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Clever peak hill condenses the wonderful view of hill of the world name, gather together the elite of terrestrial blessing ground, churchyard famous places and historical sites is numerous, one of temple of dwell concealed buddhist, big Yun Si, 8 scene, clever cliff explore gets the better of a Shui Yan, , it may be said ” hill is Buddha unripe scene, buddha graces for hill ” , both bring out the best in each other.

Uprise overlook, be just as place oneself the middle of forhead, infinite scene, all stop eye ground.

This day, yong Qi walks in hill, can’t help some are thirsty, see a someone fitly, chai Men is ajar, before going up, Yong Qi denounces saliva to drink, knocked a long time, just walk out of 1956 years old from house, bare is worn the upper part of the body, the person of smooth baseboard, ask: Dry what?

Yong Qi sees his idiotic, the appearance of very not clever light, say: On foot tired, denounce saliva to drink.

That person rolls a head to house in loud say: Woman, somebody should denounce saliva to drink.

Then inside the sound line that transmits an old biddy: Should drink water to give him a water. That talent opens Chai Men, say: Come in.

Yong Qi is looked up and down carefully, this is house of a cogongrass, medicinal powder putting a few farm tool and crop, corner office has crock of a flood, a crock of full water, yong Qi the dip before going up one gourd ladle, the spring on this hill, entrance pleasant is sweet, cool thorough the bottom of one’s heart.

Walk out of an old biddy from house at this moment, more than 50 years old, the body is enormous, Yin character is towering, there is a bob on the head, expression asks with one’s eyes open: Guest official, from where come?

Yong Qi answers: I pass here on foot, borrow saliva to drink.

That mother-in-law child say: Since be such, that is drunk go, my son is afraid of see stranger.

Yong Qi say: This goes.

Be about to want to leave in Yong Qi when, faint inside come out the sound that a girl coughs, yong Qi stops offal pace, ask: Is somebody returned in house?

Old biddy say: Without the person, it is the cat is crying.

Yong Qi listens very not clearly, what feel true is meow.

Actually this is the sound that small swallow hair comes out, old biddy mother child escape to prevent her, the iron chain of dog of the pig that use plug chained her hand and foot, fasten additionally on Fang Liang directly, forcing she rectifies day to help them wear a face round stone mill, be inferior to a bit meaning, loud and abuse.

Yong Qi does not know this is the cough sound that small swallow hair comes out actually, face about leaves.

Old biddy feels that he cannot procrastinate again went down, that day at night, foolish in the house that the son drove captivity to small swallow, fool is breathed out to her at the beginning breathe out giggle, stand by step by step then, face of small swallow in the future is retreated, extend the both hands that is bound, fool is fool after all, simpleminded ground explained rope.

The cord on small swallow hand by unlock, she takes the advantage of fool not advertent, push him, swing open a door, the sort of pallet door is not quite firm after all, bump to leave, implicative still run down the dead old biddy of the eavesdrop outside standing in the door, old biddy shout is worn should rise catch small swallow, but her body is fat, where catch live, small swallow escapes a house, run into big hill.

Old biddy is looked at in one’s hand daughter-in-law ran, one buttock sits on the ground, in deep sorrow, cry the day scrapes the ground, do not know oneself are the business that doing an illegal crime completely.

Small swallow hides into big hill, night of day hot season goes out, hide in gully burrow by day, come out to nod a thing to eat secretly in the evening, meet the person hides, be seen by the monk in the temple many times, think absurd, incorrectly relay an erroneous information, transmit pass, bluff became the play tricks behind sb’s back in hill, and still be a female ghost.

Clever peak hill is located in churchyard of area of channel of Beijing Ximen head, be apart from downtown more than 50 kilometers, area 20 square kilometer, hill situation high and steep, qing Li of flowers and plants, annual in April, from first half moon of a temple, burning incense at the height of power and splendour, car horse is Bacchic, if nightly lights numerous Can lists constellation, burning incense is solid but armour falls at the day.

During temple fair, if the person that watch is wet, kyoto the whole town turns out, first what its dimensions can weighs China north.

Be haunted of clever peak hill, meddlesome person since time immemorial has, more a few idles do not have a thing, satiate drink sufficient, the fellow that the egg of idle is fond of, gather, full hill rambles foolishly, for a short while, it is female ghost appears and disappear everywhere all sorts of fokelore.

Do not carry.

The word says Yong Qi resides careless cottage alone, not bad by day, arrive in the evening, it is feeling myriad however, disconsolate difficult Mian, sleep to be not written really sometimes, can rise stroke musical instrument, place grief with this, because he feels small,swallow is not any more between the world.

In this day of night, yong Qi is playing musical instrument again, listen so that there is an abnormal knocking in the kitchen outside gramineous house however, when coming out to look, the people that sees a with dishevelled hair and a dirty face only ran from the kitchen, crouch in nearby brushwood, yong Qi forth one pace, flinch of that people in the future one pace, yong Qi heart thinks the child that perhaps is inner ear eats a thing stealthily, go taking out something to be put in the doorway inside the kitchen, return next look outside secretly in house, as expected that form is stood by step by step, take a thing, rapid ground leaves.

Yong Qi looks at people to leave, without disclose, in morrow night, then black shadow comes to the front of careless cottage again, yong Qi still leaves a few eating things, allow by that black shadow go off with, such in succession counts day.

Put down here for the moment to be not carried.

The word says both ends, below the help that xiao sword grows in the path that do not have dirt, eradicate Yu Zhenghai, recapture magisterium afresh, suddenly one day, mongolia and hold in the palm brightness the letter sends especially before radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries gets miscellaneous Bo Paren of green ceremonial dress for royalty, hope and safflower can be formed affined, overthrow full Qing Dynasty together, close on business great, those who ask safflower to meet is little advocate go personally Mongolia,

Blueness boils miscellaneous predict, mongolia and hold in the palm brightness special department head, admire county king an ancient win vessel with three legs and a loop handle, and hold in the palm brightness special a Yuwubusu that be stationed in account lake, with Tangnuwu bridge sea area is a center, ceng Jiang is filled temporarily, with Russia and Xinjiang border on, when Wan Qing by Russia embezzlement, already was republic of made of baked clay graph independently now.

However, in the talk, green ceremonial dress for royalty is miscellaneous predict intentional division, become a state independently, xiao Jian makes clear at once aim to turn over Qing Fuming, object breaking up, the result parts on bad terms.

Xiao sword former road is returned, return safflower can total helm.

After safflower can eradicate Yu Zhenghai oneself, grow total helm of generation of of short duration by the path that do not have dirt advocate one duty, but the imperial court sends Yue Zhongqi to common soldier safflower of encircle and suppress is met, without dirt road long singles is fought alone still go, direct fights is dilettante however.

Then everybody hopes Chen Jialuo can come back afresh total helm advocate, xiao Jian becomes a person to could there be with a few then, ask Chen Jialuo to come out to direct the work in the side.

Home Chen Luo Zici goes total helm advocate after one duty, answer recuperate of Zhejiang native place, live a secluded life, xiao Jian asks him to give safflower of hill in control of to meet repeatedly, final Chen Jialuo puts forward a request, it is admit with Qianlong photograph, the last wish when the mother that finish is mortal, mountain gives again later.

Xiao Jian expresses to agree, then two people come to the capital together, look for an opportunity and Qianlong photograph admit, pass a secret because of this matter thing only, cannot make alien witting, once discharge is shown, offer as a gift disaster is boundless.

How to pass information there Qianlong, it is a crucial step, this person must be can trust, often still can see Qianlong, and handle affairs reliable ability goes, xiao Jian these days all the time how should consider this matter undertake.

To make a long story short, this day, before the gate of cheap infante government office, a carriage slowly stop, go from the car a girl, government office of face cheap infante goes, this girl is a fine, cheap infante your home can be returned when she is available.

Be about to take the door in her when, someone calls her name from the back, when looking round, there is a person below big stone lion, be Xiao Jian.

Fine do not know Xiao Jian when be here, he is a god all along Long Jian head does not see end, fine ask him to step inside, xiao Jian shows one’s purpose in coming, ask a fine take epistolary to Qianlong, epistolary be uncle writes him personally, the hope can see on at the same time.

Fine assent, promise to send the letter to Qianlong certainly, xiao Jian thankses.

Later fine make an appointment with Xiao Jian to go of cheap infante government office hind the garden goes.

Spring chill chilly still is when two people take a walk here last time, nowadays already is midsummer season, lake water ripples, branch numerous Xie Mao, two people edge walks along an edge to chat, saying however unexpectedly silent, : of say of final desolate sword? Does rostellum perch bark forcedly send generation to return? do you know?

Fine silent a little while say: ? ? of chimney of Fu of Mo of banner of  bake in a pan we are royal woman, marriage cannot oneself are done advocate, know can how?

What does Xiao Jian say again even, fine however say: ? Does ┖ of firm Wu of cheek dispatch grey  sleep?

Green ceremonial dress for royalty is miscellaneous predict lift a banner to rebel later, the purpose becomes a state independently, this is hind word, mongolia call his the hero that turn over Qing Dynasty, benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom, footing differs.

Two people went one Cheng again, does Xiao Jian look at a fine suddenly say: ? Does astounded of limit of strong and pervasive fragrance flinch associate of Huang of hurry of iridium of Ren Ning  ?

Fine why should unidentified Bai Xiaojian see the Yu Pei that carries on her body, still get off will hand he, xiao Jian is received in the hand, looked up and down a little while, this jade belongs to He Tianyu, connect body whiteness, vulture has lucky pattern, after Xiao Jian has looked, say: ? That Yu Pei that Juan of Mi of Xiu Ren Li is troubled by high and steep of on purpose of the workshop that act the role of slope and? to follow my cousin exactly like, should be out same the hand of the person that make jade.

Fine: of the say after listening? Does rice huller of huang3hu1 of second port frowsty Wu confuse  of lie of R of barren of second of buttock of principle columns of a hall of Huan of favour of Sheng of Fu Chinese toon to flinch Ren Sui?

Does Xiao Jian ask: ? Does astounded flinch beauty of mace of deep and remote harmonious of Ren Qian waiting till blows? to you can say?

Fine say: ?

Fine say: ? Excuse me of  of Rou of high and steep of  of bifurcation of show off of heart of the first month of huang3hu1 rice huller?

: of desolate sword say?  of alliance of smelt metal rice huller is fierce make an appointment with? of the imperial order austral drought I also cannot be in charge of her, hope only after her successful good.

Xiao Jian still does not know small swallow declines the thing of cliff, at this moment fine hesitated a little while, say: ? Favour suffers from  Lv? I do not know how to should tell you.

Xiao Jian does not know she wants what to say, be say: only? ? of the Lv that dismiss a statement although you say.

Fine want, say: ? ⊙ Mi uranous  ?

Here, she does not know how to should say, desolate sword mind one Jing, ask: ? Fine of? of jab of Fu of  of alliance of cheek younger sister after quite a while ability say: ?  of  of approach of cellar of law of Li of  ё astounded unreal a huge legendary turtle?

Xiao Jian is silent a long time, alone say: ? Is  spruce with excuse me of bald be ignorant of of  of oxime of  of string muddleheaded  ?

Fine persuade: Thing already so far, sad also did not use, I wish heaven helps a good man, god blesses her to be able to not have a thing in safety, is you say?

Xiao Jian: You need not persuade me.

Say, if rain falls,already was a tear, fine how is also knowing good, be forced to accompany in aside.

Actually small swallow did not die, be everybody thinks she is not any more between the world only.



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