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Beijing Forbidden City too with the hall, great clear dynasty the 6th emperor, zu Yuyin getting male relative of a senior generation, the Qianlong emperor that is 10 complete old people from instruct later sits up on dragon couch right now, chancellery of civil and military bend forward body side stands, cent lists both sides, an eunuch that pass decree is in loudly read out plans to instruct well already instruct, the character with these unintelligible archaic and abstruse, it is language that Qianlong emperor seeks the elder brother that seals two to die already to be infante, book complimentary word theres is no lack of in article. Altogether of Yong Zheng emperor 10 child 7 female, what be chased after this to seal is the great that dies at 8 years old sunshine, to carry infante, die at the Fu Hui when 8 years old likewise with another, to conceive infante. Read out ends, group official hurrah of a hill.

Later, walk out of an old official from inside morning class, it is premier general affairs and salary of allow of large village infante, on hasten pace before, bend forward path of body play music: Open report the emperor, do I wait for fish? 3 A elder brother Ajina won the account once upon a time blame involve others in a criminal, the person that obtain a blame to evacuate yellow area with itself is different, today deceased and old, the earnest on Meng Huang reads aloud brotherly friendship, desire still income chart an official document or note, at reason allow appropriate. Ying Qinzun instruct tasties, still load 3 A elder brother jade an official document or note. The day below wait life, hand in with ancestor person seat of government is dealt with but also. Sincerely achieve asks aim.

Sit up the Qianlong over dragon chair just opens golden mouth right now, instruct shows: According to discuss, 3 A elder brother is junior and ignorant once upon a time, disposition abandon, act not sincerely, emperor take an examination ofing is added especially punish severely, wait in order to teach my brother, make know admonish Buddhist monastic discipline. Today 3 A elder brother is deceased and old, I read aloud brotherly friendship, be like should still in income chart an official document or note. Write king of premier general affairs, secretary, drink discuss an achieve.

The 3 A elder brother in their mouth is what kind of person also, be not is others, also be the elder brother of Qianlong, the 3rd son of Yong Zheng emperor, love becomes aware newly when Luo Hong, the ability when dying when great is 24 years old, as to cause of death, language quite muddy fall, be like scruple somewhat, the actually when great is Yong Zheng of dad be kissinged is cut ancestor seize record, compel commit suicide, why of the blame have, which is the blame? Do not have bright show.

Ajina also is not others, it is the full brother of Yong Zheng emperor, infante of cheap of 8 younger brother offsprings offer sacrifices to, because obtain a blame at Yong Zheng, be gone by Yong Zhengjiang incognito Ajina, meaning namely: Pig, also or be: Shameless, anyhow, it is a kind of name that has humiliate extremely, offspring offer sacrifices to obtain a blame, the chancellery in Yong Zhengling face views its crime the seat of a monarchical government, promulgate the offspringing Die , offspringing Die , charges in an indictment of offspringing Die show the throughout the country, discuss offspringing Die charges in an indictment 40, discuss offspringing Die charges in an indictment 28, discuss offspringing Die charges in an indictment 14. As to great when, do not have charges in an indictment, still died after all when Dan Hong, cut membership before one’s death, after dying, do not have, right now appetent call in an an official document or note, visible Qianlong still reads aloud brotherhood.

Qianlong after making instruct show with respect to the be related when great, fall again instruct: “Ceremonial dress for royalty of farsighted infante much Er mops up palace of wicked atmosphere clean up is banned. All king chase after detachment annihilate roving bandits, stroke calm border area. Contrive dimensions all place classics picture. Feng Shizu car is driven, become the great cause of unify, faint result most. Breath out a make a false charge against sb for Su Kesa after one’s death, head accuse frame a case against to be gone against in order to seek. Meantime world ancestor have not take over the reins of government upon coming age, conviction via all king chancellery seal except farsighted infante. I miss mark of different of bud of Wang Re fruit, military leadership within one’s grasp why cannot the thing is? Its not at those because of benefit at one’s convenience, till after one’s death only then use dragon ceremonial dress for royalty more with taking into collect, is card has for be covetous on manage? I every are seen ” world ancestor memoir ” so far, do not have not not be tear of farsighted infante fall. The fact of travel establishing a heart of farsighted infante is earnest faithful, cardinal principles of righteousness of Ming Junchen of feeling thick favour. Seek by ganef evil make an unjust charge, can you exonerate for farsighted infante? Appropriate answer returns farsighted infante to seal date, chase after Shi faithful, deserve to enjoy at the Imperial Ancestral Temple. According to system of infante garden bedroom, build its grave tomb, your too constant temple sends hold a memorial ceremony for at age.

This is to give together gone already more than 100 years is to be arranged what Yi Zonghuang cuts his the much Er ceremonial dress for royalty of book again after the Supreme Being to treat an emperor to chase after Feng Weicheng first chase after an imperial edict, chongde 8 years of the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of August 9 days, emperor too extremely the palace after sudden death Yu Chengjing, he did not establish heir before one’s death, accordingly, county king A amounts to ceremony, Bei Zishuo Zhu to persuade much Er ceremonial dress for royalty to be an emperor independently. Kill of much Er ceremonial dress for royalty kills Zhu of Adali, large, strap with all king, Zhu Bei, group accession of official Feng Fulin. Ha Lang of Er of Zheng infante aid and much Er ceremonial dress for royalty are controlled complementary politics, wait for blessing to face old hind, return at once politics, this plan, broke deadlock, also showed consideration for and take care to preserve overall situation, although did not get emperor, also not be the loser of this combat however, because embrace the blessing that stands 6 years old to face, all real power master in his hand, everything first achieve asks ceremonial dress for royalty of prince regent much Er, write a period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, yi Xianzhi of much Er ceremonial dress for royalty. From now on much Er ceremonial dress for royalty begins dictatorship, become the highest ruler with clear practical government. ? But, alleged callosity is imperial home most, much Er ceremonial dress for royalty drops after the horse dies, it is to be arranged to treat first chase after for the Supreme Being, not as good as two months, cut Ji Duojue, dig grave whip cadaver.

What this Qianlong says in imperial edict is very clear, much Er ceremonial dress for royalty at that time military leadership within one’s grasp, if have disloyalty really, become an emperor early, so-called conspire against the state, pure belong to fabricated.

Qianlong is harmony Zhengsizi, from a child gets of father ancestor all the more favor, especially of grandfather Kang Xi favorite, in raising a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, teach personally, yong Zheng is in later pass instruct in article also respecting: Treasure infante emperor 4 child great all previous, nature mercy, harbour intentions filial piety is friendly, holy ancestor emperor is taken an examination of in Zhu Sunzhi, dote on most, in raising a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, favour even more constant case.

Qianlong from ascend the throng later, change father Yan Zukuan, aid of broad severe look, his ascend the throng at the beginning of allege: Study the way of the world, expensive in, on purpose is broad of a correct with fierce, fierce of an aid with wide, the manage of the world, only one in. In person had not had not as good as, wide father and the path of aid also ” , kiss nobles to rehabilitate to a few emperor that obtain a blame in Yong Zhengchao admire, win people over with this, eliminate accumulated rancor.

Read out is over after imperial edict, first-class fair slow close achieve giving a class: Emperor favour is vast and mighty, benefit reachs withered bone, suitable treat 5 years, prince regent accuses instruct the Ministry of Rites in feudal China: “Just issue today, full Han Guanmin all my official in feudal times, desire its date each harmonious, not be like made conclude marriage marriage, after full Han Guanmin has desire allied good person, listen, the blame is obtained after Yu Shizong, the instruct of this one Man Hantong marriage is shown also make one of greatest outrage facts about a crime subsequently, already chased after already nowadays, this instruct can deny continue to use, still hope the emperor emperor is cut into parts.

The word just falls sound, listen so that one acoustical severe drinks: Banner civilian not marry, it is to be ancestor make, the law of ancestor, can change at will.

Those who say this word is manage infante great fair-skinned, so-called standard civilian not marry, common is called later full Chinese not intermarriage, actually endless also like that, banner person is not full of Manchu, nuerhachi builds Eight Banners system, go out to be arms, into it is civilian, can saying is the whole people all arms, make up the Han people of Mongolia and inchoate submit to the authority of another Eight Banners of He Hanjun of Mongolia Eight Banners again, the banner is made with full continent the Eight Banners is the same as, eight Banners of a general designation, actually 24 banners. The Eight Banners children later by ancestor be shadedby foilage, the provisions and funds for troops that the amount differs can be gotten over there Cong Chaoting, just arms have constant, does pay have quota? , some people must go a banner to be civilian, namely the general civilian of lose prerogative, be Manchu together is OK intermarriage, but person of the Han nationality inside blame banner is not possible, this is law of ancestor example and rather than, but the person that violate is same meeting however by decapitate, such severe drinks reason manage infante.

Aside also give a class to go to accept close with infante great day in front of, the nose that showing accept is close scolds: Your this flunky, live on sb while helping others secretly, put what smelly fart. Accept sees two king father is huffish in person, busy accompany laugh: Calm one’s anger of 2 king father, flunky is to go up according to the facts only achieve, still ask the emperor emperor to cut into parts. Great day: Your this flunky, need not emperor of His or Her Majesty is cut into parts, bearer, pull palm mouth. Say, sleeve of one stroke hand, face about is about to return morning class, accept sees great day is about to go in person, busy path: King father calm one’s anger, listen to flunky to give you answer. Great day is paid no attention to, accept close situation is urgent under, stretch one’s hand go pulling horn of great day gown, great day sees accept is about to drag him in person, establish Shi Fabiao, scold in the mouth: Dog flunky, you should hit this king to won’t do.

Accept knows personally discourteous, in Eight Banners system, flunky becomes how old officer, in the banner advocate of aristocratic door before still be flunky, just borrow an imperial court to use temporarily when the official, undeserved official, flunky still is after putting in a banner ‘s charge, great day identity extremely honour, although,accept kisses also Lie Gongqing, but still be flunky, stretch one’s hand will pull, it is big irreverent, great day is always more overbearing and absurd, saying at the same time, take offer of government of board of an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions to kiss a head to go up to be hit madly at the same time, beat up accept to kiss, full Chao Wenwu unmanned dare character, after Qianlong reachs purple oneself, especially thick to family dependant of this brother favour, so that depend on is bestowed favor on and arrogant, behavior absurd? , absurd even, great day beats up accept because of bagatelle to kiss, ” howl booth miscellany ” going up have account, great day ” taste with small reason, beat up Guo Yi is fair slow close Yu Chao, on (Qianlong) treat with leniency pay no attention to, of the fear that start day.

The accept that is beaten up dare not cry again in person, strike back of prep let alone, although be first-class fair, what can hit him is the close little brother of current His or Her Majesty however, it is Qianlong, also be often be enraged so that be no good by this little brother, read aloud in brotherhood, also often laughed, but this great day is mixed before oneself civil and military people the face beats up chancellery, really some overdid, accept kisses crouch head, protecting a face, helter-skelter extremely. Some are not hanged on Qianlong face, it is to bear first, be about to break out when, listen only, the great day of the vigorously that hitting ouch, covering then cheek, see his jackknife collects the pebble that has volume of a little finger from the ground again, look around the left and right sides next, the eye is opened the old, ground of puff and blow asks: Who be, it is who plays this king with cobble, stand quickly to me. Cry several times repeatedly, also nobody comes out to agree, if Qianlong arrives by the side of the mouth pharynx go back. Great day sees nobody is responded to, 4 sweep, but see all all alls alone below credit of screen of horn of audience hall edge, be like the somebody that is Tibet, covering before cheek is close, see if really a tiptoe is shown outside, he enrages urgent ground to use a hand credit of screen of one hold up, go to with the hand li of one explore, say: You come out to me.

Give a person to come from screen credit lira as expected, that person uses a hand half block is worn facial ministry, rolling a head, dare not face up to, but great day or know, he is not others, it is those who love by Qianlong the 5th child love becomes aware newly collect, yong Qi, also be his close nephew. Great day one face is surprised, yong Qi one face is awkward, fumble ground say: Emperor. . . . . . Emperor father’s younger brother. ? Great day half of the day also did not want to understand all along sensible the 5 A Ge Yongqi that defends a ceremony hides at the back of this screen credit what to do, great day thinks carefully not as good as, somebody is returned at the back of this screen credit it seems that, should stretch his hand raise shop flag, ask: Who is there still from the back, come out to me. Yong Qi is blocked in front of great day, accompany write smiling face say: Emperor father’s younger brother, others is done not have inside. Great day where agrees to believe, yong Qi wants to block also do not block, screen credit is given hold up to open one part by great day, reveal a person to come awesomely, not be others, be sealed to be the small swallow of division division by Qianlong just about. Small swallow both hands is copied instead at the back, greatly eye day of goggle at great, straight revolve of eyeball murmur murmur. Great day know is small swallow, the cheek that he is covering to be hit to ache, cannot finding person leak, see small swallow Gu Li is eccentric, copying both hands instead again, have a case surely, ask: Take on your hand what is those who write? Small swallow is drunk to ask so by great day, for a short while, still do not know how to reply really, blink over continuously, urgent however bad aside Yong Qi, it is make eyes, it is pantomime, abrupt, small swallow laughs to great day, path: Are you guessed? Great day is doing not have good energy of life, by her so ask, some find both funny and annoying, he also is famous absurd, but this small swallow is more absurd, the one asking and the other answering that they are here, early alarmed the Qianlong over dragon couch, ask: Be who is here face? Hide to be not dropped right now, yong Qi, small swallow, great day sees Qianlong together, qianlong sees small swallow, when the mood stands free from worry many, he is hit from the connection that feels with this small swallow has a kind to say not to come out in the heart, see under, be born jubilate, asing if is be scattered the family member is common, without rational by, complete by the feeling. Qianlong is swept just now unhappy, sound carry Laogao, it is interrogatory partly it is to speak partly the ground asks: Small swallow, this audience hall is I and chancellery people discuss politics place, you do not stay in kind and gentle fragrant fast, hide be here dry what? Small swallow is before Qianlong, also do not feel cabined, with the sound say like Yin Ling: Hear the emperor sits hall, very martial, I want to see Huang Ama’s martial look namely, because do not permit woman go to court, I am forced to hid at the back of this to look stealthily. Though small swallow is worn word, hide a hand in back however, qianlong asks: Take in your hand what is those who write?

Small swallow fumbles, twist be affectedly bashful to hold, in aside great day ground urges next ability shine the thing in the hand, this is not anything else, it is a catapult however, aside when great day stands, understand, pointing to small swallow, the say of in a huff: Is what take cobble to play this king just now you? Pardonable you dare be not taken, still call a Wang Laicai, really darned. Yong Qi is replacing small swallow circle to aside: Emperor father’s younger brother, small swallow is not intended ground. Ground of damage of small swallow brain comes: Emperor father’s younger brother, I amuse you to play. Yong Qi touchs her with arm, qianlong also cannot help laughing, return atmosphere to also dare not give the ground just now group official also mouth of attack by surprise of on the sly, the atmosphere in audience hall become relaxed a lot of, qianlong asks small swallow again: Small swallow, why do you take catapult to play your emperor father’s younger brother, but this is big irreverent, want decapitate. Yong Qi busy path: Small swallow is not intended. Great day is in urge aside: You say, why to play this king? , small swallow has considered the statement of good answer, say: Emperor father’s younger brother, I am to should play that energy of life originally your what call, but the head of emperor father’s younger brother always is in his before shake will shake, I look very definitely obviously. Great day uncertainty, but gas already disappear many, ask: Is what you say true? Small swallow assures again and again, qianlong takes the chance to be mediated from which, pacify brother, and say: After removing government, make accept close go you and apology of call at sb’s house of infante government office, this matter calculates the past, if you enrage a disease to come, make who rely on later for elder brother.

A word, saying great day is benefit from very, accept is to connect call at sb’s house of be gratified meaning to apologize more in person, great day also beats up him no longer, yong Qi small swallow exits audience hall, qianlong is the same as as before numerous a chancellery is consultative the country is.

At this moment the prelude on a high official in ancient China of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China: Open achieve the emperor, this year is 3 years of beautiful female general election period, I already were written in memorial to the throne, show send the emperor dragon to look drive is seen. Early eunuch has received memorial to the throne show with Qianlong look over, qianlong edge sees an edge bade aside eunuch, path: Small Gui Zi, instruct what world an administrative unit in Xizang chooses show daughter show buccal Song, to numerous an official labour people listen. That eunuch gets aim, aloud: The Eight Banners is full continent, Mongolia, Han Jun’s official, other a sergeant, disengaged v/arc able-bodied man is beautiful female, every 3 years, by Eight Banners of style or manner of writing of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China 24 all, straight be subordinate to saves Eight Banners garrison each, the official holds the post of outside reaching, will answer read woman age, by ginseng get, assist is gotten, brave rides school, get urge reach recognizance of patriarchal one by one to sign up for a the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China that collect consult, achieve of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China follows date, style or manner of writing arrives banner, each its detailed list, appoint ginseng get, assist is gotten, brave rides school, get urge patriarchal reach brother of him parents or close Bai Shu, parents, brother wife send to divine fierce door, ordinal alignment, hou the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China is handed in inside inspect is brought read. Have nominative person, choose all right again read, not nominative person, listen to proper motion of a member of the same clan to hire marry. Be like occupied because of reason not as good as with the person that choose, fill to send all right next time read. Without reading the woman that see, reach nominative woman, privately hires the person that marry, from all, ginseng is gotten, assist is gotten reach him parents is patriarchal, all discuss respectively place. Deformity can’ts bear selected person, by patriarchal, get urge, brave rides school, assist to get recognizance to report Zou Wen of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China of all statement predestined relationship.

The Eight Banners chooses show daughter, every 3 years one, chair by the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China. Choose the end of show daughter, besides contented emperor hind palace, it is marriage of royalty descendants fasten namely, or the son that is king of infante, county and them points to marriage, importance is self-evident. Of course, although these philtrum also have one part to rise to a concubine of an emperor for the wife of a prince later, but the abigail that the wife of a prince of the palace after the majority is become as concubine of an emperor.

Show daughter people should walk into the Gong Qiang with high Forbidden City, must make an on-the-spot investigation through what together.

Should examine a banner strictly to belong to above all with the age, be absent of the banner want to attend anthology beautiful, situation comparing ascends day; to be in of the banner want to escape anthology beautiful, also be ask for trouble. Arrange the regulation that control government: Home of official of every Eight Banners is middleaged full 14 years old of women that come 16 years old, must attend 3 years for a time show daughter chooses, the woman of 17 years old of above attends no longer. Qianlong sets 5 years further, if because a variety of reasons did not attend,banner person woman is in in formulary fixed number of year,read anthology, below still should attend read anthology. Read chosen banner person woman without the course, although arrived 20 years old,also forbid privately to hire marry. Qianlong emperor commands ” the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China is current the Eight Banners that pass instruct, all show daughter that look without choosing, break cannot illicit first marry. Break cannot illicit first marry..

Every arrive when wanting to choose show daughter, sign up for an emperor by achieve of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China first, after Feng Zhiyun is accurate, instantly Eight Banners of style or manner of writing all goverment office in feudal China, senior office or officer by the various basic level of the Eight Banners chase a layer to report register of woman of of the right age come up, to the Eight Banners collect of all goverment office in feudal China, report an emperor by the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China finally,

Qianlong Qianlong sees the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China bear the memorial to the throne that sends, open honour mouth again, instruct shows: “Afterwards is read no matter size official reachs Bing Ding,choose show daughter, every woman admires car price silver each 9, today year old the person that had looked all makes do not give, employ the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China wide store treasurer is silver-colored.

Manager chooses beautiful female belong to the same organization this year, qianlong instruct is shown by fair-skinneding manager of manage infante great, supervise with infante great day assist do, two king father understands purpose, does great fair-skinned what kind of person also? Love becomes aware newly of collect · great, offspringing Dai second child, son’s eldest son of Kang Xi emperor, child by father expensive, from a child loves by grandfather, in fostering palace. In its father by depose prince hind, from time to tome hearsay because ” emperor son’s eldest son quite virtuous ” and the possibility that 3 Li Yin Dai are prince. Kang Xi emperor dies the following day, great of 28 years old fair-skinneds to be sealed to be county king by Yongzheng, king of county of cumulative much Luoli. Yong Zheng 8 years of advance and large manage infante. Who is great day, it is the 5th son of Yong Zheng emperor, the full brother of Qianlong emperor, 11 years the first month of the lunar year seals Yong Zheng and large and infante.

After discussing affairs of state, already was near noonday, pass aim eunuch: Remove government, 100 officials drop off, qianlong also the palace after circumgyrate.



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