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” Xue Ying is passed ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 2599 words, update at: 2020-05-03 23:54

Join a state successional the thing with the toxic happening of 23, courtier most fails escape by sheer luck, mr Lian Guoguo flat and temporary cancelled daily levee, national capital is such, other place also suffers his to affect, before short wh what month is inferior to even the country greatly.

And there are several big national capitals to be opposite near the country repeatedly the eye covetously that join a state, except is felt do not join a state fully now after all how, be afraid attack Xiang Lianguo early.

The palace that join a state

Xia Yuan takes Mr Lian Guoguo on couch, out does not have the least bit brightness however inside auspicious day room, he is binocular without the god, hand slouch is in body side is motionless, except the sound that he pants slightly, the person by is afraid of be about to think he is dead.

There is a marriageable woman in his body side, complexion is without redness of skin ghastly, thin some are taken off, return dimly nevertheless can look goes out is a beauty. Tears in eyes is completely in her eye, shakily sound: “Father king, the daughter is willing to go. The daughter is willing to go..

Xia Yuan had reaction eventually, look up see her, the heart is wrung like the knife, it is his subject at the same time, it is his only bone blood at the same time, he which want, which do not want to be abandoned.

“Graceful, you are knowable that is what person, where is that, you went result how, these you can have had thought. ” Xia Yuan is whacked, for this thing him already for a long time sleeps well cross shut-eye, even if is to be asleep, do not cross half time to be able to be resembled to sleep lightly by dream medium shot, relapse so in January, forgive is a body hale if Niu Ye is not maintained,live.

Xia Xuting nods slowly: “The daughter knows very well that person has many to be afraid of, but if the daughter does not go, how does the fluctuation that join a state do, official in feudal times people common people people how to do, abandon one person, can help ten million person however, the daughter is not had complain without regret.

Xia Yuan rises, in holding Xia Xuting in the arms the bosom, formidable monarch shed a tear however at the moment, such bitterness can He Ren understand?

“It is father king trashy, the mother the wife of a prince that father king fails to had protected you already regretted unceasingly, never think however, also cannot protect even you… ” Xia Yuan unlocks Xia Xuting, sit decadently on the ground to choke with sobs: “I what this becomes is what emperor, why should I become this emperor again… “

Xia Xuting crouchs a private parts to take handkerchief child brush tear: “Father king you are the best father king on this world, graceful the child that can become you is to go up all one’s life writes the happy lot that come, it is that person only too too powerful, person group almost unmanned can contend to it, how can this be father king yours is not. How can this be father king yours is not..

Speak of that person, father daughter emerges in 2 people mind if giving that person that day to say to them, all be be afraid of in the heart, also accompanying hate at the same time.

“He is not a person… he is a devil! On God’s earth can have such person how! So cruel, so merciless! I am treat sb with courtesy to him, often metropolis go to the trouble of travelling a long distance serves his birthday good-for-nothing or queer character, had had disrespectful Jing Zhiju to him from have not, it is after all why, why to want to join a state to me so! ” Xia Yuan is hated, but he can be hated only, other whats are done.

“Since birds and beasts, how the responsibility that meets a pedestrian? Former deferential ceremony is waited for, it is to waste. ” Xia Xuting.

“Still have 3 days, still have 3 days he wants to come. ” Xia Yuan is abrupt and flurried unceasingly, covering the head opens pairs of big eyes, the body keeps trembling.

Xia Xuting sees Xia Yuanru this knows Xia Yuan to come on again, before going up at once, comfort: “Father king is not afraid of, the daughter is in, wanted a daughter to go only, she can let off us, let off even the country. Let off even the country..

Xia Yuan holds Xia Xuting’s hand, substantially shake one’s head, hair coronal is in askew aside, say: “Be no good, graceful you must not go, you are my exclusive bone blood, I take you to leave even the country, I do not become this emperor, go, we go now. ” Xia Yuan is saying to pulling Xia Xuting to go outside.

Xia Xuting pulls Xia Yuan: “Otiose! That person is so fierce can let off me how, be discovered by him at the appointed time, it is me not only, the whole metropolis that join a state destroys the hand in him in. The whole metropolis that join a state destroys the hand in him in..

Xia Yuanmo good a little while, covering the face cries greatly, xia Xuting’s tear also goes out along with the and his like, the cry of 2 people passes father daughter into the eunuch ear of hall doorway be on duty at the door or gate, also wipe tear secretly.

Whole palace ases if by hood a black, lose sight of a hope, lose sight of future, laugh why content? Happy why content? They forgot this kind of feeling already.

Say person of approach hill group is joining a state at the moment however nearby, was about to go into town soon, was to arrive to just discover even the country really connect country and somewhere else different point.

Many people also are encountered on their road, but everybody does not have smile on the face, it is very depressed about entirely.

“Fortunately father is not born in even the country, be being decided now otherwise is it is painful to want and dead. ” Mu Qidao.

Xue Ying hears this word became white doctrine of Mu Qiyi look: “One please yourself knows you not to see person group be written down greatly, do not look not only very ignorant still. Do not look not only very ignorant still..

Admire seven click of the tongue, glare Xue Ying, see graceful frost warns him, shrivelled mouth shrank to go back, on the mouth however not Rao Ren: “You are clever, you are experienced and knowledgeable, then you say father however how ignorant. Then you say father however how ignorant..

“Mr Lian Guoguo is famous Mr Ren Junming, good to official in feudal times, good to children, to common common people it may not be a bad idea, always can think over oneself over- , although as the monarch modest also and civilized, and avoided a lot of cruel torture, want to say the common people with person the happiest group, the platoon that join a state the 2nd, nobody can be discharged the first, mr Lian Guoguo can have very large contribution to this, you do not understand can not speak carelessly. You do not understand can not speak carelessly..

Though Xue Ying attends class to always take a look, but the thing that she likes to listen to a master to tell a few exotic nation all the more and always can write down as clear as dayly, the master if boast she also boast her this, because by solid really it doesn’t matter but of boast.

“It is clear that the young lady of your official home arrives to these monarch. ” listen to Xue Ying so say, mu Qiye thinks, it is such however.

Xue Ying distains cast aside a Mu Qidao: “The young lady of official home how? Do not allow me to know these? You think to follow whats do not know like you. You think to follow whats do not know like you..

Admire seven ” hoarse ” , gnash one’s teeth sees Xiang Xueying, lu Lu arm, think gally gally Xue Ying.

Road sheng turns the head sees Xiang Mu seven, cough gently, admonitory implication is clear, see Xiang Xueying again subsequently, see Xue Ying or do not think him manage is a little frustrate, back-to-back firm firm saw Mu Qiyi eye.

The gloomy that sheng of Mu Qibei road frightens puts down arm, within an inch of forgot road sheng still is in this.

“Though be a Ming Jun, a little weak also however. ” Yu Changlu is abrupt episode path.

Xue Ying knows is he does not want to respond, meet oneself nevertheless somebody answer.

“More than senior fellow apprentice this word how tell? ” one child path.

“Domestic father is prime minister in feudal China, also can tell me something constantly, this Mr Lian Guoguo is born is prince, be opposite after the Supreme Being first he is very severe exacting, do not know how became cowardly strength unexpectedly, it is of lineal descent obviously child, let bastard walk on his head however, quarrelling every time is him degenerative, is this weak what be? ” Yu Changlu is the of lineal descent that look down upon is bullied by bastard very child.

Want to make bastard dead return not simple? What to do to want degenerative, bastard should of conscientiously wait for in the home, whats listen of lineal descent child just is, more what is more,the rather that Xia Yuan can be prince!

“This calls much work to be inferior to little be related, formidable prince, should colleague every day brawl? And be known according to me, that bastard that quarrels with him is a little baby that has not been brought up nevertheless, this fools the child namely clearly, you are good, just say the family is weak, whole the world also with respect to you so felt. ” Mu Qihao sneers at impolitely.

Xue Ying this little girl mouth is poison, but waiting for friend all along is good, if what Yu Changlu says that day he later but all knew, think a few to look for an opportunity to scold him well all the time, was given this to capture by him eventually.

Xue Ying carries the eye goes seeing admire seven, gave an admiring eyes.

Of Mu Qiao charming carry carry chin, resembling is to saying ” unhappy still acknowledgment thanks father ” .

“What doesn’t have grown little baby, 78 years old ought not to sensible? ” Yu Changlu resents.

“When you are 78 years old sensible? I see you pass 20 not sensible also, how have the nerve says others. ” Mu Qiyou is one sneers at.

Former he is a few lower than Yu Changlu, the person arteries and veins that because enter the time weak point of approach hill,also does not have Yu Changlu is wide. But different now, former Wang Chang often is driven out of Ling Shan, should go up in vain presbyterial, his junior fellow apprentice as Bai Yi, the identity also when the river rises the boat goes up too, follow his person is bad also, follow sound of Yu Changlu choke so his nature is dare very.

“I how not sensible? ” the disposition after Yu Changlu endured 10 canes to flog is convergent many, if be changed once upon a time, he is early got angry. Of course, do not exclude road sheng and the account that are in in vain, the look does not get him to wanton.

“You… ” Yu Changlu of admire seven accurate is long already, want to continue to say, be interrupted by Bai Yi however.

“Admire seven! ” white together, means calls Mu Qimo to want to talk again, lest make a noise,rise.

Admire seven does not overdo, see Xiang Manshuang.

Graceful frost nods gently to him, laugh, when Mu Qidu glad to rise, also manage no longer Yu Changlu.

What still can laugh to him than graceful frost more call him happy? That is graceful frost has a day to promise to marry him.

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