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” mew boss wants to go up ” 5 lustre sweet / , this chapter in all 2046 words, update at: 2020-08-31 14:26

Racoon dog is little 9, display vigour nods A, fei of a hunderd li still needs you, how so can gone!

The fight in the heart gradually come to, racoon dog is little 9 bearing strong wind by force to open double eye, that momently, glow shines from her pupil and pass together, just also disappear for an instant however disappeared.

The body that sinks ceaselessly is in gradually eventually half empty float rise, and at the moment, she and ground have the space of nearly 100 feet only merely.

She is sucked greatly at a heat, build up again systemic force, one pace is jumped over went up cloud, multiplying cloud, her body is straight straight up, this, she pledges anyway ninefold day goes on communications center!

8 the Lei Zhen of heavy season still still is in, she wants hard to be escaped, discover oneself body cannot have been controlled neatly however, write down noisy Lei Xi, she is hit again actually.

Her body declines heavily again, each inches of skin ases if to be in by calcination general, but she as before unwilling to give up, bearing by force unwell continue sprint.

Relapse instead so answer, she is remained only almost be in at a heat, can calculate such, she allows not to want to abandon like that, till the last time, she also cannot stand again rise, just close an eye to abandon struggling.

Accident is he do not decline from cloud layer however, she feels to a faint scent flits from nose needle suddenly, that fragrance, appear to be familiar with very much, write down temporarily however rising is to who belong to.

Too impatient to wait is goggle, if really see one woman is supporting sb with hand oneself, that woman is cheating one level gauze however, blocked countenance a tight.

The woman is not much also word, since the belt small 9 went up a greater cloud, she is driving the cloud, on reliable one direction, racoon dog is little appreciate extremely immediately in 9 hearts.

Arrived 8 heavy season, racoon dog is little 9 always relapse because of herein be thwarted, so unavoidable some are nervous, that woman also saw probably, extended a hand to take her waist measurement, good let her can lean recumbent oneself are unapt decline.

This is the fairy that receives superior heart really!

Racoon dog is little the tear of 9 fell down sneakingly again, but namely this kongfu, that woman is taking her actually easy to do arrived ninefold day, now that is grand south day door already in sight of a long time.

“Fairy, it is to thanks to really you! It is to thanks to really you!!

“You if really not know me, small 9! Small 9!!

That woman starts to talk suddenly, mood has some of sadness, racoon dog is little 9 give out well, this sound? How so resemble be like water?

Differ racoon dog is little 9 mouth, that woman the head one crooked dropped veil with respect to solution, the face of a piece of ferocious can be unexpectedly below veil, the cut of two deep visible bone is risking hematic silk outside, faint, the demon energy of life that still has black it seems that is convolute.

“Are you to be like water really? “Are you to be like water really??

“I am like water namely! “I am like water namely!!

Racoon dog is little 9 some dare not believe, this appearance before sympathizing with a face more uses up the woman that destroy, although she was married,Fei of a hunderd li makes in him heart very afflictive, but from only then to eventually, she had not done what bad thing, why this world is like this is unjust, let good person get ought not to some treatment.

“You also should save Fei of a hunderd li? “You also should save Fei of a hunderd li??

“Yes, I revenge even, head of that female demon destroyed my the four seas, my deciding wants countervail of blood of her a debt of blood! My deciding wants countervail of blood of her a debt of blood!!

If the eye ground of water is disclosing the rancor that does not change, racoon dog is little 9 also do not know how to be comforted.

The woman of two same purposes together, undoubted much a confidence, they are consultative, preparation goes first south decision of the redo after day door checks explore.

But they revenge the heart is cut, underestimated Xing all over the sky however, south the beefeater of day door, issued tight encirclement to waiting for them again via cloth already.

Had not waited for her 2 people are stood by, acerb laugh is transmitted after oneself, xing all over the sky is taking one pedestrian cut their a way of escape.

“The woman of settle on of Fei of a hunderd li, it is pretty good as expected, unexpectedly dare so barehanded enter my day group! Unexpectedly dare so barehanded enter my day group!!

“Your shameless, when day group becomes you? When day group becomes you??

Racoon dog is little 9 it is a mouth go up not of Rao Ren, see Xing overflows day of such aggressive, cannot tolerate at all, start to talk to rise with her controversy at once.

Xing all over the sky laughs, in racoon dog small looked up and down a few times back and forth on 9 bodies.

“Are you that elfin? Hearing of Fei of a hunderd li is to go up very to you heart, do not know however, is he your where nodded settle on after all? Is he your where nodded settle on after all??

So contemptuous mood, make racoon dog small 9 more fly into a rage.

“His settle on I, where is nature can settle on, unlike you, resembling longly is the hideous that has a person then! Resembling longly is the hideous that has a person then!!

“Hahahaha, you can say to be opposite, I still eat the person’s hideous then namely really, how, you are two, who makes my foretaste bright? Who makes my foretaste bright??

One is shown in the look of Xing all over the sky fierce, if water is afraid that racoon dog is little 9 true rile she, everybody does not invite two people finally advantage, pulled her of rage, but racoon dog is little the strength of burn of 9 precipitant fire came up, how can pull again move her!

“You this demon head, I went all out with you! I went all out with you!!

If water reacts,differ, she is about to go to directly Xing all over the sky the strong past there, raise of Xing all over the sky is worn laugh of corners of the mouth is looked at, body absolutely still.

The eye looks at racoon dog small 9 arrive with respect to communications center before her, an argent aiguille held off outlet suddenly, she controls a foot hastily, still can not live firmly body form, na Jianfeng is in lay off from his pharynx and larynx a blood-red cut.

What doesn’t this bit of ache calculate, can block racoon dog small 9 carry when arriving to taking a sword to pointing to that her people soon, resemble be born to gave birth to cut out to drop with the knife immediately in the heart same, was fond of her to cannot breathe!

How to meet such?

She is looking at that person to mutter, the blood in the mouth down dripped before the bosom on the ground, a raw meat or fish is red.

“Incorrect, this is incorrect, either such. . . . . . ..

Racoon dog is little 9 cannot believe really, that takes a sword to pointing to her person, it is the Fei of a hunderd li that once caressed by every means to oneself unexpectedly, he is in that way smiling face as before, go up to having familiar sweet smell as before personally, she knows that is him, but, how can be him!

” A Fei, those who do is pretty good, nevertheless you look, she is much more painful A, why not direct and piercing her heart, good make her little suffer some of pain? Good make her little suffer some of pain??

The laugh with Xing complacent all over the sky rise, the Fei of a hunderd li nowadays, accuse already completely in her palm in, look at him to ever died in his hand via beloved person, still be vent one’s anger really.

“How? Even do I start work? Even do I start work??

See Fei of a hunderd li is not moved tardy, she can’ts help urging in a stern voice, face of Fei of a hunderd li does not have expression, if really the sword straight straight penetrate into racoon dog is little the heart of 9.

Racoon dog is little 9 a bit not dodge, did not knit even brows even, from only then to eventually, she looks at the eye of Fei of a hunderd li all the time, she hopes more, all these is dream only.

If water was screaming to attack, had received racoon dog small the body of 9 wead and limp, she cannot of believe look at Fei of a hunderd li, tear has dried up in eye ground.

“Fei of a hunderd li, you wake wake A, you wake quickly! You wake quickly!!

Of her shout oneself hoarse cry cry, but Fei of a hunderd li is essential apathetic, face about arrived behind Xing all over the sky.

“Such cost, can you still feel satisfactory? Can you still feel satisfactory??

Xing all over the sky leans the head to the shoulder of Fei of a hunderd li, unmindful respecting, racoon dog is little 9 had not sent give any voice, remnant is in to raise the hand that drops again to be in slowly with a rustle quiver.

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