The 21st chapter implies angry eye

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” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2239 words, update at: 2020-03-11 15:42

Dance Chi Zhongyan case and blood jumping dance, from time to time return whisper to each other what saying. The eyes of severe grand day anger removed dark cold breath, this woman has what objective after all, is she to know to want to marry her? But why to mix even what go strictly is so close, be still she marries herself additional purposeful? The in looking at dance pool blood of eye of dark in anger of severe grand day, lin Tianci, in those days you harm my mother, because do not have me,that is, day of my Yan Hao is in nowadays, the family that you are harming me with respect to don’t imagine that is possible one fine long hair…

Severe grand day is animosity completely in indignant pupil, look at her to be like a flower to strict smiling face, always feeling she resembles is a poisonous papaverous flower. Although beauty enchantings, but its poison is bite heart to the marrow however, why the sense that oneself always feel to that woman gives her is the sort of feeling, what be like not to know to be absent, but appear,everything accuses in her palm in. Severe grand day grasps the hand of goblet to be tightened, carry hand a fill joins the alcoholic drink in one raise hand larynx, in wine sweet acerbity let the face with Yan Hao callous day go up to stretch tight more closely, him first time can have this kind of mentality, guess to a woman not, are oneself all the time devise clever strategies to everything?

“Tell me, why? ” strict gently we should like to ask.

Blood carry eye is very affectionate carry eye is being stared strict, think the careful appearance him is engraved into the heart very much. Although oneself feel in what how be reluctant to leave him, but the destiny won’t give you according to what you like after all, won’t need to you more…

Staring blood affectionately strictly as much, there are inquiry and doubt to ache purposely still in eye eye.

Blood laugh lightly, “Do not know when all what, whats do not ask. ” blood a little wispy sincere feeling in eye light, look again next to strict Na Zhangjun face slightly laugh. “The life of everybody can have a paragraph of the darkest level, do not see an end greatly, the yourself in the night that does not watch after all in that must hand hold remove sharp and dark fight closely although bruise of all over the body just is best then,prove finally, to the enemy’s euqally principal to oneself proof. ” staring blood strictly eye light is wispy the Yi Zhen that seem a dream, in the heart insurgent. “So fugacious and changeful life, also be a process of decay, be before the process of the Cheng Die that defeat chrysalis is sufferring in that darkness? ” blood pack up disconsolate feeling to be opposite before have sth in mind blink fawn on gently strictly eye is piquant laugh.

Listening to blood strictly if, firm of the firm in the heart aches. ” don’t you consider this kind of issue revolt? ” don’t you consider this kind of issue revolt??

“I am raised by the uncle as a child big, the girl of my have little physical strength is destined to become the victim in the home nowadays. ” blood eye eye is much mediumer trifling sentiment. “Because they are my family, my family finally, ” blood some from ridicule say.

Strict heart aches suddenly, double eye one red, tighten up the force in the hand, let blood the bosom that relies on oneself closely, stand by blood gently side side says: “Choose time to me, let me resolve this issue? Let I and eldest brother talk, let me think way, it is good when this victim that need not perhaps you come? It is good when this victim that need not perhaps you come??

“Are you my this appellation is severe doctor strict still? ” blood ask gently.

Staring blood strictly for ages, ability is slowly soft sound starts to talk: “Want you to like only, optional. Optional..

Blood be in again of good impression deeply touched say: “If be in this fight,true need sacrifices I can be saved whole before I joyfully, all employee go to Lin. ” blood the eyes became much one sturdy, corners of the mouth instigates the smile that a ego comforts, that smile prickled strict heart.

Perhaps the person of a such innocent goodness, be destined to must experience these on her body ought not to some affliction…

“Strict, actually, I value my life future than anybody, neither one person she is not selfishness. ” blood had delimited in eye light a faint light. Say then: “But compare with my family photograph, what does my individual life calculate again, hum? I cherish my family more, their favour is not happy, what I cherish this, what cherish… “

Stare blood strictly that tender feelings that reveals in eye light and feel distressed let blood can’t help removed double eye, “So although put an end to is you also do not care about your life? ” there is to annoy with anxiously in strict sound, more or less is he perhaps does not know to be included in his anger to be blood defend sb against an injustice or because then the individual is not him…

Dance music changed again, still be lyric, also wear in express it seems that this among them popular feeling… strict cuddle is worn blood in still turning in dance pool…

Blood listening strict the organ of because of life small promotion, gently laugh immediately.

Is strict eye bottom having Wen Nu ” are you knowable is your sincerity already wrong pay? Is strict eye bottom having Wen Nu ” are you knowable is your sincerity already wrong pay??

Blood the purpose that understands them naturally but the plan that she also has herself. “Arrive as a child big, I do not go extravagant hopes any, because I know extravagant hopes is otiose, oneself only ceaseless effort is climbed ceaselessly climb ability capable to follow what the qualification gets he wants; When the uncle is sent his respects to pettily and exhorting sometimes so, the metropolis in my heart has felt contented, good impression favour, at least oneself still are done not have complete be abandoned. ” blood mist of a water is cheated in bright eye eye, the broken light in that eye light is glisten it seems that like ethereal star ablaze…

Sigh strictly, the soft tone that the heart is full of to ache in eye eye says: “Paper does not include fire, if,can be your identity by expose, so animosity is in as before, two family also won’t happy, in those days how should you do? In those days how should you do??

Blood give an irrelevant answer say: “So you also know this among them real reason. “So you also know this among them real reason..

Yan Ge is open-eyed ” you… “

Blood light laugh ” you also said, paper does not include fire. ” the laugh that eye underset shows the light of clever and artful to look at strict corners of the mouth to having evil spirit be puzzled. “I should be enjoyed only now finally these days single happy life. “I should be enjoyed only now finally these days single happy life..

Strict some look not to know blood the expression on the face, ” what objective do you still have? ” what objective do you still have??

“You are at ease, I want to perhaps take the advantage of this opportunity perhaps my meeting helps sb to fulfill his wishes thoroughly ego. I want to perhaps take the advantage of this opportunity perhaps my meeting helps sb to fulfill his wishes thoroughly ego..

Shake strictly shake one’s head some do not understand but that kind-hearted heart that he is willing to believe her. Eldest brother, you know not to know you are harming a what kind of girl, a so good kind-hearted girl, you the tool that how be willing to part with or use turns her into you to make reprisals and victim? A wall was added in strict heart, oneself must prevent everything…

As a face about of dance appearance, blood fast erase canthus that one tear, develop the smile with strict the most moving raise next.

Day of the severe grand there is implying angry eye closely the person of a pair of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center that two dance music had jumped in staring dance pool, he did not see blood of eye ground get hurt and tear, just see she gives off that moving smile to bursting strictly, severe grand day closely tighten up the hand in pants bag, had delimited on callous face dark cold breath, call out An Na gently.

“An Na… “

An Na approachs severe grand day gently, double handle gently pulls the arm of severe grand day to bend, show ambiguous eye light to see Xiang Yanhao day, “Grand day, how? How??

Yan Hao sends out in weather eye light go out that dark cold breath, let bring into contact with the shiver that the An Na of his eye light can’ts help.

Pack up ambiguous sincere feeling immediately, put down pull the fine arm in turn of arm of severe grand day, become a pair of fluctuation to belong to the respect between, “President, what bades? What bades??

Will ask a lawyer to come over to me tomorrow, I want to be made an appointment with with Lin Tianci autograph. Severe grand day keeps a word, also bring graceful reaction without giving thought to, face about strides a pace to go.

An Na slack is flashy, put down goblet next, chased after the footstep as severe grand day to leave an assembly room…



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