06 disaster come

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” revive die young ” Ai Leyao / , this chapter in all 433 words, update at: 2020-05-14 11:33

Wu Lin is nightly be on duty come back, going livelily all the way, unexpectedly however by from the back open the car that come to give bumped.

And Wangyue if from the elevator when the company comes home abrupt out of control ten minutes, this let Wang Yueru think of Chen Dashi’s word again.

In the morning, wangyue if hastily ward of run to Wu Lin, can be Wu Lin as before prep before sees Wang Yueru.

“What will you work? Go! Here does not welcome you! ” Wu Lin points to to say at the door the move single-handed.

“Small beautiful jade, I had said, you can have risk, you see this not — ” Wang Yueru has not said.

Wu Lin says again: “Went, I say to go again! I say to go again!!

“Small beautiful jade, anyhow I am your mother! I am to care you! ” if Wangyue is being taken cry antrum says.

“Went, go! ” Wu Lin as before not concede, do not have method, if Wangyue is forced to go out.

“Old eldest brother, do you make sure she won’t be not believed? ” Milan asks in ground of evil spirit of the evil in Chen Hao’s bosom.

“Be at ease, I had learned psychology, I know this kind of woman! I know this kind of woman!!

Chen Hao continues to say again: “Milan! Believe my old Hao! Believe my old Hao!!

“Hum. ” Milan is light answered.

Right now Wang Yueru have one’s mind stuffed with is Chen Zaishi’s prophecy.

For a long time, if Wangyue hit so called Chen Dashi.

“Went, you see Milan, this does not go up ticked off! ” Chen Hao was saying to take a mobile phone.

“Chen Dashi, I had thought, which to look for you? ” ” at the door the hospital on the place that sees me last, all one’s life below your daughter is decided restful also, this all one’s life more without the thing! This all one’s life more without the thing!!

Chen Hao was pulled a long time with Wang Yueru hanged a phone.



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