The 2nd chapter: Suffer广州桑拿夜网论坛HDF all kinds of torment

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” if the dream wakes to jubilate however ” cherry is new new sauce / , this chapter in all 608 words, update at: 2019-08-08 14:28

“Not, do not put me here! ” Shen Rehuan says. “I am sorry, shenyang size elder sister, this is the command of king! ” burly man is like Shenyang joyous coop went in the gate of a complete darkness. “Somebody? Where is this? That can torment a the dead place that this won’t be fokelore. ” Shen Rehuan thinks or have some of fear after the event. “Ah, of course somebody! ” the man that there still are a few drearinesses behind the woman of a few ferocious. “Need not Shenyang size elder sister know who we are? Where is this, you also are clear about most propbably, we give the order of king ‘ well keep an eye on you ‘ ! ” the feminine mouth say that head. ” , jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty. Breathe out… ” Shen Rehuan forced smile well keep an eye on, why do you want such, little imagine ‘ well keep an eye on ‘ tormented Shen Rehuan 3 years.

“Bearer, let her know rule first. ” those who head say femaly. “Custom? ” Shen Rehuan is interrogative. “Not clear? Resemble namely doggish climb circuit, next the edge climbs an edge to twist the buttock! ” ” not, I do not work! ” Shen Rehuan can be that old young lady that stand high above the masses, obstinate and unruly, cannot low 3 gas. “You say again! ” the female apparent anger that head. “Not, I do not work! ” Shen Rehuan is maintaining stubborn.

“Bearer, go, let her be done to me! ” the command below the female hair that head, a few terrible men go up to no good to Shen Rehuan, shenre is joyous in the middle of one fist abdomen, “Do do not do? ” ” do not do! ” Shen Rehuan resolute and decisive. Another fist, “Do do not do? ” ” do not do! ” Shen Rehuan calculates dead also do not do. Such one fist catchs one fist, hit Shen Rehuan fainted, they just stay a hand. Irrigate with water wake Shen Rehuan, will take stick hit on a few women, pain Shen Rehuan cries continuously, what must come however is them is derisive a going-over with right on the face.

The woman that head holds Shen Rehuan’s the lower jaw, say to Shen Rehuan: “After, can hit you everyday, this is king those who bade ‘ well keep an eye on ‘ ! ” later went. Shen Rehuan forced smile is! When does Jiang the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty sympathize with outstanding!



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