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The word says Qianlong has not stand up to now store, not be to had not stood before, it is the day fails the person wishs only just, qianlong altogether seventeen son.

The tradition of the Han people is: Of lineal descent establishs of lineal descent, stand without of lineal descent long.

Qianlong also suffers this effect, original, qianlong is to want to establish cornstalk of of lineal descent, place of rich examine family name is strange after Xiao Xianhuang child Yong Lian.

Yong Lian from small clever and lovely, not only Qianlong, also like even Yong Zheng’s emperor this emperor grandson very much, the there will be Yong Lian of 7 years old only at that time name after Qianlong accession keeps the close small box that be in in, put in palace of male Qing Dynasty ” conscientious ” after plaque, but what everybody did not think of is, yong Lian did not do imperial lot however, with respect to die in one’s bed, of Yong Lian hit to Qianlong to death very big.

After Yong Lian is dead, age of emperor cornstalk Yong Ying is the oldest, but not be empress place is born, not be of lineal descent namely child, yong Ying is stood to be prince later, dan Qianlong often is opposite its are accusing, make the pressure of prince spirit very great, qianlong 13 years (1748) , die of illness after Xiao Xianhuang, yong Ying fails when greeting funeral sad, qianlong is very angry, say this person is not OK and successive large tube-shaped part, staying also is a damage sooner or later, still take Dao Jian to want to chop kill always flower, yong Ying gets this fright, from now on take to one’s bed and never leave it again, yu Qianlong 15 years (1750) March die in one’s bed, there are 23 years old only when dying.

After Yong Ying is dead, qianlong also feels very regret, feel oneself are too slashing to Yong Ying, all the time the heart is put compunctious.

Right now, still stay after gone Xiao Xianhuang a son calls Yong Cong, it is the close little brother of Yong Lian of gone cornstalk of of lineal descent, also be of lineal descent child, qianlong prepares to establish him to be prince at that time, dan Yongcong has not lived to be two years old, give blain and die.

Arrived Qianlong 25 years (1760) emperor 15 child when Yong Yan is born, namely the Jiaqing’s emperor later, this is hind word.

14 Huang Zizhong before, among them 6 are in very small when died young, so far, when Yong Yan is born, living elder brother has 6 only, it is emperor respectively 4 child always , emperor 5 child Yong Qi, emperor 6 child always , emperor 8 child Yong Xuan, emperor 11 child always and emperor 12 child always , and two smaller than Yong Yan close little brothers, among them emperor 16 child dead when 4 years old, remain an emperor seventeen child always , it is a the smallest emperor child.

Emperor 4 child always and emperor 6 child is early be gone out by adopt a young relative, had done not have successive emperor qualification.

Emperor 8 child Yong Xuan, full day indulges in debauchery, good Shi Wen, disposition is eccentric, and the foot is amiss also, often privately gives palace play, ever was censured by Qianlong for many times, but still do not change, qianlong does not like very.

Emperor 11 child always , gift is intelligent, there is very deep attainment on calligraphy, but he has a drawback, it is exceeding and miserly.

Always the daughter that married constant of great scholar teach does Fu Jin, but he lives with thin congee everyday however, hide all of dowry goods and materials at v/arc government repository in, qianlong has criticized him for many times, but he still with respect to persist one’s old ways.

Still once, always the equestrian die in one’s bed of Home , always does not let person processing actually, boil however will eat off, fluctuation of result king government office is round-the-clock besides eat horseflesh, what dish is done not have.

The message is passed in the ear of Qianlong, he also sighs only: Such person, how can regnant the world?

Emperor 12 child always , that pulls empress place to be born, it is the most possible successive emperor originally not 2 person selected, ke Qianlong does not like this empress.

Always Yu Qianlong 41 years (1776) dies of the first month of the lunar year, there are 25 years old only when dying, date was not sealed after dying, also did not grant Shi.

Emperor seventeen child always does not love to read as a child, loaf about everywhere, ask for trouble, qianlong also is to have a headache most to this the youngest son, flat later laissez-faire, without giving thought to.

Emperor 15 child Yong Yan, introvert, work sedate, ferial in read assiduous, especially mercy is filial.

Qianlong 38 years (1773) in the winter, qianlong keeps Yong Yan’s name in wooden small box in, hide at ” conscientious ” after plaque, become new Chu Jun.

It is however before Li Yongyan, qianlong ever still thought of to want to establish another son, that is 5 A Ge Yongqi, 5 A Ge Yongqi, young intelligent learn, review Ma Bu is shot less, fierce ability quite essence of life, erudite much ability, language of full language of adept be used to, Chinese, Mongolia, astronomy of be familiar with, geographical, all previous calculates, complete in both respects of civil and military, get Qianlong to like very,

Above is belonged to basically solid.

The word says Qianlong stands of purpose store, among these sons, he is current most those who value is 5 A Ge Yongqi, yong Qi is returned now is Bei Zi, accede smoothly to will come emperor, draft Xian Rongsheng its are He Shuorong infante, feng Yongqi is ” flourish infante ” , itself already said palpability sends contain great expectations to him.

However the thing did not imagine medium successful, yong Qi is about flourish rises infante, this can touch the nerve that pulls graceful empress Na Genmin to feel, emperor the son that heir should be him normally always base just be, it is Yong Qi however unluckily however.

Small swallow gradually restore memory, yong Qi marries small swallow to Qianlong and requirement of mother of an emperor again, but mother of an emperor and numerous royal do not agree stoutly, reason or, ancestor has a way early, full Chinese not marry, everybody cannot be violated.

If must be married, then small swallow also can be a biddy that does not have renown portion only, ke Yongqi cannot be accepted, this matter so refuse to budge is worn, everybody does not agree to yield.

Empress already disfavor, at the end of one’s wits, yong Qi is hated in the heart however, then witch a legendary venomous insect, cuss Yong Qi dies early, disclose finally, qianlong utterly discomfited, stamp with fury, empress the neck one horizontal stroke, the appearance of a pair of rather die than submit, always base frighten complexion is ghastly, fall in the tic on the ground.

Yong Qi looks in the eye, not be flavor very, he sees Qianlong inside a day of night, the request cuts book to be civilian, taking small swallow to have been to the life that live in seclusion.

Yong Qi of Qianlong prep before says, loud say: ? Grandma? is absurd.

: of Yong Qi path? Person of the? that pick up ⒙ is living hundred years, also do not cross loess to pile, I lead besides natively the gender allows to be, like unrestrained, the important matter of this processing the world is not I can take on rise, still let other brother take on, I had missed water from a mountain of a kind of lovemaking only, the flat life of double Su Shuangfei, the Ama that ask emperor helps sb to fulfill his wishes.

Qianlong in a huff ground say: ? Grandma? since you are unripe the home in the monarch, should take on the responsibility that has processing the world, what is more,the rather that you now have been to had become close person, how be still so absurd?

: of Yong Qi path? Cheek invades? of  of bend so as to breakstubborn of brandish crab Zha to do not have husband and wife’s fact, inside my heart besides small swallow, also put no less than others again.

Qianlong is enraged so that ambulate back and forth in the house, repeatedly say: Absurd, absurd.

Yong Qi suddenly say: ? ?* of Zhai of the blade of a sword of Tan of excrement an ancient wind instrument, even if have fault, return polity of Gunian of Ma of the A that ask emperor, treat sb with courtesy.

Say, ask for leave from a meeting.

Qianlong looks at Yong Qi to leave, throw the teacup that gets on the table so that smash, those who pointing to Yong Qi hind back, enrage so that tremble all over, say: ? ? of Xie sell ∽ is learning her woman to come unexpectedly I came since the lesson.

After Qianlong has been scolded, after calm, high-ranked imperial concubine removing cheerful thinks back to again in brain before one’s death when the scene that suffers from him expostulate with, he still is treasure infante in those days when, qianlong dies in a conflagration in a of Yangzhou beloved woman, be informed the Qianlong of the message, will quarrelsomely challenge why should cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine carry him on the back to run Yangzhou is incendiary, cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine does genuflect come down to say path: at that time? Radon η Zi ascends? of  of ⑽ of Ya of the capture that jump over  does not want again indulge debauchery.

The word did not say, qianlong already was boil with anger, face cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine flies one foot, cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine faces upward trip, qianlong swings sleeve and go, before long hind, a serious illness does not remove cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine, eventually die, mortal before explain do not enter Huang Ling, bury is outside geomantic wall, so that Yong Qi thinks all the time,this is Qianlong does it intentionally.

Small swallow restores memory gradually, she is informed Yong Qi already get married, come round to challenge.

Does small swallow hate: of the say that hate the ground? Shan of quarrel bifurcation  wishs Lu of  dirty  ? of  Song  you this cheater.

Does Yong Qi explain: ? I had not touched cheek brandish? .

: of small swallow path? Also do you meet suddenly? had not touched even the hand?

Yong Qi points to a day to pledge rapidly, say: ? The what thing with drag ⑹ true? also had not been done.

Still always be in fine jade heart actually very hair empty, he also cannot decide true whats had not been done at that time, but now is to force so that do not have method really.

Small swallow excused Yong Qi eventually, he is long sighed at a heat.

Small swallow one every day restore memory, this day, he made a bowl of syrup to Qianlong, when sending, qianlong is seeing memorial to the throne, look up when him when seeing small swallow, small swallow looks at his face, at a draught whats are written down, stand in this individual before, kill namely the murderer of own parents, the bowl in her hand drops to go up at a draught, fall so that smash.

Small swallow concealed the past at that time, become however worry is heavy, one’s mind is somewhat unhinged, yong Qi talks a few times with her, she gives an irrelevant answer however, ling Yongqi water of a mist, once, yong Qi cannot find same thing, ask she sees?

Small swallow blurt out answers: Be to stay in day peaceful temple?

Yong Qi is stupefied, his afraidest thing also gets confirm slowly it seems that, small swallow had restored that paragraph of memory of day peaceful temple.

In a day of night, small swallow says to want to boil syrup to send the past to Qianlong, yong Qi is in help aside, see small swallow puts a thing in past bowl accidentally, yong Qi maintains his composure, go together along with her the face sees Qianlong, all the way, yong Qi a few desire character stops again, not a long time, come to drive study, qianlong is in read overmarginalia memorial to the throne.

Qianlong sees Yong Qi and small swallow, it is glad very, put down the pen in the hand, small swallow is shown on syrup, qianlong end rises, should drinking go down, at this moment aside Yong Qi has grabbed a bowl, say: ? ? of food carbylamine prize lets me drink.

Say, admire a neck, drink neatly, qianlong stands agape in aside, a unit of length 2 bonze, feel do not wear brains.

Yong Qi drinks syrup, say: ? ⊙ Mi? kills of your father mother is my forehead woman actually, it is the internal heat that she takes a person to put, did not concern with Huang Ama, he also does not know, you should revenge for your father mother, let me atone by life.

Yong Qi is in Yangzhou when, had come to fish of issue emotional appeal, it is cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine goes the fire that Yangzhou puts.

Aside Qianlong turns pale with fright, say: ? This syrup of? of faint of Fu Chinese toon how?

Yong Qi hold one’s peace, qianlong also is guessed came out, this syrup is poisonous, he is crying greatly quickly bearer, small swallow sits on the ground at a draught, choke up with sobs.

Ground of hurry-scurry of a few imperial physician gives Yong Qi to feel pulse, ke Yongqi’s toxic evidence also is done not have, yong Qi is ashamed extremely, : of the say before going up? I blame ⊙ Mi? wrongly you.

What small swallow puts is candy, is not bane, yong Qi is misapprehensive small swallow really.

False alarm, but the fact that small swallow has restored to remember also is not hidden the truth from again.

Qianlong was spoken in those days of the thing the whole thing, oneself are how to encounter the mother of small swallow and cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine to hiding the truth from his to go the fire that Yangzhou puts.

Yong Qi looks at Qianlong to ask: Huang Ama, so you and frontal woman quarrelled greatly for this matter one, still kick her, be?

Qianlong nods acquiescent, because,be really this matter, at that time still is his of treasure infante be furious, one foot is kicked in cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine, soon, she is depressed and eventually.

Qianlong is not the prime criminal of mother of father of killing small swallow, and cheerful high-ranked imperial concubine already decease, person dead debt is sodden, small swallow dropped revenging idea eventually, yong Qi’s heart also be born.

Put down here to be not carried temporarily.



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