assaults Na Jiang 13 countries, drive straight in, invincible, hit so that 13 nations fail Na Jiang be defeated, fall fall, in succession sue for peace of present a treasure.

After another victory passes, fill a put sb on the spot glad drunk wine, pulling a teenager to contain bend, ambiguous the ground is saying: “Wait for me to hit won, I become supreme commander, you become my sole confidential high-ranking officer. You become my sole confidential high-ranking officer..

“Actually… need not. ” the eye that holds bend, tender brightness is shining in dark night, “I can protect you is best. “I can protect you is best..

“That or you become supreme commander, what give counsel anyway is you, the armed strength is highest also is you. I… try to do a difficult job as best one can a form of address for one’s wife that does you… how?

The complexion that contain bend is small red, light kiss opens the hand that fills a put sb on the spot, laugh: “This also need not, as long as you are happy, want you only… long-lived 100 years old, full hall of children and grand children good. Full hall of children and grand children good..

“Cut ~ ” fill a put sb on the spot drunk befuddled, “You do not know how to many person wants to marry me! Have covet of how many person my appearance, envy my ascendancy! You… hum! You… hum!!

Look bend is laughing, circle in her body side, protecting her, be afraid that she does not take care to drop next a tower over a city gate go. Just can protect from beginning to end in body side, of that men and women not, defend entirely different.

Jun Nuo can’ts help mind laughs in his sleeve, this moment how so cautious? When dallying with me to tease me, can not see you so about! Hum!

Worldly have an axiom, cry ” extreme joy begets sorrow ” .

Whole military camp is orgiastic stoned moment, enemy will raid, and the force with which sth breaks out is roaring.

When the person regains consciousness suddenly from inside drunk wine, brain is sober, but hands or feet still is not to listen to handle. Grand grand main forces, it is under the abrupt aggression of that incursion enemy, faint backstroke.

Fill a put sb on the spot from muddleheaded in draw dash around madly, but force has do not reachcapture, be by besiege in about a hundred enemy.

Teenager look bend cannot be between instantly fight the enemy 100 people. But bend of bewitching king look is OK!

Under the dim light of night, bright moon blood is thick. Instantly of force of bewitching of bewitching king a suit broadcast, moment of you only need to do, throw that about a hundred person, jing gets enemy proper motion to retreat in defeat, arrive without fright however that half drunk wake partly between fill a put sb on the spot.

Fill general Xi Xi to laugh, pulling his neck: “I collect treasure! “I collect treasure!!

After passing overnight, battlefield is swept clean, those drunk soldiers think he made a dream only, yesterday evening is them contain reproduction of general power and prestige, fight the enemy under the city wall.

Can fill a put sb on the spot only, holding a teenager in both hands to hold the face of bend, conceal the ground to ask none however: “Are you the person that repair celestial being? The clever strength that builds celestial being can do not have black.

The teenager allows bend hesitation, hesitate in speech, “I… I won’t kill you… I just think… protect you. I am bewitching. I am bewitching..

“Bewitching? No wonder is so fierce. ” fill a general to circling a teenager to allowed bend to turn circuit, ask: “Do then you eat not to have a person? Can you fly? Can you fly??

“Won’t. “Won’t..

“Won’t? “Won’t??

“… won’t. “… won’t..

After this one night, fill a general to need a look bend is more close and, look bend fights also more exert to one’s utmost. Short January, the army that fills a put sb on the spot became Na Jiang the nightmare of 13 countries, and she also achieves what one wishes become Long Hun empire the first female marshal.

Cheng Yuanshuai returns after victory a face, the government and the public is astonished!

On the way that winds face hall then, numerous flower paves a road, common people a narrow lane, prince is greeted in person, good not honorable!

Come back from face hall, she invites him to drink, full one crock, to him fill lays gut between instantly, burst out laughing.

Look bend by fill wine, some are confused, gloomy countenance is shown slightly in expression, with be in at the outset Jing mist hill by Jun Nuo cake of strong crowded mouth exactly like, offend so that Jun Nuo bottom of the heart laughs in his sleeve.

Cheng Yuanshuai slowly rise, in him beside sit down, inclined inclined lean, eye wave is on the move, leer is carried gently, ask him: “Do you like me? “Do you like me??

Jun Nuo looks at him to use the sort of expression, the sort of dialect follows the speech that contain bend, feel only systemic pins and needles, even scalp also conveniently is worn smoke, wanting to smoke oneself one a slap on the face.

The teenager allows bend to brushing the wine be soiled of corners of the mouth, stay. What? There’s no one who doesn’t or isn’t is formidable bewitching Wang Ye and worldly man are common, like such enchanting woman’s charms?

Very long very long later, the teenager allows bend to just: “I say ‘ not ‘ , can you get angry? Can you get angry??

“Not angry. But I do not understand, is you did so much for me to like me actually? Your graph what? ” Cheng Yuanshuai stretchs his hand go taking goblet, the soft light light brush between the bosom holds the arm of bend.

Jun Nuo heart beats, think one fist goes! If I do this kind of business, estimate oneself can hammer is dead oneself!

Look bend quivers gently, toward the side move move, this one move gets Jun Nuo favor greatly, that mind spunk actually so abreaction.

Contain general not care a nut, poured a cup of wine, gave again go up.

The teenager allows bend to look at wine, did not receive below, only: “I hope you are long-lived 100 years old, lifetime go well. Lifetime go well..

Has young lady following Zhao also said similar word? Jun Nuo secretly doubt, begin to be searched for in brain, whether has look bend also said such word to oneself.

“I meet. ” Cheng Yuanshuai charming is spruce laugh: “Regrettablly you are invisible. “Regrettablly you are invisible..

The teenager allows bend to not was surprised, just two cough belt gives a blood to come.

“Personage of door of celestial being of my spy intent has been consulted. The rare thing that grows to go up in island of Gu of sea of the eastern side was added in this wine, restrain evil spirit technically. Any bewitching ate, it is to die surely undoubted. It is to die surely undoubted..

Look bend is without astonish, just shake his head forced smile.

“You want to ask certainly why, because I do not hope common people knows, that person that can fight most is you is not me. ” Cheng Yuanshuai is stood by, the face shows a regret, “Regrettablly, you grow so good-lookingly. But do not have method, you are not dead this secret can be known. You are not dead this secret can be known..

“You… ” another blood allows bend opening from the teenager in ejective.

Jun Nuo ached so urgently that the pit of the stomach follows, this be fond of ability more meeting is successional haematemesis. Although she knows to allow bend to did not die, stand very before oneself fortunately, just be in experience dreamland, but she still aching extremely.

If oneself were a person to do so much business, do not seek get one’s own back, however in the end by that individual kill with poison, and do not say pain how, aching had borne hard.

Look bend brushs the blood of corners of the mouth, forced smile: “You… is this why? “You… is this why??

“Yes, from what I know you are bewitching that rises momently, just use. ” fill a general to rise, turn aside, answer turn round again, “You need not worry, I am met well living, my general is married prince, become Long Hun’s Caesarean prince the wife of a prince, in the future still can be the empress of mother appearance the world. In the future still can be the empress of mother appearance the world..

A forced smile is accompanying Chinese ink cigarette abreaction, leave one face not to have the female marshal of arrange.

After half an year, female marshal if really married prince, after 5 years, prince succession becomes supreme ruler of dragon fetch emperor, and she became queen as expected, the life calls Chengyuan empress.

It is her so! Jun Nuo bottom of the heart sighs without exception unceasingly. In look of the world after this fills yuan of empress to be in, but can fight, can manage state affairs, also can the incomparable person of photograph husband godchild. In fokelore, she lives to be 26 years old only, die because of a suit injury, still get 10 thousand civilian lamentation.

After this, look bend also did not appear before her again as expected, until… that one night that she is stabbed to death with a cup of poisonous wine by the husband.

The night of thunderstorm, rain cats and dogs. She cries loudly in Dian Yu, him complain tearfully is the vulpine fine that reduced gentleman of emperor of be puzzled of an evil spirit nevertheless, why should get so ending?

During be dying, show a body eventually in the look bend of shadow all the time, the celestial being that leaves lot of add of one individual plant to her is careless, she is crying however clapperclaw: “What I do not want you is pitiful, bewitching is bewitching! Cannot become a person forever! Cannot become a person forever!!

Bewitching is bewitching! Common people always thinks he is more higher than bewitching.

Original, look bend at the beginning unreal changes all sorts of people to appear before oneself, be like this generation after generation general, he does not think the identity of bewitching king makes her heart unripe ill feeling.

Blood of heart faint drop. Came 100000, the bias that the place that contain bend suffers and accusing, far than oneself susceptive should be gotten more much.

Days wraps up bag to turn, generation another world. He is occasionally lucky successional a few worlds can find her, can be as long as possibly occasionally hundred years he encounters her hard also. But each world, he changes different identity to guard in her body side. No matter she is to be afraid of him, it is to hate him, it is to drive him to go, still plot against he, he not tire of its are irritated, generation another world.

Her age age does not get die a natural death, his age age is her aching.

Till some world, she is the princess of an unripe Yu Xihuang, meet with troubled times, the country carries not good. Royalty argues advantageous position, she is have to deep-set among them.

She sees a look the first times of bend outside audience hall, be attracted deeply by his appearance, she cries before he is close, ask: “Your flavor is very unique, are you bewitching? Are you bewitching??

Look bend quivers gently, dare not reply. Came 100000, because of the identity of bewitching, he has scared countless times she.

“You if bewitching, will aid my seize power to protect a country. Will aid my seize power to protect a country..

She seems to not be afraid of him. Allow rapture of heart of bend unpleasant attack by surprise, eventually can open and aboveboard appear before her with the identity of bewitching. His bend does his best help her seize power, aid her to make the same score chaos, the again and again saves her at danger in, not hesitate to search celestial being grass for her once even Gu body and photograph of antediluvian god animal are fought.

Can going up to the sky is a day after all, no matter how he tries hard, cannot change a country to defeat the destiny with broken the land of country eventually.

On high city wall, the miserable intense after looking at broken city and suffer misery, her bitterly attack curses: “Why should you appear in my life, why should give me the hope? Why should give me the hope??

“I take away you, protect your lifetime. Protect your lifetime..

“Trashy, you do not know me this gives birth to place to beg, you did not know me to lose domestic state as losing life. ” her cry bitterly wears: “You say to be able to help me, why in the end or this ending? Why in the end or this ending??

She is aching, the heart that can contain bend also is in painful.

Each world her fate is not same, but each world flees for his life hard the ending that Bao Zao dies, he does not protect each life she.

“Who wants you officious. ” penetrate into of move general yataghan allows her cry bitterly bend chest, cry bitterly wears say to him: “You can be with appearing in my life, I do not want to encounter you again, generation after generation does not think! Generation after generation does not think!!

She flies to decline personally, he was not saved, did not cry even, did not weep.

After this 100 worlds 1000 unripe, fan Chen 3000, look bend seals him in unruly hill, became king of a disengaged bewitching, or else steps this world one pace.

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