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Article introduction

Live daily, want to master the action of curative content, a lot of means can do it, and watching those who investigate curative matter to make component also is to be able to look reach of the action of curative content. That Zuo , calm the nerves of filling head bolus what to form component to have?


The component of bolus of be good at head has the rhizome of chuanxiong, medlar, wil长沙夜网论坛d jujube benevolence (fry) , the seed of Oriental arborvitae (fry) , 武汉夜网论坛beneficial Zhi Ren (salt is fried) , advocate keel (forge) , high aspiration (make) , bravery Na Xing, the tuber of elevated gastrodia, grass-leafed sweetflag, Hu platinum, desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola, complementary material is: Cassava starch, refine is sweet.

Amid medlar flavour pleasant, the gender is lukewarm. Enter liver, lienal classics. Grow kidney, embellish lung relieves a cough, clear irascibility, clear eye. Treat ne

phritic kidney this world to be not worth, lumbar acerbity leg is soft, dazed, dazed, eye faints much tear, empty 重庆夜网论坛武汉夜生活论坛fatigue coughs, satisfy one’s thirst, frequent seminal emission. Be good at clear eye, because of this alias ” a person with a discerning eye child ” . The eyesight faintness that this world of deficiency of yin with 佛山夜网论坛irritability of kidney of liver of cure of each acting traditional Chinese medical scien

ce, kidney is not worth empty caustic to cause is mixed dizzily red-eyed disease, often apply medlar, bolus of glutinous rehmannia of chrysanthemum of famous and formulary a surname, treat medicaments for the key with medlar. Folk-custom also cure of habitually use medlar overflows sexual eye ailment, medlar evaporate egg is simple and reasonable dietotherapy.


Epileptic sex is filled discharge and give simple correlation extremely close together, all regular state the lower part of the body fluid adjustment and restrain model give carry stable condition character, nerve cell film is smooth. Become humoral adjustment to give qualitative overmuch or restrain model give had pledged little, can make excited with check maladjusted, make film not stable and cause epileptic sex to charge discharge. Treat sexual falling sickness hard the construction that the head of this kind of patient states disease quite trivially transforms or metabolism appears unusual, its disease sends as genetic as gene element to have西安夜网论坛 cl西安夜生活论坛oser correlation. Because semiotic sex epilepsy has various head ill caustic and metabolic set back, its head memory has the kitchen range that send epilepsy. Suddenly high frequency rate goes cell of classi东莞夜品茶网cs of this kitchen god that send epilepsy repeatedly now unusual charge discharge, can last to circumjacent and cuticular layer diffuse.


Calm the nerves重庆夜品茶网 of filling head bolus make component above for patient young associate people the list is clear, in the whole process that expects th佛山夜品茶网e patient is applying can the look of its service instruction comes to according to application, avoid a mistake.



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