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” seek a dumb person ” ambitious woman is incomparable / , this chapter in all 3430 words, update at: 2018-05-21 20:02

Small will sit in the office, at hand is putting a bottle new the red wine that open.

Cereal grand this world is gone out to treat a disease by Chen Xinning belt already several months, the condition that does not know him how?

He did not call to them, he does not want to disturb them, and he also believes cereal grand this world has been met certainly.

Different is these a few months come, long Yu and He however each other are hit controlling the other side, the economy of this locality that be troubled by got not little impact.

And whole person went after He Shaofei disease is good, also be no longer before that warms male model young manager, his eyes becomes extremely sharp, the person also becomes very overbearing, such contrast still is to let a person suspect he is medium really unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease.

Small will send the red wine in the hand to the side of the mouth, the too deep person of love can lose reason, lose this heart!

Be known according to him, he Shaofei clique goes out the whereabouts that a lot of person searchs Zhuo Ya, but these a few months will do not have phonic message all the time.

The world is so great, if a person wants to hide, it want to which find to have is so easy to want to which find to have.

The problem is Zhuo Ya alone a person, she is done not have any care. Unlike heart is peaceful, at least the person that she still once had a care to wear, just can be used by cereal grand this world so the sort of method is found.

He sighed gently at a heat, he himself was not found to now how can redeem small the method on the west, it is him too stupid, or he is too recreant, do not know how to should talk with her.

The eye looks at the school to was about to have a holiday, small old home perhaps can be returned on the west.

Think of these, in his heart with respect to be agitated rise.

Somebody knocks, he has answered a god to come, the cup in dropping a hand said lightly: “Come in! “Come in!!

The door of the office one, a middleaged man of about more than 40 years old went: “Gentleman, gymnasium has a ceremony that seal a top today, you should attend? You should attend??

Small the eye that come not by shine, raise a head to look at the secretary before, be, how long didn’t he go to Guo Xiaoxi’s school? How long had not seen her again?

“Gentleman? “Gentleman??

The secretary sees he becomes stunned, not by called him again.

“Want to go of course, you accompany me to go together. ” small come to him it is exceedingly trustful, and he also is an ace of marvelous conduct financial transactions.

The encountering that thinks them still is quite interesting really. He was being chased after by a few rogues that day dozen, also be an injury it seems that is not light. Fortunately he is transient, change previously, his scarcely loves to run such other people’s business.

Really strange also that day, do not know why did he give a hand?

He just also is in former company demit duty, wanting to apply for a job, arrive so here will help.

Wang Hong is unripe, what this name rises is pretty good, also very much time feels, and ability is very strong really, a few short month, he this is new establish the company without how long to the model has kind.

Wang Hong gives birth to a smile to wear nod: “Good, the school there also be to hope you can go particularly. The school there also be to hope you can go particularly..

“When you say the school has a holiday, students return old home or wait for be in the school? ” small coming is to very much patience consults him.

“This, most student can answer native place rest for some time, also have exception may stay in place to work. Are you occupied? ” Wang Hong is born not to understand how he can ask such question.

“Do not have a thing, ask casually. ” small will keep away from his line of sight.

Wang Hong is unripe not by Dan Xiao, do not look small come this individual is frosty at ordinary times, but pretty good still however to subordinate, but with his so old experience, he can feel this young shopkeeper is the person of an intentional thing apparently.

The youth is so composed like him sober too little. This also is why he is willing the cause that be dead set helps him.

The ceremony sealing a top of gymnasium is very grand still, the Chinese pays attention to this.

“Heard of? That ancient gentleman can come today! He also oh, the money that threw so much comes here, had looked unexpectedly only, be still to be at ease really? ” Zhang Yao resembles a broadcast be being publicized everywhere euqally.

Immediately scamper opened boiler in the classroom, these a few months come, classmates comment most is him, by its it is female classmate, regarded him as simply God.

Small he is heard to want to come to the school on the west, also be to jump in the heart, she is low first, part with him so long, she thinks she can forget him, but do not know why, the thing memory that you want to forget more is deeper and deeper however.

“Small on the west, you how? ” Li Ang is deeply concerned ask.

“Still can how? Still not be last family ancient gentleman and small be the same as on the west desk have a meal, so her bear in mind constantly! ” Zhang Yao takes jealous partly say.

“You fasten talk rubbish, just have a meal on a table just, besides, how is family ancient gentleman met is settle on small on the west? Mention appearance? Small she also does not calculate on the west on the most beautiful, talk extraction? Everybody understands the situation of her home, genuine farmer, tuition is debatable, how can such domestic family look to go up? How can such domestic family look to go up??

One part schoolgirl jeers accordingly.

“Do you fasten blind come to an agreement or understanding? The family is bad the fault that is not her, is your why bother so satiric Where is person? ” Li Ang is a pair of appearance that is protecting her apparently.

Zhang Yao walks along Li Ang before, developing him to laugh: “We are not satiric she, just be a hope she can him recognize just. Still have, you always also did not come forward for the family, person wife and children does not have that meaning at all to you on the west. ” the laugh that Zhang Yao distains is worn.

“Zhang Yao, it is too beyond the mark that you do not want! ” Li Ang is apparent some are grouchy: “Rich marvelous? “Rich marvelous??

“Be, having money is marvelous! Li Ang, you ah wanting to mix small be together on the west oh, because your parents won’t agree, I just want to persuade to persuade you, small native place can be answered to look for a simple minded later on the west cling to the man that meet gets married, you do not have an opportunity. You do not have an opportunity..

Zhang Yao such person is too much, small also be disinclined to manage on the west she.

Abrupt small the phone on the west rang, this time calls to her without the person normally, she is busy father hits take out a phone to look, she walks out of self-study room: “Hello, father, how do you call came? Do I attend class? Do I attend class??

“The child, your Mom is ill, with respect to the be in hospital of the first hospital that is here, her infer you! ” father’s sound was passed through mike, small can listen to come out on the west father is the sound that trembles in depressive him move that do one’s utmost. is mom’s defect very serious?

Small do not consider on the west go up to think more, hastily ran the school, hit a car to hurry to a hospital.

“Pa, mom how? ” look at the father that stands in corridor, his ashen hair prickled her eye.

“Is your Mom checked inside? “Is your Mom checked inside??

“How to return a responsibility, is my Mom all along is the body very good? How to meet at a draught with respect to be laid up? ” small the hand that there is father tensely on the west.

“Small on the west, do not have a thing, your Mom she is the closest meal of not feel like eating, prefectural hospital says to let go up large hospital will be checked, estimate important matter of it doesn’t matter, she thinks you namely. ” Hunan father looks at a daughter amiably.

Hunan mom goes from examination room, chu Xiaoxi runs to the side of the mother: “Doctor, my Mom how? My Mom how??

Hunan mom looks at his daughter, kind laugh: “The doctor says mom is indisposition only, live a few days the courtyard is hit give or take an injection to do not have a thing. Live a few days the courtyard is hit give or take an injection to do not have a thing..

Small cuddle is worn on the west mom’s arm, she does not believe the word that mom says apparently, if be indisposition only, how can you come to the large hospital in the city again?

“The examination has not come out as a result, came out as a result a little while I can inform the family member comes to my office. The patient can go first ward rested. ” the appearance of doctor inhospitality, make a person a little uncomfortable, it is the problem of medical ethics probably, also be to had seen too much patient probably, so coma.

Small for company mom answered ward on the west, helping mom up to lay down blame her: “Mom, how do you tell me not a bit earlier? I am your daughter! I am your daughter!!

Hunan mom pats the hand that takes a daughter to laugh: “Good, I know is my fault, still you run from the school, need not attend class? Cannot delay study to know anyway? ” she is exhorting ceaselessly daughter.

“I know, I very of effort. I very of effort..

“Li Yufang’s family member comes to doctor office. ” the name that the nurse is calling Hunan mom.

Hunan father is busy stand up: “Small on the west, take care of your Mom, I go! I go!!

Small confect nods, looked at father to leave a room, do not know however why, there is kind of bad feeling in her heart.

“Mom, you became hungry, I go to those who eat buying a place to you. ” small say on the west immediately afterwards father gave ward.

“Doctor, what is what her Mom falls ill the child, essential? ” Hunan father has bit of insecurity apparently, old two had not quarrelled all one’s life, all the time each other respects each other love, he can fear the old partner got the disease of what dreariness really.

The doctor’s complexion does not calculate on ugly, but it may not be a bad idea cannot see which go.

“Be such, the defect of your sweetheart is very serious. ” the doctor is incompact not slow saying.

“What is ill? So serious? ” Hunan father body not by trembled rise, his emaciated body hit via rising it seems that, except is helping desk up, the likelihood should go down.

“What she gets is liver exhaustion. “What she gets is liver exhaustion..

“Did not do law? “Did not do law??

“At present best remedial method undertakes body liver transplants living namely, but the charge of this operation is particularly tall. Are you capable burden? Are you capable burden??

The doctor comes out from what look on their dress, they are not what has money person, also be well-meaning is reminding him so.

“Does liver transplant? Cut mine come down to go to her? ” the forehead of Hunan father is oozy cold sweat, to help an old partner, this is him exclusive thinkable method.

“Come from medical angle say, although you are husband and wife, but match model successful possibility is not tall, this need checks ability to know. Had better be to be in the brotherly sister of your sweetheart, perhaps choose in her children, so successful opportunity is a bit greater. So successful opportunity is a bit greater..

The solution of doctor major Hunan father is essential inexorable go, he is playing the doctor’s hand: “Use me, use me, I am certain and appropriate! I am certain and appropriate!!

“Good, can make an inspection first. Close improper can you did not say to calculate. ” the doctor has seen too much such family members, for family, not hesitate him sacrifice, but a lot of moment are things go contrary to one’s wishes.

Small west station is in doorway, heard the talk of doctor and father, for a short while she feels the day wants to collapse, mom, where is the disease that how she meets so badly?

A few this years she is not in the university, how can you become this model? She leaned the body to be on the wall, chu Xiaoxi, you must be saved save mom, but do this operation to need a lot of money, from where does money come?

Anyway, she also cannot let father contribute liver, this is her this daughter should do.

She walks into doctor office: “Father, still let mom use my liver? The doctor also said, have consanguineous man-machine rate will be a bit older. Have consanguineous man-machine rate will be a bit older..

Hunan father sees the daughter visits, desperately shake shake one’s head: “Be no good, you are young still, absolutely not OK. Obedient child! Obedient child!!

Small the doctor looks at on the west: “Doctor, I am the patient’s daughter, check me first? Check me first??

“Small on the west, I said, be no good! ” father does his utmost objecting, the attitude that he rejects is so abnormal unexpectedly.

“Why? She is my mom, why I cannot save her! ” small mix for the first time on the west father so conversation, she respects him very much all the time.

In the home although not rich, but parents always is give her best, encounter such situation now, she must order force to go out in the home.

“Bang! “Bang!!

Small the word on the west just said, father’s spank has been hit on her face, the pain with her facial burning instant rise. She is covering the face looks at father, how does she also want to be less than, do not have be willing to part with or use to had hit her to big daddy as a child, be this how?



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