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She surveyed happy home a lot of days, that fierce man that makes A Feng is absent, and the attention that that beggar near building site caused her, just know through chatting because grabbed Chen Xinning’s sack,so he also is, what just be killed by cereal grand this world is so miserable, her evil-minded idea was formed quickly inside brain.

She incites beggar and her to cope with cereal grand this world and Chen Xinning together, but this fellow is apparently,was psyched out by cereal grand this world, he not dare, do not go incur he, he still can earn a living, but go again incur he, the share that he has the possibility dead only.

To can allow the side of his be most willing to she, she paid how bitter price. Her body be had by him, ask for, the man of this disgusting keck letting a person, broke a hand, lame leg, but that respect suffers an effect not at all however, to retaliate Chen Xinning and cereal grand this world, her go ahead regardless.

She also should let Chen Xinning taste this kind of flavor, by a so disgusting and dirty man compelled be a kind what kind of rip a heart to crack lung, think of the pleasure after retaliation, everything is not important.

But, how can Chen Xinning a hair does scot-free appear be before? Impossible? That beggar is early when she leaves with respect to too impatient to wait, she escapes how possibly drop?

“How to meet such? Chen Xinning, how may you escape? Impossible, it is you are lying certainly! Yes, it is certainly, you are afraid that cereal grand this world cold-shoulders you, don’t so you admit to be opposite? Don’t so you admit to be opposite??

Qin Lou became mad roaring commonly, if her plan fails, so her Qin Lou is not the most miserable that, she gave that beggar herself to retaliate Chen Xinning unexpectedly… .

Chen Xinning is in Gu Hao’s in relief bosom slowly turn overdo, the eyes looks at her complexly, qin Lou, originally you are OK well of unripe subsist, but slant however,want so extreme, you can harm me, but should be not harmed however so much innocent child.

“Qin Lou, why do you want to know I can escape to be opposite? ” Chen Xinning’s sound is sober, her make Gu Hao in relief feel to set his mind at extremely calmly.

Cereal grand this world is staring at side face of Chen Xinning, although her face is a bit dirty, but however the delicate beauty that a bit cannot conceal her, this woman, firmer and firmer also intellectual, he is going up generation is a good person of hundred certainly, she can be encountered in this generation.

The hand cuddle of cereal grand this world is worn her waist, black dust coat wraps the body in her to go up, was full of in the key point that that particular flavour yields him certain expect.

“Yes, I am not believed! That beggar obviously so hate you, he won’t forgive your? ” Qin Lou is biting a tooth, be bitten to defeat it seems that on red lip, the liquid of a wine slowly delimit next corners of the mouth.

“Is what you say them? ” a gloomy and cold sound ases if is like be being passed from hell, there is clarity of little of a people to rise in Qin Lou’s back.

Everybody forward on look.

Black of shirt of black of a dress on the west pants, the foot issues the leather shoes that stepping on black, the man of slender Wei bank gives the figure now at the moment.

Of the Leng Leng on his face, without half mood, complexion is cadaverous, seeming is the cacodaemon that climbs from hell, be life of all alone between bearer is general.

Cereal grand this world sees the man before, the hand grasped fist at a draught, the blue veins on the hand is raised, the eyes also the moment is light rise. See him, the heart of cereal grand this world is put in abdomen, but do not know however why, his eye is acerbity however rise.

He Shaofei and Zhuo Ya look at the man that appear suddenly and talks, the most important is a string that holding on his hand, bunch of move of firmly two men. Cord is in his slender hand, and two men that are dragged to come by him are extremely helter-skelter.

When Qin Lou sees him scarcely but the pop of believe eye, she sees the move that be pulled by him, walk repeatedly two men of stagger, the injury is everywhere on facial the upper part of the body, the face had been hit to be out of shape.

That beggar, still have that man that helps oneself.

“Are you dead? How to return living? ” Qin Lou’s eyes becomes terrified, this man is right her, it is her all one’s life nightmare. Till now, his form often appears in her dream.

Of this man fierce and cruel, cold blood, merciless, experience than hers without the person deeper.

That is vitriolic the keenly feel that is spilled in marrow of the penetrate into on the face, the flavour that flesh scorchs returned brain at a draught in, qin Lou breaks down cover the head screamed to rise, shrill voice is deplorable in this quiet environment clinking.

The man expression before is done not have any change, he is cold only hum, pulling these two men to go to the side of cereal grand this world, gave the bodyguard behind cereal grand this world the cord in the hand.

“Small come… ? ” the arm that cereal grand Yang Song flew to holding Chen Xinning in the arms all the time, fix eyes on the man before thinking have sth in mind.

He appears thin, on different face many a long and thin bruise, except this he is returned and same before, chilly, dim. But Gu Hao is in relief however can apparent feeling is putting light in his eye. Different before bloodsucking ray, this world of this cereal grand can experience the ray of the love that is concealed lightly in the bottom of the heart to that bundle apparently however.

Small will see Gu Hao is in relief well the station is before, so long since, he is thinking cereal grand this world ceaselessly can be what kind of condition, he thinks he will be mad all the time go down, also think he can be mixed at the outset same, although there is love in the heart, on the face however still frosty, must not of others stand by, but see him, small the heart that come was put, chen Xinning is an extraordinary woman, is she let this man become a normal person really?

Small the complexion delay that come come down, not by raise lip laughs: “Hear you are looking for me all the time? ” his laugh is warm rise.

Cereal grand this world nods, the eye is looking him up and down ceaselessly, so long, small where will go after all? See him well the station is before oneself, cereal grand this world has fun at it seems that know these a few months he is how pass.

“Hum, want to look for you to drink. ” cereal grand this world pins what all curiosity in the heart calm to saying, there will be ample time, he has a plenty of time to understand everything to him after.

Small the inclination that will smile: “Good! I also am wanting to look for you to drink two cups all the time. ” his tone is moderate a lot of: “Miss Chen does not have a thing, you are at ease! ” he still ate a sth capable of comforting sb to cereal grand this world.

Actually he calculates do not say, the dust coat that in Gu Hao this world sees be being wrapped on Chen Xinning body when, there is this kind to guess in his heart, he feels should be small came back and forth, because of the breath on this dress he is familiar with very much.

“I know! ” the communication between two men is done not have too much, each other understand without being told not noisy is good.

Chen Xinning looks at two men of arm be stayinged in by bodyguard wearing however, that beggar she knows, can be another man, how to look to also have bit of look familiar?

She walks along what ache two now to want not to pant to go up they were looked up and down before the man that come, look to that man knitted brows: “Do you know me? “Do you know me??

That man nods, shake again subsequently shake one’s head: “Do not know, had seen bout then in construction site namely. Had seen bout then in construction site namely..

Chen Xinning hangs down eye thinks, oh, she thinks, be last time she encounters this beggar in building site when, also encountered this man, he is the worker of building site. They seem to still had said a word at that time.

“Do I and you have enemy? ” Chen Xinning cannot help ask.

“Not… . ” he was psyched out, to him, he had never thought he can have so a day, originally he is waited for it is quite good to go to work in building site, but be this wife that calls Qin Lou, she found him, let him help her side.

Originally he also does not think, but be unable to bear or endure,the Qin Dynasty shows that beauty’s lubricious temptation, promised her so. And what what he wants to do is find a place for in happy home scamper – play.

Had waited for in mine because of him before, to ** make experience having a place. He is already originally terrifying, but become at the moment this man that wearing black dust coat appears in him at the moment when, he still was psyched out. By its it is the fist with his elephant general and hard iron and steel, within an inch of did not beat dead he.

“It is her, it is this woman she lets me do, she says won’t somebody checks me, she cheats me, all these is the idea that she gives. I am sorry, beg you, excuse me, I again also not dare! ” his ceaseless suppliance is worn.

Chen Xinning is looking at him coldly: “Is you do not know here dot people? You do not know they are original already very pitiful, calculate you not to sympathize with them, but when are you doing this business don’t have on conscience the least bit painful? ” Chen Xinning is biting a tooth, if not be small,come, if not be A Feng, probably everything here was changed really cindery, and those children, the child that is having same destiny with her also will be buried to be here, do not have a person to be able to survive.

“Of course, you can have big time to be in the jail after well woke instead. ” Chen Xinning is orthoptic the other side.

Obviously tender and delicate woman, at the moment on the face much however a Ling Lizhi is lubricious, the more such, the back after also letting a person feel even more is unripe cold.

“You this vicious woman, except you, how can I do such thing, because,be you! ” his mad shout is worn, desperately the debar from holding office that wants to earn bodyguard, want to develop Qin Lou before, he present is good regret! But time cannot back down however, and the meeting that awaits him is long jail career.

Bodyguard is pressing him to death to death, let him do not use a body. And that beggar is early as the the dead same, the least bit life is done not have, he knows, did evildoing to want to be punished, want at the outset he did so much bad thing, be mixed by cereal grand this world small come stump hands or feet, and they did not send him into the jail however, and this, he also is to escaped to be not dropped anyhow.

Qin Lou stood suddenly from the ground, her weird shriek wears: “You are a fool, are you the blast that says you are installed – play can be you demolished without the person? But why was ineffective now? ” shake accuse implement be thrown early to the ground by him, look at this trashy thing, she wishs to go up go to two biting it.

Did she fail? Obviously her plan is good, but how be met to but how be met,fail? She thinks she can let what with Chen Xinning two life are inferior to dead Gu Hao is in relief certainly this, why? Should help even old nature them?

A peak small narrow one’s eyes eye, give out from inside nostril cold hum, ghastly to extremely.

He that pediatric blast – play not worth to be carried at all, wanting to tear open them is things only.



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