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” the moon in the dream ” Huai Xiaorou / , this chapter in all 2204 words, update at: 2019-08-13 18:00

such, we say one listens, the cock of home of the aunt after imperceptible room has begun to hit cry, the energy of life end that is very sound, appearing the self-confidence that breaks through all darkness, light, we return not as vivid as a cock clear, I think.

After hearing crow voice, you are inclined according to the head on my back slowly carried rise, I feel you are being taken disconsolate slow, say:

“Do we go? “Do we go??

“Be good! ” this is a few hours since, the 3rd word that I say, you looked at me to laugh, embraced deeply, pulling me to rise leave. I got on ladder a few years, because this is skilled spry and light, and you are so slow however and not close. I say:

“I go down first, helping ladder up do you fall again? Helping ladder up do you fall again??

“Which can, I first! ” those who say is decisive in that way, sturdy.

Accordingly I also hold to no longer, along with you bit by bit move downward taking move resembling is fear is ceaseless be down look around, my heart resembles is gently by love lay a finger on one have warm warm heat.

You stand in ladder bottom to carry the pole of the handholding both sides with close closefisted, look up say:

“Fall! “Fall!!

Both hands of my face about is helping ladder up, two seconds fall to the ground, you look at my awkward laugh, knowing is to be his clumsiness to still be those who protect me to flaunt one’s superiority.

You move ladder to me before the room of old house, lean on the wall, saw me say next:

“I went to breath out! “I went to breath out!!

I am taking the be reluctant to part with that before I come home, we also won’t meet again, before going up actively, first time embraced you, you are outstretched also double armlet is holding me in the arms, do not look a little while all around, see me repeat say again:

“I went to breath out! “I went to breath out!!

I nod, your face about to answer, what there is overworked hind in gait is heavy with confused vicissitudes of life, I look at your back, some are fond of the heart, how to meet again the tear flows.

The following day in the morning, the little brother goes to school, the mother goes stringing together the door, I am in the home alone patchy that clothes that I like particularly, it is that white skirt that when we meet the 2nd times, I wear, there also was a daughter that evening, accordingly it is a kind of yearning and souvenir is indicative. See it has infinite happy lingering to enveloping a heart, especially happy, accordingly I am worn constantly when the humor is good it. Nowadays, the silk thread with concentrated white already began some to become loose, because the place that having suddenly not carefully is decayed also begin junk, but it is irreplaceable let me exclusively must want to rescue it, I want to seam it after filling nap is good, save well rise, when the upper part of the body is yearned for fully only, look no longer later.

When I am plunging into needlework sedulously, felt the doorway stood a person, raise a head to look outwards then, instantaneous heart one shake beats quickly, of my terrified terrified how is looking at her not to know good, but the subliminal say on the horse:

“High teacher, come in sit! Come in sit!!

Yes, she is plum of your wife higher primary school. The face that she is taking a face to hiding the eyes of the meaning to looking at me again without expression of one pace come to the side of me, I do not look to give her to have hostility but also did not show an a tiny bit of kindness absolutely.

The station that I lose my head is worn receive her sealed next behavior, listen to her only slowly say:

“Is there time at 6 o’clock in the evening, I want to chat with you, in woods of the eastern side, do I wait for you? Do I wait for you??

I want to say reputation is good, but of sound light delay did not walk out of throat to go aground, the behavior that nods only agrees, I think I am certain in those days very , but my Where is what? Be have evil intentions those who did guilty thing fear, still be the affection that infinite to her ashamed remorses, I also say not to come out.

Arrived in the evening at 6 o’clock, I came to that often move back and forth in one’s childhood among them poplar forest, see she sits on tree of a crooked neck aloof going up to the tree lever on what gazing at also or it is what to pondering. Perhaps she felt me to come, at a draught from truncal on bounce comes down, go to me.

We happen to coincide as the little wild direction that steps in the woods Lin Shen place is overflowed, she is advanced I am in hind, silent all the time go, everybody is done not have first ringent plan. The likelihood is her later tired, a gray by Lin Zhong brook sat on stone, signal I also sit down by her.

“Do you have the plan that marries with him? ” she is staring at me to say.

I shake my head, express to deny. Her chuckle had answered a face to taking the dialect that find both funny and annoying to say:

“Look you still have really, I am suspicion only previously, but always cannot find evidence, you can tell me truth today. How long do you interact then? ” her dialect is a little curt.

I look at brook water slowly forward flow, the shiny green rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers as water strokes the aquatic of benthic the flap like forward silk, extend bout to circulating to do not have an end. I thought of my river on the west that river before the door, also be such beauty, I disdain her to reply.

She sees I am slow-witted the meaning that looking at brook water to did not reply, turn and staring at me closely to look with what the look dies to death, look I am a little uneasily, then I say:

“I will come home tomorrow, see him no longer later! ” the say that I am looking at the small frog of bank skipping and hopping is unmindful. And the heart also follows frog jump, an acuteness systole is worn, this is to be not abandoned still be resolute and decisive is painful.

Of her for a long time no longer verbal, also just begin logy to look at the river water before, looking absently, facial bearing is without billows. The mind that I think her is certain with one climax following another, also or backwater, possible.

Right now, I want suddenly to see her, of as if nothing happened had twisted a head to looked, see concealed is like to be like the face of showing white hair and deathly stillness desolate on her head, begin to feel distressed she, she of the bitter certain torment of the sort of affection that is the same as experience for female sex appeal together is very deep, arrived greatly to already permeated the surface.

I feel she is very pitiful, the sort of poor soul that struggle hard in marriage and destroys by its, certain and special loneliness, doleful, and went to half, the divorce Is am sorry the child, do not leave I am sorry oneself, no matter which kinds of choice is a kind of very big twist. I want suddenly to embrace her, serve as the pity of a stranger only, think warmth this alone person, but after all this kind of innocent idea did not come true, after all the action that I still can dominate myself is a few normaller, she meets otherwise certainly think I became mad!

“We go! ” suddenly she stands up, make the gesture that prepares, I say:

“Good, your foregone, I wait a little while to go again! I wait a little while to go again!!

“Goodbye! ” she is courteous and comprehensive wave to me leave, taking away sentimental back.

At the moment, I admit she is a cultured, stout woman. If change,do others, part on bad terms early perhaps or scuffle becomes posse, next each other help sb to fulfill his wishes for a jest. But at the moment, we are respected each other, resembling merely is a friend was troubled by a dot to contradict just.

She went, my one individual office is personally in the bosom of nature, appear such relaxation and free from worry, here everything what I can face the temporal such as each pure animal, plant, bacterium with a pure soul, we are unripe and equal, have same right to enjoy the freedom of oneself, the chains that need not take camouflage, indebted, repay a debt, responsibility, obligation breaths, we are ourselves only, euqally footloose!

If can, I am willing to regard subcelestial brook as a medium stone, enjoying the soak with cool water all the day, enjoying worldly loneliness alone, and right beside his content is owed without place also beg without place, as day waste old, as ground times alternate, the person that looks at generation generation is tired for affection, for love anxious, and I laugh at them alone ignorant, crazy blunt.



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