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” seek a dumb person ” ambitious woman is incomparable / , this chapter in all 3222 words, update at: 2018-05-06 12:51

Want at the outset when they show first time sees him, that callous interest on his body is frightened so that they do not say to give a word to come. And he also did not talk more, with respect to arrangement a youth closes them to an almost bedraggled old village, return somebody to be worn in guard, do not let they and outside connection, resembling is coop jail. Until the other day, that youth comes a guard their person mogged, they ability recovery is free. Be frightened so that die partly by him at the outset, but he is like now,be very the appearance that is afraid of them.

They also understand on TV, they know cereal grand this world is mad, nowadays class also do not go up, can hide in this only big curtilage in dare not see a person.

Cereal grand this world sees the eye of the other side is seeing him, frighten so that hide in Chen Xinning’s back, hand not by clutch Chen Xinning’s arm.

Chen Xinning sees Gu Hao positive light tone say: “Do not be afraid of, grand this world, I am in, do not have a thing, I can protect you! ” she turns again the head saw them: “I think you are to make a mistake, his money is him, you need money, can oneself earn, the hand has a foot, why to want to be asked for to others? Why to want to be asked for to others??

“Elder sister, you see him now such, still not be you said to calculate, otherwise, you and he marries, to moment this all everything is not yours! To moment this all everything is not yours!!

“Right, anyway he what thing also is not done now, if you marry him, his belongings is not of our Chen Jia. Be, the child, you like him so, marry with him? ” Chen Liangui and son spoke same word.

They feel their idea is too good really, want this daughter to be married only Gu Hao is in relief, had everything. mad not be better, all everything still is not the daughter said to calculate.

They do not know, chen Xinning is in hear this word, it is to have in her heart how sad, this is her family member, sacrifice to get their thing is met be not belonginged to everything her. Even if did not abandon in those days her, also meet betray her as commutative requirement for the interest? She is certain now this, they do not have the close affection of a bit to oneself, has to now person of their neither one asked him these pass how? Has neither one person asked her these year what to experience? What what they care about is now, she was known so a wealthy person. She is sneering from the heart, chen Xinning, you are really pitiful still.

“I think you made a mistake, I won’t marry with him. ” Chen Xinning is looking at them coldly, look at their performance like contemptible scoundrel to wear.

Her word speaks a mouth, amazed besides at the moment this one child person, still have the Gu Mingchuan that does not know when to appear in the doorway and Shen Qingyi. If Shen Qingyi hears Chen Xinning, was stupefied, she is not accepted, the son is done for her now this appearance, but she won’t be together with her son however, is she also willing to be married is a bedlamite? No matter this bedlamite once was how loving her.

Shen Qingyi considers show effect originally, gu Mingchuan pats the shoulder that pats her however, signal she does not talk, listen to them to tell go down.

“The child, although he is mad now, but he is so rich, can you perhaps cure? Still have, this also is an opportunity, after waiting for you to take all his possession, also can divorce with him, you have a plenty of money, what kind of man to want? ” old mother is a bit urgent, this Chen Xinning, look so jubilation obviously this boy, how can you be willing to marry him?

“Are you my mom? ” Chen Xinning looks at her coldly, she age of more than 50 years old, the woman of this age calculates not elegant, pie-eyed also, but should be a kind-hearted person after all, can you be why in her eye besides greedy don’t have other content? Can such person also do mom?

“Be, I am your mom! ” doesn’t she know what Chen Xinning still is suspecting?

“Do you have regard me as your daughter? In those days the encumbrance that I am you, now is your a ready source of money, who do you have to had asked my heart the feeling in, do you feel in those days your err? Do you feel in those days your err??

“Elder sister, you so say I can not agree, if raise you beside in those days, your which meeting has today such wedding day? I feel you should thank our pa Mom to just be opposite! ” shameless features looks is so abhorrent in Chen Xinning eye.

Her forced smile one: “Have you such family, how can I still deserve to go up he. ” she turns the head looks at Gu Hao this world, be, why she should have so selfish and avaricious family, at the outset he boxes up them, be afraid that they will harm her namely? It is her person not only, still have her heart. If they do not appear, there still perhaps is a small illusion in her heart, hope one day meeting and they become true family, looking now is impossible.

“Right also! ” Chen Xinning mouth sighed: “If not be you, I also may not know orphanage is what appearance all one’s life, be afraid the night that also accompanies each other in thunderstorm without law experience forever runs out to want to look for the sort of mood of mom alone, know more impossibly to be in be informed when he got leukaemia and doing not have ability cure the sort of but. All these is to do obeisance to your place to grant. ” she is saying, tear cannot help however had delimited canthus: “Yes, I am to should thank you, if not be in those days you abandoned I, do not have me today’s. I won’t because of got incurable disease and face, won’t the valley that a person roams about to do not have signs of human habitation to that, won’t encounter him more. . . . . . ! ” she looks at cereal grand this world affectionately, he also is seeing himself, there is anybody besides oneself in his eye, present oneself are him is all, and he is is why him all?

“Do not cry! ” cereal grand this world sees the teardrop in her eye, the pain like pinprick is like unexpectedly in the heart, she cried, is she not happy? He extends finger, gently the teardrop that wiping her.

“He gave me warmth, gave me love, in the last moment of life, he lets me know to somebody is returned to care about me on this world, my existence is redundant no longer. I am to should thank you, thank you abandon! Since abandon in those days me, I and you also need not be in now have any concerned. Do not disturb us later, you can go! You can go!!

“Chen Xinning, you climb Gao Zhi not to know a person. Good, you are merciless today, also do not blame me to not have justice, outside so much reporter, see me how your blow upon, still want to be married rich and powerful family, you daydream go! ” they are extremely angry worthless appearance, since you are not willing,give money, so we also should make you penniless. Say, they stood, furious go outside, went to do not have a few paces to see Gu Mingchuan’s couple however from go outside the door, a Feng and king aunt follow from the back, still have two people that wear business suit to make tie after one’s death.

Chen Xinning sees they also were to be stupefied, busy stand up to be at a loss a little: “Aunt? ” what doesn’t she know this and they say?

Before Gu Mingchuan looks at an eye this one child person, he reads a person countless, but picture so shameless had not encountered a few really, at the moment he also sympathizes with Chen Xinning very much, if not be her from small be abandoned, the likelihood also is met and they are same so egoistic, of course in that way word she is impossible to have again with the son any be mixed.

Shen Qingyi walks along Chen Xinning before, look at the son that hides in her back all the time, so lofty and brilliant son, resembling at the moment is a children that had not seen alien, recreant and pitiful, her heart broke, except man says to give them a few time more get along, she often accompanies a son early.

She reachs a hand, want to touch the son’s face, but cereal grand this world is frightened however closely the arm that grabbing Chen Xinning, the ceaseless talk about again and again in the mouth: “Do not hit me, do not hit me! Do not hit me!!

Shen Qingyi looks at a son, this aching who can understand again? She turns the head looks at Chen Xinning, she the son closely protect in back, son, know her no longer this mom, is he needs this woman only?

“Are you willing to be married really grand this world is opposite? Because he became now this appearance? ” Shen Qingyi is not affirmatory, she does not believe the son’s eye will be so disappointing, she also does not believe the son dedicates lifetime to a such women.

Chen Xinning looks at Shen Qingyi, she is an elegant and elegant woman, arrived this age still can make a person enchanted, enough shows her extraordinary. She nods: “I won’t marry him now, I am met when he became good, personally says this word to me. Personally says this word to me..

“If he all one’s life such? ” Shen Qingyi does not know this one day when to can come.

“I can defend him all one’s life! ” next half a lifetime, she is him only one person is living.

Shen Qingyi hears her word, do not feel wet eye, she is a mother, it is a woman more, below such circumstance, a wife still is willing to defending her son, and be all one’s life, is this true love what be?

“Girl, perhaps you need not defend him to also can have everything. ” Gu Mingchuan is saying meaningfully.

“What? ” the meaning that Chen Xinning did not understand him.

Gu Mingchuan’s word drew Chen Jiaren’s interest, probably Gu Mingchuan did not drive them to go to want to let them hear namely.

Gu Mingchuan looked round the person that the change of two business suit behind walks on. These two people went, groups Gu Mingchuan signal is big sit down, of course Chen Jiaren does not have this qualification however, can stand in a side only.

“Miss Chen Xinning, we are the lawyers of Mr Gu Hao in relief, last time be in hospital of the gun in cereal gentleman when signed a will, ask you to look. ” among them a person made file package, take out a will.

“What? Will? He well what will to establish? What concern do this and I have? ” Chen Xinning is not clear really, she turns the head viewed cereal grand this world, calculate him mind is not clear now, but also need not establish what will.

“Right, if he is unfortunate,this testamentary content of cereal gentleman is die or be consciousness below not clear case, become effective of this will immediateness, do you still look? Do you still look??

“I do not look, he will be good, he has been met certainly. ” the hand that Chen Xinning holds cereal grand this world at a draught, is he in had explained a funeral affair so early before? Did he think of all things?

“If appeared unfortunately,this testamentary content is afore-mentioned a kind of any states, so all companies of cereal gentleman under one’s name and belongings of all each one by Miss Chen you accede, here has him to sign in one’s own handwriting, and his parents also does not object. Need deals with corresponding formalities now. Must have your own signature. Must have your own signature..

“What? That is to say need not the elder sister marry him to also become tycoon? ” Home Chen person listens to this result, the eye shined at a draught. They are this time OK of be perfectly justifiable want money with Chen Xinning.



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