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Strange, error strange!

Jun Nuo for company laughs, the bottom of the heart discerned however. They defeat a tower prevenient, had searched outlet, 5 accumulate divine Zong Yunshui, used a law foundation, the tower collapses, exit is sealed, the situation of the perish together that start.

Really artful! Still must be abstruse very opportunely!

Junnuolue broods, now.. Jing asks: “Did the tower collapse? The somebody on that tower? The somebody on that tower??

Well 3 flinch afterbrain spoon, path: “Seeming is to have, somebody falls down, someone flies. Someone flies..

Gentleman is anxious in Nuo heart, but hear someone flies to think of sure be assist, since be to fly, that is to had gone out surely.

Well 3 now.. stands by Jun Nuo, grinning path: “Yun Ding is little advocate, the travel of treasure is searched on north, now your fame can be nobody do not know nobody not dawn cough up. Now your fame can be nobody do not know nobody not dawn cough up..

Jun Nuo does not hope to have such reputation however, do not hope somebody knows the secret of here even.

“Dare ask 2, my Yun Ding is betted about, why does door of the world celestial being all know? Still I search the firn on phlogistic demon north, be He Ren inform? Be He Ren inform??

Not the second one face is surprised: “Be your Yun Ding? “Be your Yun Ding??

Jun Nuo mind one Jing, blurt out: “Cloud vessel He Ren? “Cloud vessel He Ren??

Not second doubt laughs: “This does not know, did not say a name directly, go to before cloud vessel somebody namely each each clique connects cicada to all over, some do not want to come a little presumably, some are driven early some are driven late, I am early. I am early..

Well 3 also nod: “We 5 accumulate divine an administrative unit in Xizang is same also, also be to the person that each weighs cloud vessel door is numerous comes round to inform. Also be to the person that each weighs cloud vessel door is numerous comes round to inform..

“Is direct specification town of Chinese ink cloud? “Is direct specification town of Chinese ink cloud??

Well 3 shake one’s head: “Without, saying is Thule, most north has this to be in Mo Yun to press down cough up only, so everybody can seek clue here first. So everybody can seek clue here first..

Yun Ding? Does people on one’s own side betray him? Outside the home is unapt such, they are in betray her while the leeway of the home outside also was being met. If sword of green top gem cannot be searched to answer, him even if encounters accident, jun Qianwen also cannot obtain little cabinet advocate, this… have clearly be contrary to to often manage.

Have those who be contrary to to often manage more of course, was to believe this ” treasure can be found on the back ” view. If Yun Ding can be sealed in phlogistic demon condition find treasure, why to solely pocket, inform the world celestial being of the door even?

Nevertheless most of the most different common, or not the team of that team black cape that the second tells him.

Jun Nuo carries the eye looks, more than 400 people cross thickly among them, it is very difficult the team that sees black clothes of that a suit. If their disguise changes,play the part of, or break up the whole into parts hides at the person numerous in, decided harder.

More than 400 people make a noise about sth, all be the person that repair celestial being. Its go-between counts most name the biggest should belong to 5 accumulate divine an administrative unit in Xizang, by its suzerain Zhong Chengxuan heads a group personally, vast and mighty complete door elite dispatchs, fully more than 60 people.

That well 3 also be 5 accumulate divine an administrative unit in Xizang, greet with Jun Nuo one puts in a team ‘s charge again afterwards, the Yun Ding that elated happy to dance and person share him place to know is little advocate feat.

Jun Nuo is helpless to extremely, this brain is a family, the mouth also is a family, good bad also him other people thinks, oneself can have what way, can go along with him only.

Him escape from death opens phlogistic demon to seal condition entrance, be become to do the fortuitous meeting of perfunctory one time by them actually, a strange combination of circumstances carries the water of whole lake with carried art, very artful entered phlogistic demon to seal condition.

But in all things, most let Jun Nuo feel puzzled, still be that person that passes an information, it is somebody after all door of vessel of cloud of disguise oneself as is numerous, still be Jun Qianwen releases message him block the way painstakingly.

More than 400 people, among them divine spirit spirit, do not get resolution, shaking an eye to look is whats look not to come out unexpectedly.

Here Jun Nuo is anxiety-ridden, beyond one everybody east search what gain is found on the west, surrounded that central megalith in succession all round.

This megalith and Jing mist Shan Yu that god cultivates person a group of things with common features truncal and general brawny, on thick below fine insert ground copy. On the side straw hat of a broken, still have inclined the sword that insert, of half of sword body mergence deep, looking also is peculiar.

The front wall on Jun Nuo is watched, see however in succession before going up, somebody tries draw, no matter exert is enraged energetically more, add a lot of Dalingli, the power that uses method of go into battle even cannot pull out his from the ground.

Before going up, Jun Nuo collect goes, want to watch the scene of bustle, who knows flash key point, in the heart ” click ” , absolutely did not think of Yun Dingge advocate sword of keepsake green top gem is followed so actually park this, scabbard disappears, sword spic is dilapidated scatter.

But treat everybody that kind of about, be like is not to pull out will not to stop. Ke Qinghang has clever, be them easily can of possess oneself of?

“A what sword is this after all? ” draw that person fulminate, “Look very not special also, is how resembling with this land grows together? Is how resembling with this land grows together??

Before another person goes up one turns that person, him begin goes trying, pull it is good to was dragged one, still do not have if really.

The sword has clever, allowing is to look dated nowadays, still be regarded as by everybody however treasure, each itch to try, jun Nuo also sees no less than going to again however. Anyhow also is keepsake of door of palm of cloud vessel cabinet, can try at random hereat by them how.

“Everybody, and stop! ” Jun Nuo is squeezed from inside the crowd piece, check loudly.

Somebody looks toward her, but see she is travel-stained, all over the face tired, however not the scenery with pretty charming of attack by surprise, that look is on the move, be like stars twinkles, the grinning when standing ground station is straight, want to leave good impression to her.

But more people are turned a deaf ear to to her sound, have endless interest however to Na Jian.

“Everybody! ” Jun Nuo unplugs loud voice, “This sword is cabinet of cloud vessel cabinet advocate sword of keepsake green top gem! The sword has clever, be not can admit at will advocate! Be not can admit at will advocate!!

“How do you know? “How do you know??

Jun Nuo salutes, “Issueing Yun Dingge little advocate. ” she is sedulous concealed went name, common people all knows Yun Ding little advocate Jun Qianyu, unmanned however know her Zhen Mingjun Nuo. After Ke Bingling city, she is do not wish by every means the name of reoccupy elder brother walks the world.

Whisper of the Di in the crowd clucks, in pleasant to hear of slanderous gossip fill.

“Does she pretend to be cloud vessel little cabinet that namely advocate woman ah? “Does she pretend to be cloud vessel little cabinet that namely advocate woman ah??

“Hear she also is Yun Dingge’s person originally. “Hear she also is Yun Dingge’s person originally..

“Grow so piece dirt is free from vulgarity, dry should go contending for what cabinet advocate, look not to come out, it is the person with such very grave idea actually. It is the person with such very grave idea actually..

“Had not you heard of? More beautiful woman is like scorpion like the snake more. More beautiful woman is like scorpion like the snake more..

She heard congratulate on sb’s birthday of cloud vessel hill other people ladens with sorrow, city glacial approach will be friendly she heard Su Zhiyuan to sneer at, did not think of to be nowadays before this stranger, she still ineludible this kind of destiny that is commented at random.

Disguise oneself as is not her place to wish, conceal also be not her place to want, because was borne,what she does everything all is ” Yun Ding ” 2 words. In the end, wrong is her, of all fault below the back is her, also be had only by what the person denounces even she.

The reputation that that a few people sneer at is bigger and bigger, jun Nuo cold sidelong glance, make so that they close a mouth at once.

Recreant and cowardly person, like talking around most contend for!

Jun Nuo knows very well visit purpose, also do not think as overmuch as other people drag in, walk along Na Baojian by, fine fine look, approach the sword body point of hilt, carving two words ” Qing Hang ” , the sword of green top gem that this is that lose surely is undoubted.

“Issueing Nuo of cloud vessel gentleman. ” Jun Nuo holds a fist in the arms to salute, “Namely the pretends to be Jun Qianyu person that everybody says in the mouth. Sword of green top gem of keepsake of Jun Jiazhang door is the content of my Yunding originally, as posterity, should I be oneself there is guard duty? Should I be oneself there is guard duty??

“Is you say Qing Hang is the sword sword of green top gem? “Is you say Qing Hang is the sword sword of green top gem??

Jun Nuo points to hilt model of written characters, glower: “Here 2 words, those who engrave is ‘ Qing Hang ‘ ! Those who engrave is ‘ Qing Hang ‘ !!

” cannot homonymic? ” cannot homonymic??

“Right! cannot of coincidence homonymic? cannot of coincidence homonymic??

Chicanery! Jun Nuo has seen the countless people that knowing perfectly well be in the wrong still is sedulous subreption however, also had seen countless egoistic a bit do not take moral person. Can go to, she can laugh, nowadays is however cannot generously is opposite.

In gas of great capacity, dark faint change uses black power, she knows, it is that demon gas is affecting him, knowable method converges know not to squelch however.

Di whisper clucks, nobody are refuted aloud.

Instead is 5 accumulate before going up, Zhong Chengxuan of suzerain of divine an administrative unit in Xizang saluted, “Little cabinet advocate those who say is, what engrave on this hilt is ‘ Qing Hang ‘ 2 words, also be phlogistic demon is sealed really here condition, the sword of green top gem of cloud vessel ancestors is in one of 9 Trojan this, do not have artful contract name absolutely. Do not have artful contract name absolutely..

Junnuode its are well-intentioned, also was to return a gift, fury can be coerced in her heart, expression not how good.

Between Zhong Chengxuan eyebrow easily, did not think of oneself are formidable apparently door of one group control, did not get Jun Nuo respect actually, place a hand, 5 accumulate divine an administrative unit in Xizang recedes entirely, went to other place dispersedly. He himself also annulus sweeps circuit, left this place, in participating in its no longer.

Zhong Chengxuan leaves, jun Nuo lost support naturally, one everybody begins to talk in whispers in a low voice again, it is accusing unexpectedly in utterance and distain.

Sword of green top gem, history of 300 years of one’s remaining years, it is the sword that refine of place of Yun Ding the founder of a religious sect or a school of thought changes, regard palm door keepsake as acting acting according to legend later. Original that a few generation, sword green top gem is followed advocate all-powerful, renown shake the world. Arrive later, yun Dingge advocate generation is inferior to generation, this has clever sword to also did not admit again advocate, with common treasure implement as good as.

Jun Nuo stands by Qing Hang, but the mark that sees month of this 50 age, lian Jiansui already wither and fall, sword body however as before the can illuminate face that gives her comes to clarity.

“I say… cloud vessel little cabinet advocate be. ” someone cries greatly loudly again, “You say this is sword of green top gem, we were believed, but you say you are cloud vessel little cabinet advocate, how to prove? How to prove??

Not the second listens, skip from the crowd immediately come out, “I know her, she is cloud vessel little cabinet really advocate ah! She is cloud vessel little cabinet really advocate ah!!

“Is your brain amiss? That person a few years ago is what you know? That person a few years ago is what you know??

“Do you believe her so? Does bewitching unreal change you are not afraid of? Does bewitching unreal change you are not afraid of??

“Right, you so remind… on her body faint really sending out bewitching is angry. You so remind… on her body faint really sending out bewitching is angry..

Not second Jing dread turns round, tottering to on the side move a few paces.

Really, jun Nuo looks now, very not common.

Bewitching of her a suit enrages faint diverge, or from inside and outside. Only herself knows this is to allow bend to use suppress inside her body dark the bewitching of black power is angry.

But she is in nowadays this is phlogistic demon is sealed condition, with echo of gas phase of phlogistic evil evil spirit, dark black power writhes every time, bewitching force does not squelch, gradually break the ranks. Other people looks, it is she obscures the bewitching strength inside bad put oneself in another’s position, showed sth gives the trick out.

She is binocular although beautiful, hiding silk of every bits of bit blood however nowadays. She comes all right all the way, enter tower be put into trouble, be broken up to emerge by blood of these bring about the desired sensation of person energy of life again, do not squelch namely at all inner fury. But in them eye of this group of people is pleasant to the eye come, became her however hard conceal murderous look.

The world of astral month unreal that the waist after Jun Nuo general manages is dialed in front, to everybody one growl: “Know it! “Know it!!

The renown head of world of astral month unreal is more more resonant than the name of her gentleman Nuo. A lot of people are to identify a knife to know a person again first.

“How? You want disguise oneself as, nature is from A to Z from inside the cough up outside arriving. Nature is from A to Z from inside the cough up outside arriving..

Jun Nuo is binocular spurt fire, the person that wants to see those sidelong glance her only completely lacerate, “Are then you waited for how? “Are then you waited for how??

“You go draw ah! Are you cloud vessel little cabinet advocate? Is this sword to admit advocate? You pull out come! You pull out come!!

“Right, you pull out come we believe you! You pull out come we believe you!!

Jun Nuo cold hum, binocular wander between that everybody, it is to see sword of that green top gem later eventually.

Sword green top gem, if you have clever, know portion of the person after my Yun Ding please. Mind silent reads aloud Jun Nuo, hand Fu over Yu Jianbing.

Sword green top gem, have no any peculiar, she exerts oneself to do sth. gently, do not see a bit is queasy.

Mock sound, sneer at sound, in fill pleasant to hear.

Jun Nuo mind is indignant, sigh only: Qing Hang, if you have clever, identify me to give priority to, wait for me to pull out you, the person cut that gives those dare not or would not speak up surely hereat!

A powerful bewitching flows backward inside Li Zijian and go out, boundless and indistinct Bai Wu diffuses double eye, jasmine faint scent is tangy and come.

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