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Xieyun is spread down green flag road surface all the way before row, the tree of flowers and plants all around has apparent clip mark, the green flag that goes up repeatedly is clean, this showed here somebody to be able to do this house regularly, the tree of flowers and plants here is very common common breed, the Ling Zhiling that absorbs clever gas to grow without need is beautiful.

An arbor did not appear before cloud of leaf of a long time, hang down inside arbor hanging pink gauze curtain, gentle breeze stroke passes, gauze curtain follows wind flap, let a person have the illusion of kind of place oneself and dream, a wears damask garment unlined upper garment person or event associated with evil or misfortune in gauze curtain is beautiful male side lies in high-ranked imperial concubine eye shallow Mian is shut on couch, man appearance is gorgeous, have kind of invasive aesthetic feeling, the lachrymal mole below left the corner of the eye is to let a man add be puzzled of an evil spirit more, coquettish it is special that this word is like what prepare for this man is same.

Xie Yun has seen a lot of handsome male belle, but compare with the man before rise, differred it seems that a few, with respect to Lian Su case that person or event associated with evil or misfortune is before the man also is to want a few more inferior, of course this is not the most important, what gross weight wants is, who is the man before? Why can you go out to be here now? Is this Hunan that looks very weird man to flee new?

Eyelash Qing Dynasty quivers, man slowly opened double eye, that is a pair of Gou Hun photograph soul pupil, even if do not believe the Xie Yun of love, cannot help pharynx pharynx saliva, beautiful, very beautiful, the United States arrives the appearance of acme, let a person have the instinctive impulse of kind of possess oneself of.

Xie Yun is gutty want to rush forward, the dress of lacerate man, see the dress fall that does not have light of a silk fabric with a geometric design, this thought resembles the weed that is overgrowth, how to also stop.

Man red lip is small become warped, it is an amorous feelings really 10 thousand kinds beauty.

What Xie Yun feels cerebrum has the twinkling of an eye only is confused, it is normal to restored again subsequently, but Xie Yun is exceedingly confused however, sensory resembling was to forget very important thing, but, how is Xie Yun also unable to call to mind however.

Flash tens of year, xie Yun had lived in this compound tens of year long, chun Quqiu comes, the flower blossoms fall, years did not leave a mark half minutes on Xie Yun’s face however.

“The cloud, what is you see this? What is you see this??

Color of pale blue of man dress a suit bright and beautiful garment, both hands is holding the flower that just picks from the courtyard in both hands, the flower of fiery color is delicate and charming be about to drip, petaline above the dew that still hanging early morning.

“Very beautiful flower, chu Lang is intentional. ” before Xie Yun sits in dresser, there is the jade comb of the verdure that open system in the hand, combing oneself to shine beautiful beautiful hair, the frown and smile shows happy joyance fully.

Double eye of Xie Yun is obsessed with look at Chu Xin, asing if worldly Hunan is only new one person, this temporal is in snow before seem lost color general, become bleak without light.

Do not know from when to rise, xie Yun always feels he forgot a few important things, but should see Chu Xin only, the sort of feeling can disappear, but no matter how Xie Yun tries hard memory, memory is a blank forever, be like all memory is about Chu Xin, be like oneself to live in all the time move do a courtyard in, all along have not has stepped half pace.

Chu Xin looks at the flower that just picked some are abstracted, there is a light smile on corners of the mouth, had not known how long, chuxin shakes his head, gave out helpless groan.

As Chu Xin’s groan, xie Yun feels his line of sight becomes punch-drunk, those is forgotten by oneself memory in brain begin to become clear rise.

She calls Xie Yun, she in place oneself and battlefield, what had answered a god to come in Xie Yun is flashy, the 5 feeling of acumen felt clearly all round because energy collides,the energy chaos of a generation flows, all sorts of energy are full of between this empty sky.

Foliaceous cloud blame often is sure he followed Chu Xinxiang to be in 10 years really, up-to-date Xie Yun still can smell that light flower on the hand is sweet.

Xie Yun does not know Chu Xin so the matter that become, 10 years, say not to grow say short, xie Yun is true indulging was in under Chu Xin’s glamour, even if Chuxin lets Xie Yun go dead for him, xie Yun also can hesitate none.

Foliaceous cloud frown, do completely knowing Chu Xin to fall down is for what, … cannot get battle song to let his replace?

Want more muddleheaded more, xie Yun is flat considering the issue about Chu Xin.

This war alliance is disastrous, a lot of members turned fetch into body, or integral changes the fruit of life, or becomes ghost to repair from the beginning again.

Nevertheless, strategy organization is to be completely annihilated almost, remain only 10 come name old man still is being propped up hard.

Chen Ke loves to be in early big BOSS of red garment old man and strategy organization is right battle when, be affected, direct with respect to be frightened out of one’s wits.

Must say old man of red garment belle is an ox, begin from the war now, jump over Zhan Yueyong, bloodsucking ray is full of in black pupil, just far settle on, let a person all over body to be born cold, chatter all over.

Red garment old man called a signal that makes a person regressive, allied member fine long hair is far from battlefield forthwith, include to defend two of Xie Yun old man, pulling Xie Yun directly is leap of a space, as if slow one second can die same.

Red garment old man sees allied member exited battlefield, couldn’t help showing cruel and bloodsucking smile.

The strategy organizes everybody to feel bad suddenly, want to be far from battlefield, discover however, whole battlefield space had been blocked by red garment old man rise.

Everybody still has not enough time to answer a god, red garment old man had sent this his life a magic weapon, incomputable wine ball and chain is full of whole battlefield.

All was turned into dense bones of the dead by the person of bring into contact with of ball and chain, the soul is direct be given birth to dragged the body, by firmly of ball and chain chain, struggle to be not dropped.

Red garment old man swallowed those souls that still struggling readily directly, the big fight of this two square organizations ended with such means actually.

One face looks at Xie Yun fably red garment old man, is this the actual strength with powerful what kind?

Those overmatch that stand high above the masses in him eye, was eaten by red garment old man so, that feeling is really indescribable.

Have such state of mind so of course not only it is Xie Yun, allied member, besides two when protect Xie Yun old man, all be the mood like Tong Xieyun.

The field of empty air battle of dusky, incomplete limb breaks the field of long Luo Zhan of body, tired out and frail allied member, the war is such brutal existence, but fortunately alliance won.

The war ended, everybody begins to clean ground, along with like that the loss is a little heavy, but results also is tremendous.

The system that whole strategy organizes is gobbled up, remain one fraction only, what live away from home is participating in a war without the qualification is small in the body, red garment old man is taking covey person directly, go straight towards a strategy to organize a den continuously and go.

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