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” Xue Ying ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 3044 words, update at: 2020-04-07 10:35

Why to mix in vain did Wang Liu month decide marriage so quickly? One day that when this thing still must be hurrieded back to go by road sheng from Bai Yi speaks of.

Then day went back to search one by one in vain big presbyterial, watch him palpability is right Xue Ying’s intention, should marry Xue Ying to be wife, old long master of a sailing vessel is angry, punish his genuflect night, still can insist to want to marry Xue Ying to be in vain wife, big presbyterial can take out killer mace only.

“Bai Yi, what raise you from little baby of 3 years old for division is so big, it is to want you to accede I this is presbyterial, my age is old, numbered, if I go, shed a month how to do? She these year offended many people, I become if it were not for this presbyterial dad is being maintained to her, she is early was beaten dead, if you married that graceful jade-like stone, wait for me to go, once the tree falls,the monkeys scatter, shed a month to wait for no less than going to in Ling Shan! Shed a month to wait for no less than going to in Ling Shan!!

White together: “Let month marry other division brother, does the master let the legacy of that successive master that month marries won’t do? Does the master let the legacy of that successive master that month marries won’t do??

“Won’t do! You are I am looked at grown, everybody is at ease besides us! Bai Yi, does your true give the heart to drop month? She is my only daughter. She is my only daughter..

A few bouts come down, bai Yi was defeated by complete, promise to want to marry Wang Liu month, it is to want to cross some of day to be married again again nevertheless, but did not become want, king shedding month knew this message was passed immediately, the person of almost all Ling Shan knew this marriage, big presbyterial carry the things through,whatever the consequences, was in marriage surely next month the middle ten days of a month.

Passed 5 days again, road sheng came back.

And Xue Ying has been tormented by those 3 books do not become model.

“Master! ” Xue Ying eye shines.

She has a lot of not clear, how does she consider no matter she still looks not to know those things, this has fallen, road sheng came back, she can ask him.

“Hum, apprentice be but want, division? ” road sheng sees Xue Ying a pair of happy look, some are cheerful in the heart, sit in Xue Ying beside, see Xue Ying desk go up farfetched, those 3 books are spreading out.

Xue Ying laughed at a few track: “Is the master to say to go a few days only, this went more than 10 days. This went more than 10 days..

“Occupied delayed. ” road sheng path.

Xue Ying Oh sound, take two books before road sheng, ask: “Master, you see this, still have this, these two have why be distinguished, those who grow is same, look wears use consecutively effect to also differ very few, unluckily one is poisonous weeds-harmful speech, another is to pick the good thing that can use however. Another is to pick the good thing that can use however..

Road sheng has taken a book, “This searchs grass is superior poisonous weeds-harmful speech, search extremely hard, depend on this lamina with the difference that draws clever straw, have on the lamina that searchs grass bit by bit white, draw clever straw, of this drawing not essence of life, did not draw a difference, as to with effect, although look at,have force the effect that gives extravasated blood, but search grass to force person death can be caused however after giving extravasated blood, picture spirit is careless won’t. Picture spirit is careless won’t..

“Such before. ” Xue Ying nods, ask this to plan to continue to break up search other, she still has a lot of won’t, want to had asked road sheng one by one.

Road sheng breaks Xue Ying’s movement, mouth path: “Clear away luggage tonight, tomorrow follows me downhill. Tomorrow follows me downhill..

Xue Ying is surprised turn the head sees Xiang Mo sheng, it is glad next again.

“Too good! Master, we are done downhill? We are done downhill??

“Feather an other people of the country is tangled to go up by bewitching evil, an about a hundred mouth person is medium strange poison, died 3 two, will beg Ling Shan, originally this thing need not I go, but thinking you to see a book also be no good only for division, receive left this picket job, take you to go out to increase knowledge< , it may not be a bad idea calls you to learn some of thing more. " road sheng path.

“Be good! Many thanks master! ” Xue Ying exhibits Yan Yixiao, think of to be able to feel magical to Qing Dynasty enrages bright downhill, the anguish of the book also came loose in light of much day, thinking of to be able to go out again is the blessing that held road sheng in the palm, be opposite so road sheng is affable.

“Master, apprentice made cake of one small dish this morning, still putting had not moved, does the master eat? Does the master eat??

“Hum. ” road sheng sees Xue Ying is eager and clinking, dark line Xue Ying does not have prospect, it is downhill nevertheless, so glad.

“The master is sitting to wait meeting, I this is taken. ” Xue Ying says to walk out of the door, road sheng moves back and forth a thing on Xue Ying desk, see there is what thing on a piece of paper, move close to viewed ability discovery, xue Ying wrote Bai Yi two words, drawing head of a pig aside again, still be only black pig, feel comical.

“This little girl, unexpectedly backside name-calling is a pig. ” road sheng is laughing to shake one’s head put down that piece of paper, on close lid, feel embarrassed after lets Xue Ying know he saw her draw this only black pig of the province, again what she scolds is good.

The thing of Bai Yi and Wang Liu month he just came back to hear of, subliminal thought of Xue Ying, take Xue Ying this actually downhill besides increase knowledge< to her, returning some is to let her need not be in the day of Bai Yi big marriage is sad, go out to come loose beguilement it may not be a bad idea.

Because Xue Ying is him,making is prentice, he is so right Xue Ying the heart on case some, still having is… he must go up heart.

Do not pass a little while, xue Ying carried cake, when about is done first than her good-looking a lot of.

Road sheng takes to look, put in past mouth, the entrance a faint scent, sweet and not be bored with, it is pretty good very.

“Delicious master? Compared with first, you feel I have progress. ” Xue Ying, eye the twinkling of an eye not of twinkling look at road sheng.

Road sheng sees her this pair of about, cannot help wanting to amuse amuse her, pursy dashing eyebrows, drop the cake line that bit: “Insipid. “Insipid..

“Ah? ” Xue Ying hears road sheng to say this word, some suspect in the heart, took cake to bite, see Xiang Mo sheng: “Not insipid. “Not insipid..

Road sheng again: “Insipid. “Insipid..

The mouth since Xue Ying shrivelled is, she did not feel insipid really, have so insipid? How does she feel what this tastes than her head bout is done is much more delicious, she puts head bout much candy, eat much feel be bored with, does the master like to eat sweet of be bored with?

“Do not believe you to call that woman in your courtyard to taste, it is insipid. ” road sheng is priggish path.

Be stayed in by road sheng bluff, xue Ying thinks he gave illusion really, take a cake to look for A He.

“Insipid? ” Xue Ying.

A He swallows cake, shake shake one’s head: “Not insipid ah girl, very delicious, what the girl does this is the most delicious, pass a bit however before sweet. Pass a bit however before sweet..

“True? “True??

“True. “True..

A He is cordial completely, xue Ying had hope again, since that is such word, it is disagreement master taste only for certain just, alarming bit of sugar is put more when she is done next time.

Wait for her to reply house again inside, just wanted to talk to discover two the cake in dish became little, apropos road has half in sheng hand.

Xue Ying ponders slightly, know road sheng is to cheating her just now.

“Master, this cake is so insipid, you did not eat, apprentice carry on one’s shoulder calling A makes a few food to you, it is good that you still take course. ” Xue Ying pretends to be hyperbole, go up to take away half in road sheng hand, incidentally other a few implicative small dish also are carried.

Road sheng carries soon Xue Ying is proud the small about of charming, know she was to know he is to cheating her, chuckle a few, good a girl that angries stare to sign up for surely, be able to bear or endure then strength line: “Saying to laugh just now for division, apprentice the cake that make is to be division to had better have eaten. Apprentice the cake that make is to be division to had better have eaten..

Say to maintaining a body to look at Xue Ying.

Look wears Xue Ying road sheng about draws a person, do not overdo then, do not think the sheng that be the same as road is right inspect: “The master still does not subdue him, I should read a book, don’t bother to see me out of don’t go yet. Don’t bother to see me out of don’t go yet..

Bout of road sheng head was issued order for guests to leave, get angry not at all however: “Apprentice be to ask the question that it is division even, is this driven went for division? There is what problem not to ask after that for division. There is what problem not to ask after that for division..

Xue Ying listens this immediately Song, how can that go, if those things rely on her completely one looks foolishly in that, monkey year Ma Yue does not understand.

“Without, apprentice this is not to be afraid that the master is tired wear. ” Xue Ying sits in road sheng beside, laugh, put cake before road sheng.

“Those who say is, for division tired, the hand does not have effort, apprentice feed me. ” road sheng path.

Xue Ying whips corners of the mouth: “Master your anyhow also is sainted, although I am a master your prentice, but the men and women has not, feed you to be afraid master having disgrace the innocence of your a respectful form of address for an old person.

Road sheng ticks off a corners of the mouth lackadaisical path: “The men and women has not, apprentice saying rational, since such, apprentice do not follow for division downhill, gu male few female go out to meet together disgrace I am blameless. Gu male few female go out to meet together disgrace I am blameless..

Xue Ying one deadlocked, not ah, she thinks downhill ah.

“Be division is a man, apprentice it is a woman, person of your my division lives below same eave to also be met every day disgrace I am blameless, apprentice be inferior to leaving Ling Shan, search additionally brillant. Search additionally brillant..

Xue Ying is one deadlocked, laughed a few times subsequently: “The master is met really josh, one day is division all one’s life to be father, master you are another my dad, this father female between what have what men and women is other, apprentice this feeds you to eat. Apprentice this feeds you to eat..

“Still stopped, be afraid of apprentice for division feel to be division flirtatious. Be afraid of apprentice for division feel to be division flirtatious..

“Not! Who says you are flirtatious, you are flirtatious not at all! You are flirtatious not at all!!

“Be division is a respectful form of address for an old person, younger brother of follower of a religion is tired, otherwise… “

“Not! You are not old, you are old not at all, you do not pass 20, old not at all! Old not at all!!

Say, xue Ying is silent in the heart disgustful oneself, bah! Do not have prospect!

Road sheng smile gradually deep: “Since apprentice so of genuinely and sincerely said, believe you for division. Believe you for division..

Xue Ying nods again and again: “Apprentice nature is genuinely and sincerely. “Apprentice nature is genuinely and sincerely..

Say, xue Ying takes cake to feed road sheng, but some of bad idea still concealed in the heart, one-time that half are fed entered road sheng mouth in, road sheng by choke, xue Ying pats the back of road sheng heavily.

“Ah, master you how did choke arrive, drink tea quickly. ” Xue Ying takes a cup of tea, had not handed road sheng begins to shake one’s head: “Won’t do, this is apprentice those who had drunk, you are waiting for the master, apprentice go taking to you new. Apprentice go taking to you new..

The face of road sheng choke is aglow, look is worn Xue Ying is intended, had taken that cup of tea a drink is used up.

Xue Ying sees that cup of tea by drink clean, the extensive on the face removes blush, this is her really had drunk ah…

Road sheng sees those who be stupefied Xue Ying is stupefied desire character stops again, old hand is held on Xue Ying is white tender cheek.

“Painful painful. ” Xue Ying takes painful course.

“Still dare mischievous? “Still dare mischievous??

“Not dare not dare, wrong master. ” Xue Ying is pitiful path, the hand is put on road sheng hand, hope road sheng can dub is held, ache.

“For division the humor is good now, forgive your bout, be like next time… “

“Won’t won’t. ” Xue Ying busy path.

Road sheng this ability lets go, that is white tender cheek became red one, xue Ying cheek of attach of a hand, dare anger not dare of character took aim road sheng, pitiable, can die what Xue Ying treats dead. Also with respect to road sheng.

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