[side effect of nimble Nuo dimension is too big] dimension of _ nimble Nuo affects _ harm

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Article introduction

Nimble Nuo thinking is pragmatic the effect is admirab东莞夜品茶网le, but as a lot of curative content, wrong operation can have certain side effect. Everybody is not clear about the likelihood products of this kind of curative西安夜品茶网 is crude side-effect, actually the knowledge of these respects is need control, in that way ability is OK stronger application treats medicaments. Is thinking of Nuo of that Zuo nimble p

r长沙夜生活论坛agmatic is the effect good? What side effect is there?



The crucial side-effect of nimble Nuo dimension: The possibility arises to exceed quick respiratory tract of enzymatic ascendant; affects reaction; liver; nos佛山夜网论坛e pharyngitis.

Exceed quick reaction (Hypersensitivity) , appear namely unusual, exorbitant immunity is respondent. Namely airframe and antigen sex material leave interaction force in certain level, cause重庆夜品茶网 allergic reaction net to knit red blood cell or particularity antigen, be like as shirt-sleeve as the antigen put oneself in another’s position that takes once more, can cause disorder of airframe internal system and the immune pathology that organize a harm to mirror. Another namer exceeds quick reaction.


Respiratory tract is affected even if point to a general designation that reacts to the inflammation among pharynx and larynx fr武汉夜品茶网om nostril, it is the commonnest infection disease. 90% fluctuation are caused by virus infection, after the bacteria affects Chang Jifa to contract infection at virus. All this ill the four seasons, age all but ill hair, the infection through breathing in flying particles of the saliva or phlegm of a sick person that affects according to containing virus, fine grained content, or the things that pollutes via 重庆夜网论坛the environment begins diffuse.

Often resist at airframe ability decreases when, wait for a state like catch cold catch cold, fatigue, dr

ench, already put formerly have or by exterior the virus that inbreak is affected or / with the bacteria, grow quickly development breed, cause infection. This disease is prognostic and good, have be restricted oneself quality, general 5-7 day is cured. Constant afterwards sends bronchitic, pneumonic, deputy nose Dou Yan, small number of people but damp and hot of myositis of heart of tall intercurrent acute, nephritis, wind.


The side-effect of purify above refer, Zuo of effect of nimble Nuo dimension is apparent. In order to is improved 2 model the blood sugar control of diabetic person. Daily life we all takes medicine to need discreet, and be returned usually ought to the human body of much more advertent oneself, exercise advertent food collocation m东莞夜网论坛ore, in that way ability is OK stronger buildup imm东莞夜生活论坛une force, reduce disease generation.



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