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Article introduction

Rose tea is precious traditional pattern preserve one’s health feed capable person, feed medicine to be the same as a source double with, consequently rose tea is eatable for certain. The method of use method edible of rose tea is more, can boil tea to drink, boil congee to eat, bubble medicinal liquor or boil Shang Dou can. The rose scented tea after the tea that boil重庆夜网论坛 is to be able to eat go down. Rose tea still can work eat, work merely chew rose tea flavor to be sufferred from a bit, and meet orange yellow floats in the mouth.


Can rose tea man take

Rose tea man is eatable, rose tea is aimed at the man’s very crucial action is protective l长沙夜网论坛iver and nephritic function. In addition scented tea of man application rose can prevent and cure head thrombus, ache of deficiency of blood and pathological chang东莞夜生活论坛es caused by it of gas of vasculitis, miocardial infarction, anaemia, whole body, drop dozen, horrified and neurasthenic, crackbrained wait for disease.

Can rose tea lady eat

Rose tea woman can be drunk, and be special suit, because rose tea is to the lady,have a lot of profit. Rose tea is material of a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, tuckahoe effect pleasant is smooth, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt, enrich the blood gas of filling gas increase raises blood, jieyu brings the varied action such as the god, often be used at cure menstruation to be not moved, puerpera lochia is incessant wait for a symptom. In addition rose 重庆夜生活论坛tea is returned can regulate the menstrual function, raise Yan Meirong, go spot fights old, Jie Yuan god, enhance immune force to wait.

What person cannot take rose tea

1, pregnant woman is not OK drink

Pregnant woman, need on dietary collocation advertent a lot of, especially Chinese traditional medicine material kind, resemble rose tea material of this kind of Chinese traditional medicine is not the feminine edible that suits to be pregnant of course. Pregnant woman is after edible rose scented tea, can cause furl of lonely palace regularity, ambassadorial dosage still can continue furl of classics contraction, cause miscarriage finally, because this pregnant woman had better be 东莞夜网论坛 Zuo ,be not to drink rose tea.


2, the person that just used handle art treatment

Rose tea has very good invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu practical effect, in the light of just had performed an operation to treat, have bleed significantly the patient of cut is not to suit edible rose scented te长沙夜品茶网a, not only did not have profit to cut rehabilitate, and even still can continue to bring about more a more serious condition.

3, gastric bowel patient is not OK drink

Gastric bowel is bad, for example the stomach breaks through bowel, or it is the patient with not quite good bowel of long-term sex stomach, want to drink rose tea less as far as possible, gastric bowel function is not quite good, need body of take good care of sb first most, or also do not have a law to digest the medical effect that absorbs rose tea, and even still can continue to cause an effect to health of body and mind.

4长沙夜生活论坛, menstruation overmuch lady

The lady can not drink rose tea in

menses, it has excited effect to lonely palace, it is friend of menstrual generous female very. False as usual scented tea of constant edible rose, can cause bellyacke, diarrhoea, and even blood dies, because this had better be,do not drink rose tea in menses.

5, teenager children is not OK drink

What should say finally is teenager children, because everything is nourishing,medicines a

nd chemical reagents also does not suit teenager children to take.

What does the edible method of rose tea have

1, tea of n/bot saffron crosus

Be being drunk with water of bubble of n/bot saffron crosus instantly is rose tea very simple the most convenient use method, every time uses filament of n/bot saffron crosus 5 ~ 10 make tea, after pour tea fluctuates 3 times, eat even filament together b佛山夜生活论坛elow. Tea service of unremitting edible n/bot saffron crosus raises action of dietotherapy of Yan Meirong, preserve one’s health very well fully.

2, congee of rose scented tea

Paddy rice scented tea of 100 grams, rose 10 ~ 20, turn on the water proper, boil congee, everyday. Sequela of block of the traumatic sex ache that Yu of blood of applicable deficiency of vital energy causes, chronic hepatitis, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris head.

3, wine of rose scented tea

Rose tea 1 ~ 4 grams, pure food alcoholic drink 1 jin (500ml) , invade bubble one week later edible, everyday 20 ~ 30ml. Can fill kidney Zhuang Yang makes choice, be good at lienal beneficial gas, beneficial gas raises hematic easy classics, advocate anaemia of empty of smelt metal kidney, dazed waist aches, feed little mind menstruation of exhausted, insomnia, woman is not moved etc.

4, meal of rice of rose scented tea

Below the circumstance of rice of evaporate of the rice cooker that use phone, it is OK to be put东莞夜网论坛 into scented tea of 10-20 root rose.


5, rose scented tea boils boiling water

It is OK that in Bao the circumstance transfer to a lower level of various soup drinks scented tea of 10-20 r武汉夜品茶网oot rose.



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