The 48t佛山桑拿飞机网h chapter ” wish to if Xia Huazhi is gorgeous,be born “

The 48t佛山桑拿飞机网h chapter ” wish to if Xia Huazhi is gorgeous,be born “

” cherish years is recalled erst ” light rice / , this chapter in all 3177 words, update at: 2019-09-02 03:15

Marriage room of Liu Yan looks a little frozen, but the style that decorate is the industrial wind that I like, happy word had been affixed on the window, the likelihood is to salute the advent of newly-married, the gules sheet of bed upper berth and decorate a style to not agree with badly.

Think of Sai Xiaosheng in me side side asks: “Is what a moment ago saw in bar Gu Beichen? “Is what a moment ago saw in bar Gu Beichen??

Liu Yan took out tall foot cup, lean to one side wears red wine says at the same time: “Think of, not so in a low voice, irrespective, I am done not have so flimsy. Who am I? I can be Liu Yan, long move is invisible on my body of armor. Long move is invisible on my body of armor..

I ask: “How do you think now? “How do you think now??

Liu Yan: “Ready, we experienced so much work together, the favour also also has evildoing, so this one act lets you see I also did not feel what to have today shy. So this one act lets you see I also did not feel what to have today shy..

Think of: “His cuddle is worn that woman is in bar, so affectionate, did you look not afflictive? Do you marry even? Why? Why??

Liu Yan: “I already passed that pure age, either not allow in that eye the girl of sand, I and Gu Beichen are together for whole very appropriate, get along very harmonious also, cook e.g. me he can wash a bowl, every festival is met very of the intention prepare a gift, I encounter the difficulty on the job and him to recount, his very can serious audition I croak, suggest to me next and comfort, we each other are respected, mutual care, his family and my family won’t be added to us, without the troublesome issue of domestic interior, get along rise very relaxed. By my understanding, that is being held in the arms by him woman most in bar namely unfamiliar passerby armour, passerby armour, second, third, Ding Dou is not terrible, always compare sentient pull many what stumble. I am mixed why an one-time feminine plan, destroyed wedding for this thing again undeserved, and we part company two now is very troublesome issue, invitation is given out, we part company is not to part company, it is a divorce, the divorce is mixed to me for his present circumstance, it is belongings break up, the meeting is very troublesome. Calculated, I also did not see when what completely. I also did not see when what completely..

Can be filled with: “I hold with Liu Yan to say, I divorce is to must leave, liu Yan is done not have this kind necessary from, newest data shows, because,the reason that brings about a divorce now has one fraction only is off the rails, because give birth to the insignificant minor matter in work,great majority is, many a little makes a mickle, final marriage burst. Final marriage burst..

Think of think of deliver the view to me, ask: “Mi Duo, you? Change doing is you, the boy friend that you see you is holding other woman Qing Qing in the arms my, can be you excused? Can be you excused??

I want to say me very much cannot, but the opinion that this paragraph of marriage should not end outside the word in willow colour word, and Liu Yan says if seeming also is not to do not have a truth, but I also do not think against one’s will say I can be excused, so I am forced silent.

Sai Saixian is responded to to mine like that very disappointed, she is being written all over the face mysterious, stare tongue-tied, say: “My day, is marriage such? Doesn’t love talk even after me? Doesn’t love talk even after me??

Liu Yan: “Love is simple, marriage is complex, love and marriage are different thing actually, need outfit is foolish when having in marriage, do not think too much, the more trouble that want is more, still bring vexation on self. Good, never mention it these, you are taking a blessing to attended my wedding to go, come, the marriage room that sees me, forget the thing tonight, I had been forgotten. I had been forgotten..

Marriage room of Liu Yan has greatly cloakroom, the picture that there is to be familiar with on that wall on the door is taken in cloakroom, it is Xiao Yinan draw in college time that pair ” green ” .

Can be filled with was attracted by the picture before eyeball, ask: “Liu Yan, is of this picture you? Who draws? Too beautiful. Too beautiful..

Think of think of grab answer: “Male friend is drawn before her. Does the word say this draws you to still staying? The picture of male friendly picture is hanged in his marriage room before, this thing also comes out with respect to what you work.

Willow colour close lightly is worn the mouth laughed, “Think of, loo[……]


9. marr广州夜生活网EDSiage

” wait for warm wind to return ” Chu Xiaohan / , this chapter in all 1077 words, update at: 2020-03-24 11:08

Qi Muhang laughs gently, “Not be a dream. “Not be a dream..

Lin Jingya is red face, “I am very glad. “I am very glad..

Qi Muhang is staring at Lin Jingya’s lip to look, close lightly close lightly mouth, “Can I kiss you? ” can I kiss you conscientiously?

“Ah. . . Ah? ” Lin Jingya is stupefied, had not answered a god, the thin lip of top gem of wash one’s hair stuck a surname to come up.

Kiss cease, the old hand that uneasiness of top gem of wash one’s hair of a surname of Lin Jingya hold divides, pant slightly, “Not. . . . ..

Qi Muhang pauses, discover a site really not quite appropriate, shortcut, “Go to your home. “Go to your home..

Lin Jingya: “? ? ? ??

Qi Muhang drives took Lin Jingya to return the home.

“Very lovely. ” Qi Muhang made an assessment to Lin Jingya’s flatlet.

Lin Jingya coughed gently a few times, “Still. . . Not bad. Not bad..

Qi Muhang pushed room door of Lin Jingya.

What the thing inside puts is very orderly, a bit is done not have mixed and disorderly.

Qi Muhang sits to Lin Jingya’s bed, look curiously.

Lin Jingya became confused confused, “Do not lift a quilt! “Do not lift a quilt!!

Next, qi Muhang saw him.

Lin Jingya turns the head runnings, this kind of feeling is too bad!

Qi Muhang captures Lin Jingya, laugh gently, “So I slept for a long time with you on the bed. “So I slept for a long time with you on the bed..

Lin Jingya is about to cry without the tear.

“Hum? ” person of a when Qi Muhang noticed windowsill to go up young timber, “You do? “You do??

“. . . Not good-looking. ” Lin Jingya feels embarrassed path.

Qi Muhang closes, “Good-looking, I wanted. I wanted..

Lin Jingya goes seizing, trip of He Qimu top gem is on the bed.

Qi Muhang is low laughed twice, “Elegant, accost I? Accost I??

“Either. . . ” Lin Jingya is listening Qi Muhang’s heartbeat, “I am done not have. . . ..

Qi Muhang turns over press Lin Jingya below the body, “Then I come accost you. “Then I come accost you..

Lin Jingya: “? ? ? ??

. . .

Lin Jingya also does not know how he is muddle-headed let Qi Muhang act wildly against law and public opinion.

“What eat here is very little. ” Qi Muhang was looked up and down everywhere, lick a lip, “Do not have you it seems that delicious. “Do not have you it seems that delicious..

“. . . ” Lin Jingya is drinking congee silently, do not go paying attention to.

Qi Muhang sees Lin Jingya pay no attention to, again, “I still want to eat. “I still want to eat..

Lin Jingya puts down the bowl, the face is sneaking red, “I should have a meal. “I should have a meal..

“You eat you, I say me. ” Qi Muhang hey hey laugh.

After a year.

Lin Jingya sits below the stage, look at the Qi Muhang on the stage silently.

“Wash one’s hair, ” compere laugh path, “You should carry a schoolgirl to place a balloon face-to-face! “You should carry a schoolgirl to place a balloon face-to-face!!

Qi Muhang frown, “I do not want. “I do not want..

Guyan surprises, “Don’t you know he has married? “Don’t you know he has married??

“This. . . ” compere still does not know really.

“Then I come. ” a woman is laughing at a station, “I also married. “I also married..

Lin Jingya narrow one’s eyes eye of narrow one’s eyes, look at Qi Muhang malcontently.

Nature of top gem of a surname wash one’s hair is to notice, but know-nothing is innocent! Compere is true it seems that do not know.

Finally, 2 people are done not have face-to-face, it is back back.

Lin Jingya leaves at that time.

Qi Muhang saw Gu Yan helplessly, go quickly looking for Lin Jingya.

Vermicelli made from bean starch shows aunt laugh, “I like Mu Mu’s look too really. “I like Mu Mu’s look too really..

“Elegant. . . ” Qi Muhang old hand is scooped up, let Lin Jingya sit on his leg, “Do not get angry good? “Do not get angry good??

Lin Jingya turned over a supercilious look, “Don’t you continue *** elder sister? “Don’t you continue *** elder sister??

“I became wrong. . . ” Qi Muhang pleases ground laugh, “You look, I can cook now you eat, sing to listen to yo[……]


Ghost o广州桑拿信息论坛KFDf the 50th chapter is not believed

” a thousand pieces of gold 100 million ” businessman a thousand pieces of gold / , this chapter in all 1163 words, update at: 2020-03-24 11:26

Summer 100 million cast aside lips mutter: “In communicating… “

Wen Yan, long Ting is inky thrill through of ground of the swiftly in close eye a dark awn.

He stretchs his hand, had taken a mobile phone, hand summer 100 million: “Call to Tang Tang, look can get through. Look can get through..

“? ? ? ” summer 100 million goggle at is big eye, some do not follow to go up cerebral rhythm of Long Ting.

Fully terrified 3 seconds, she just ” oh ” move had received a mobile telephone.

Fine points to jiggle, dial a telephone.

The transmitted Tang Tang very quickly sound in mike: “Hello, which? Which??

“Candy, it is me. It is me..

“100 million? Do you change mobile phone name? Do you change mobile phone name??

“Without, my mobile phone does not have report, borrow passerby, that, candy, I cannot eat crab these days… “

“Cannot eat crab? ” Tang Tang is small an one second, after that, laugh: “Did Mom of your mother’s eldest sister come? Then we do not eat seafood first. Then we do not eat seafood first..

Summer 100 million do not have explanations, changed the line of sight to Long Ting however.

Blink eye sturdily, long Ting uses eyes signal summer 100 million get dictum everything.

Sturdy eye smooth velocity of light spread summer 100 million in gotten look, make her instant sturdy everything.

Long Ting is right, she should tell Tang Tang.

She was hit yesterday be illogical Tang Tang’s phone is not accidental, it is somebody does it in cold blood, used underhand method on Tang Tang mobile phone ahead of schedule.

The other side develops her and come, and idea careful, tick off to bring her to go up, looked for Tang Tang first.

Fortunately Tang Tang ins good health, if those person accidentally injure Tang Tang, her true 100 crimes not atone for.

Summer 100 million must nod to Long Ting, continue to communicate with Tang Tang: “Candy, do you just connect a phone to communicate with others later with me? Do you just connect a phone to communicate with others later with me??

“Without, how? How??

Summer 100 million manner is small heavy: “Candy, I have a word to say with you, after a while the company sees. After a while the company sees..

Felt summer 100 million gotten gravity, tang Tang also changed serious: “Good, the company sees. The company sees..

Ring off, tang Tang frown removed brows.

Summer 100 million use unfamiliar number are hit, ask she just understands a telephone call with others…

Eye light is steep bright, everything thought of when Tang Tang stands.

She takes skill chance, gash, enumeration.

As expected, summer 100 million gotten number lie in blacklist.

Tang Tang collect had double eye.

Yesterday morning, summer 100 million return her to had been hit telephone calls, next…

Parking lot, she and an old person bump in together, her uprear old person, enquire the old person has a thing, again next…

Somebody asks, “Whose mobile phone? “Whose mobile phone??

At that time, tang Tang did not think more, thinking only is he dropped a mobile phone carelessly.

Want to come now, the collision of the parking lot is others is covered to what she makes up unexpectedly.

She and old person barge against when, not, say well and truly, it is an old person when bumping to her, her mobile phone is done not have, drop with respect to nothing at all at that time the sound of the ground…

Eye is smooth more collect, when Tang Tang stands, drive to the Tang Dynasty movie and TV.

The Tang Dynasty station of weather of movie and TV.

Summer 100 million listen so that the thing that produced yesterday ground of in full detail said Tang Tang.

Of course, she hid the thing of own be in danger.

Tang Tang also is bumped into him in the parking lot, the thing that the mobile phone is set stealthily told summer 100 million.

To eye, blink eye, two young women nod at the same time.

This, they encountered adversary!

This popular feeling thinks of careful, foresighted, it is a driving adversary!

Summer 100 million get all along good intentions, do not offend a person, what had produced conflict exclusively is k[……]


58, Fen Sh深圳蒲神改名深时代ou

《 Chang Meng Yuan 》
Zuo Zhi Hua / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 3441 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2019-09-29 17:13

“ Duan Ran Xue Chang 。” Xiao Ou Gang Gang Gao Su Qian Tai Zi Ji De Ming Zi , Bai Ling Bian Kan Dao Liao Lai Qu Cong Cong De Duan Ran 。

Ting Dao Shu Xi De Sheng Yin , Duan Ran Ting Xia Jiao Bu , Kan Dao Liao Bai Ling He Xiao Ou , Zou Liao Guo Qu 。

“ Ni Men ?” Duan Ran Dan Xin Bai Ling Zhao Zi Ji 。

“ Fang Xin , Bu Shi Zhao Ni , Shi Xiao Ou Jie Zhao Ou Yang Zuo Xian Sheng 。” Bai Ling Jie Shi 。

Ting Dao Bai Ling He Ci Shuo , Duan Ran Kan Liao Kan Xiao Ou , Bian Shuo :

“ Ni Men He Wo Lai 。” Jiang Er Ren Dai Dao Liao Gong Si Nei Bu De Gui Bin Shi 。 Ben Yi Wei Duan Ran Qu Zhao Ou Yang Zuo , Ran Er Zou Jin Lai De Que Shi Yi Ge Mo Sheng De Nan Ren , Ou Yang Zuo Que Chi Chi Bu Chu Xian 。

Zou Jin Gui Bin Shi De Wang Rui Cai Ce Na Ge Kan Si Bei Shang You You Xie Mi Mang De Nv Hai Jiu Shi Ou Yang Zuo De Nv Peng You He Xiao Ou , Jing Zhi Chao Ta Zou Guo Qu 。

“ Nin Hao , Nin Shi He Xiao Jie ?” Wang Rui Li Mao De Wen 。

“ Dui , Wo Shi 。” Xiao Ou Hui Da 。

“ Zen Me Bu Shi Ou Yang Zuo Xian Sheng ?” Bai Ling Zai Yi Pang Jing Ya De Zi Yu 。

Zhe Ge Gu Niang ? Kan Dao Bai Ling De Wang Rui Cha Yi , Ta Bu Shi Gu Yi Ji Zhu Bai Ling , Zhi Bu Guo Wang Bu Diao Ba Liao 。

“ Wo Men Zuo Zong Xian Zai Bu Zai JM。” Wang Rui Shuo 。

“ Bu Zai ?” Xiao Ou Zhong Fu 。

“ Ta Bu Shi Ling Dao Ma , Zen Me Hui Bu Zai Ne ?” Bai Ling Ye Gen Zhuo Wen 。

“ A Zuo Zai Chu Li Zhong De Shi Qing ,JM Zan Shi You Wo Fu Ze 。” Wang Rui Bu Zhi Zi Ji Wei He Jin Zhang 。

“ Na ? Na Chuan Wen Shi Zhen De ?” Xiao Ou Shi Shen De Tan Zuo Zai Sha Fa Yi Shang 。

“ He Xiao Jie , A Zuo Huan You Dong Xi Jiao Gei Ni 。” Wang Rui Shuo Zhuo Cong Wen Jian Jia Li Na Chu Yi Zhang Zhi 。

“ Zhe Shi Shi Me ?” Xiao Ou Jie Guo Zhi Kan Zhuo 。

“ Zhe Shi 120 Wan , Na Ge , Fen Shou Fei 。” Wang Rui Bu Ren Xin Shuo “ Ou Yang Zuo Yu Mu Rong Xiao Jie De Hun Shi Shi Zhen De , Zhe Xie Quan Dang Gei Ni …… De … Na Ge … Chou Lao 。” Wang Rui Si Hu Mei You Di Qi 。 Ta Bu Ji De Zi Ji Xin Shi Dan Dan De Shuo Yi Ding Neng Yan Hao Jue Qing De Nan Ren , Ben Se Chu Yan , Gei Qian Zou Ren Shi Ta Zui Na Shou De 。 Ran Er Ci Shi Que Bu Xiang Bei Kan Cheng Shi Jue Qing De Huai Ren 。 Ting Dao Wang Rui Ru Ci Shuo , Xiao Shuo Ou Dun Shi Yun Xuan 。 Chou Lao ? Suan De Huan Zhen Qing Chu 。 Xiao Ou Na Zhuo Zhi Piao , Chan Dou , Bing Bu Bai Zuo De Pi Fu Ci Shi Que Cang Bai 。

“ Sha ? Fen Shou Fei ? Ni Zai Shuo Yi Bian !” Bai Ling Zai Yi Bian Shi Jin Er De Ke Zhuang Shou Zhong De Shui Bei , Qiang Xia Zhi Piao Dui Wang Rui Shuo 。

“ Ni …… Ni Yao Gan Shi Me ?” Ci Shi Wang Rui Geng Shi Jin Zhang , Bei Xia De Zuo Zai Shen Hou De Sha Fa Yi Shang 。

“ Wo !……”

“ Bai Ling !” Xiao Ou Zhan Qi Lai , Zu Zhi Bai Ling Yu Gong Ji De Shou , Bei Zhi Zhi De Bai Ling , E Hen Hen De Kan Zhuo Wang Rui , Qu Fu Xiao Ou Qi Shen , Ci Shi Xiao Ou Chan Dou De Bu Zhi Shou , Bai Ling Gan Dao Xiao Ou Quan Shen Du Zai Fa Dou , Dou De Ren Bu Zhi Xiao Ou , Bei Xia De Wang Rui , Ye Zai Fa Dou , Ta Bu Ming Bai Zi Ji Wei He Pa Na Ge Xiao Nv Zi 。 He Xiao Ou Ji Li De Diao Zheng Zhuang Tai , Bu Xiang Zai Wai Ren Mian Qian Biao Xian De Na Ban She Bu De De Nuo Ruo 。

“ Hao , Wo Jie Shou 。” Shuo Zhuo , Na Qi Na Zhang Da Piao Yu Li Kai 。

“ He Xiao Jie , Xi Wang Ni Bu Yao Hen Ou Yang , Ni Men ……” Wang Rui Ben Xiang Shuo “ Bu Shi He 。” Dan , Kan Zhuo Bai Ling , You Jiang Hua Tun Liao Xia Qu 。

“。。。。” Xiao Ou Mei You Shuo Hua Dian Zhuo Tou 。

Zou Chu Da Xia , Xiao Ou Zuo Zai Bing Leng De Mu Yi Shang Dui Bai Ling Zi Chao 。

“120 Wan ?12 Ge Yue , Wo Ye Ting Zhi Qian De 。”

“ Xiao Ou Jie , Ni Yao Shi Nan Guo , Ni Jiu Ku Ba 。” Bai Ling Yong Zhuo Xiao Ou 。

“ Ku ? Wo Wei Shi Me Ku , Zhe Me Duo Qian , Zhe Bei Zi Du Zhuan Bu Dao , Wei Shi Me Yao Ku[……]


35,广州夜生活娱乐DFG Cai Hong

《 Chang Meng Yuan 》
Zuo Zhi Hua / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 2686 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2019-09-10 09:34

Di Er Tian Zao Shang , He Xiao Ou Mi Mi Hu Hu De Jue De Xiong Qian Bei Shi Me Ya Zhuo , Zheng Yan Cai Fa Xian Jing Shi Ou Yang Zuo Zhuang Er You Li De Ge Bo 。 Ta Zhuan Guo Tou Kan Zhuo Yan Qian Zhe Ge Nan Ren , Jun Qiao De Lun Kuo , Chang Jie Mao , Chun Bian Wei Wei De Qing Se , Cong Ce Mian Kan Yuan Bi Zheng Mian Kan Shuai De Duo 。 Zai He Shang Ou Hu Si Luan Xiang De Shi Hou , Ou Yang Zuo Zheng Kai Liao Yan Jing , Kan Dao Xiao Ou Deng Da Yan Jing Kan Zhuo Zi Ji De Shi Hou , Ta Wei Wei De Xiao Liao 。 Er Xiao Ou Wei Yan Gai Nei Xin De Xiu Se , Xun Su Bi Shang Liao Yan Jing ; You Xiang Qi Shi Me , Tu Ran Zuo Qi Lai , Ta Che Liao Che Chuang Dan , Wei Zhe Zhu Zi Ji De Shen Ti , Si Chu Xun Zhao Yi Fu 。

“ Wo , Wo Chuan Shi Me ?” He Xiao Ou Na Qi Can Po De Wai Yi , Dui Chuang Shang De Ou Yang Zuo Shuo 。

“ A ?”

“ Ni Yao Bu …… Ni Xian Chuan Zhe Ge , Deng Wo Hui Lai 。” Ou Yang Zuo Shun Shou Na Qi Zi Ji De Chen Shan 。

He Xiao Ou Chuan Shang Ou Yang Zuo Kuan Da De Chen Shan , Zou Xiang Yu Shi , Xi Shu ; Er Ou Yang Zuo Ze Chuan Shang Ku Zi , Shang Shen Zhi Chuan Jian Tie Shen Duan T Xu , Chu Liao Men 。 Ta Ke Cong Lai Du Shi Guang Xian Liang Li De Chu Men 。 Ke Zhe Ci Ta Bing Mei Xiang Tai Duo , Kai Che Lai Dao Fu Jin De Yi Jia Da Xing Yi Ku Chao Shi , Hen Xun Su De Gei He Xiao Ou Mai Liao Wai Yi , You Qu Mai Nei Yi 。

Mai Huo De A Yi Wen “ Ni Qi Zi Chuan Duo Da Ma ?” Ou Yang Zuo Zuo Zuo De Wu Fa Hui Da , Bu Zhi Dao Gai Zen Me Yang Xing Rong , Zhi Ping Zi Ji De Gan Jue Xuan Liao Yi Ge Chi Ma 。

“ Zhe Ge Ma ? Xiao Huo Zi , Xia Ci Wen Wen Nin Tai Tai , Nei Yi Shi Yao He Shi 。” A Yi Hao Xin De Ti Xing , Ou Yang Zuo Zhi Shi Dao Xie , Xiu Se De Dian Dian Tou 。 He Xiao Ou Xi Shu Wan Bi Hou , Cong Yu Shi Chu Lai Shi , Ou Yang Zuo Yi Jing Hui Lai 。 Zhi Chuan Zhuo Chen Shan De Xiao Ou Xian De Hen Ju Jin , Ou Yang Zuo Wei Liao Ya Zhi Zi Ji , Ta Xun Su De He Liao Yi Bei Shui 。

“ Zhe Ge Pei Ni 。” Ou Yang Zuo Ba Xin Mai De Yi Fu Jiao Gei He Xiao Ou 。

“ Zhe Shi Shi Me ?” He Xiao Ou Jie Guo Shou Ti Dai , Da Kai Hou , Lian Que Hong Qi Lai 。

“ Na Ge …… Ye Bu Zhi Dao Shi Fou He Shi , Ni …… Xian Shi Zhuo Chuan Ba 。” Ou Yang Zuo Shuo Zhuo , Zi Ji Zou Xiang Yu Shi 。 He Xiao Ou Zuo Zai Na Li , Ting Dao Yu Shi Liu Shui De Sheng Yin , Cai Huan Guo Shen Lai , Na Zhuo Yi Fu Qu Wo Shi Huan 。

Ou Yang Zuo , Hen Kuai De Chong Xi Chu Lai , He Xiao Ou Yi Jing Huan Hao Yi Fu , Zhun Bei Li Kai 。

“ Na Ge , Wo Zou Liao 。” He Xiao Ou Yu Wu Lun Ci De Bu Zhi Dao Zi Ji Gai Shuo Shi Me 。

“ Deng Deng 。” He Xiao Ou Zou Dao Men Pang Shi , Ou Yang Zuo Jiao Zhu Ta , Bing Qie Cong Kou Dai Li Na Chu Yi Zhang Ka 。

“ Zhe Ge Gei Ni , Zhe Ge ……” Ta Si Hu Ye Bu Zhi Dao Gai Zen Me Shuo 。

“ Zhe Li You Ji Shi Wan , Ni Ying Gai ……”

“ Zhe Ge ?,,,” He Xiao Ou Deng Da Liao Yan Jing , Dan Shi Huan Shi Jie Liao , Zhuan Shen Ma Shang Li Kai 。 Chu Men Hou Lei Shui Yong Liao Chu Lai , Ye Xu Ta Geng Ying Gai Ku Ku De Ba Ka Reng Gei Ou Yang Zuo , Gao Su Ta , Zhe Yi Ye , Ta Bu Wei Qian 。 Ran Er Can Ku De Xian Shi Rang Ta Wu Fa Ba Zi Ji Bian De Na Me Ku , Zhe Li De Qian , Xiao Ze Xu Yao 。 Xiao Ze Ke Yi He Qi Ta De Nan Hai Yi Yang , Yang Guang , Jian Kang De Cheng Chang 。

Ou Yang Zuo Zou Jin Wo Shi , Wang Zhuo Chuang Dan Shang De Xue Ji , Hui Yi Zhuo 。 Xiang Xiang Jue De Si Hu You Xie Di Fang Shang Dao Liao He Xiao Ou , Ta Xin Li Qi Shi Yi Jing Qing Chu Na Ge Nv Hai Xi Huan Zi Ji , Zhi Shi Jue Qiang Yi Zhi Bu Ken Bu Shuo 、 Ou Yang Zuo Jue Ding Qu Zhao Xiao Ou Shuo Qing Chu 。 Li Kai Fang Jian , Chao Ting Che Chang Ben Qu 。

Di Tie Shang , He Xiao Ou Shou Li Si Si De Zuo Zhuo Ou Yang Zuo Zuo De Ka , Sheng Pa Shao Wei Fang Song , Ta Jiu Xiao Shi , Dang Ren Yi Wu Suo You Shi , Zi Zun Yi Xian De Bu Na Me Zhong Yao 。

“ Xiao Ou Jie Jie , Ma Ma Shuo Wo Yao Zai Zhe Li Zuo Shou[……]


Yao Jing De Che广州 2020新茶微信群ng Chao Lu 1

《 Yao Jing De Cheng 》
Tu Dou Nai Gai / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 3402 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2019-09-29 08:39

Yang Guang Tou Guo Chuang Lian She Zai Wo Lian Shang , Ba Wo Cong Shui Meng Zhong La Hui Xian Shi 。 Wo Rou Rou Gan Se De Yan Jing , Shu Fu Di Shen Ge Lan Yao , Ti Kai Bei Zi , Da Liao Ge Ting , Fan Shen Zuo Qi Lai , Xian Shi Zuo Bi Di Huan Gu Yi Xia Wu Zi , O , Shi Zai Zi Ji Jia Li 。

Fang Men Bei Peng De Yi Sheng Zhuang Kai , Wo Zi Ran Fan Ying Chao Qi Zhen Tou Jiu Za Liao Guo Qu , Zhe Yi Zhao Wo Yi Jing Shi Bi Zhuo Yan Jing Du Neng Zheng Zhong Mu Biao De 。 Chun Bao Bei Wo De Zhen Tou Za Liao Ge Si Yang Ba Cha , Bi Jing Cai Liu Sui De Shen Ti , Pi Da Dian De Hai Zi , Ken Ding Shi Jing Bu Qi Wo Zhe Yi Ji De 。

Wo Nao Zhuo Yi Tou Peng Luan De Tou Fa ,“ Chun Bao , Ni Zai Bu Qiao Men Jiu Chuang Wo Fang Jian , Xin Bu Xin Wo Ba Ni Reng Chu Qu !“

Chun Bao Cong Di Shang Pa Qi Lai , Jiang Zhen Tou Zhong Zhong Di Reng Xiang Wo , Ke Xi , Zhi Bi Chuang Gao Yi Ge Tou De Xiao Shen Ban , Dang Ran Shi Mei You Ben Shi Jiang Zhen Tou Reng Shang Chuang De , Zhen Tou Zai Ta De Quan Li Yi Fu Xia , Diao Zai Liao Chuang Tou , Hua Dao Di Shang ,“ Heng ! Ben Lai Shi You Zhong Da Xiao Xi Yao Gao Su Ni De ! Ni Jing Ran Reng Wo ! Bu Shuo Liao !“ Chun Bao Nai Sheng Nai Qi Di Shuo Wan , Diao Tou Pi Dian Pi Dian De Jiu Chu Qu Liao 。

He ! Xiao Pi Hai , Pi Qi Huan Bu Xiao !

Xi Zao , Xi Tou , Xi Lian , Hu Fu , Huan Yi Fu , Mo Zuo Gou Liao Wo Cai Chu Lai , Yi Jing Shi Cha Bu Duo Yi Ge Xiao Shi Liao 。 Wo Ca Zhuo Tou Fa Chu Lai , Chun Bao Wei Zhuo Wo Gei Ta Te Zhi De Xiao Wei Qun , Zheng Zhan Zai Deng Zi Shang Shu Lian Di Jian Zhuo Dan 。 Kan Dao Zhe Ni Men Qian Wan Bie Ji Zhuo Kua Ta Li Hai , Ye Bie Ji Zhuo Pen Wo Qi Fu Ruo Xiao , Yin Wei Zhe Jia Huo Yi Jing Wu Bai Duo Sui Liao , Shen Ti Xiao , Nian Ji Ke Bu Xiao Liao 。

Hao Ba , Ji Ran Du Shuo Dao Zhe Er Liao , Jiu Zi Wo Jie Shao Yi Xia , Mian De You De Ren Shuo Wo Mai Guan Zi , Zhuang Shen Mi 。

Da Jia Hao , Wo Shi Gui Mian Jun Zuo Yao Yao 。 Liang Qian Nian Duo Nian Qian , Man Cheng Mei Gui Hua Kai De Shi Hou , Jing Qi Ju Ji , Qian Wan Duo Huo Hong De Mei Gui Ning Ju Yi Qi , Wo Jiu Dan Sheng Liao 。 Lai Dao Zhe Ge Mei Hao De Shi Jie , Ben Yi Wei Neng Guo Shang An Xin Shu Shi De Xiao Ri Zi , Na Cheng Xiang , Pian Pian Bei Si Shen Ding Shang , Qiang Xing Rang Wo Zuo Liao Ta De Shou Xia 。 Wo Zhen Shi Yi Wan Ge Bu Fu Qi , Jiu Suan Wo Shi Yi Zhi Xiao Xiao De Hua Jing , Ye Bu Gai Gui Ta Guan A ! Ta Shi Yin , Wo Shi Yang , Ba Gan Zi Du Da Bu Zhuo De , Jing Ran Lai Shang Wo Liao ! Zhen Shi Mei Pi Qi Liao !

Ke Shi Zai Quan Shi De Qi Ya Xia , Wo Ye Bu De Bu Di Tou , Guai Guai Di Ting Cong Ta De An Pai 。 Ru Guo Wo Bu Ting Hua , Ta Jiu Yao Fang Zuo Huo Shao Diao Zheng Ge Mei Gui Shi De Mei Gui Hua , Dao Shi , Wo Jing Qi San Jin , Ken Ding Qi Jue Shen Wang 。 Hao Ba , Xiao Nv Zi Neng Ren Neng Shen , Zuo Shou Xia Jiu Zuo Shou Xia Ba ! Bao Ming Yao Jin 。 O , Wang Liao Shuo , Wo De Gong Zuo Jiu Shi Bang Zhu Na Xie Jiang Si Zhi Ren Wan Cheng Zui Hou De Xin Yuan , Rang Ta Men Zou De An Xin 。 Bu Guo De Ta De Yi Nian Zu Gou Qiang Lie , Wo Cai Neng Gan Ying Dao , Cai Hui Zhao Dao Ta Men , Bang Zhu Ta Men Liao Liao Zui Hou De Xin Yuan 。 Ke Shi Zhe Zuo Liao Yi Nian De Gong Zuo , Wo De Ye Ji Ke Shi Bu Zen Me Li Xiang 。 Bi Ru You Yi Lao Da Ye Si Qian Xiang Chi Xu Ji Shao Bing , Ke Shi Mai Lai Ta You Chi Bu Liao , Yi Ke Ya Du Mei You , Wo Jiu Xiang Liao Ge Ban Fa , Rang Ta Kan Zhuo Wo Chi , Kou Fu Man Zu Bu Liao , Man Zu Yan Fu Ye Yi Yang Ba ? Wo Ke Shi Chi De Hen Mai Li De , San Ge Shao Bing , Chi De Wo Du Zi Zhang De Nan Shou Liao Yi Tian 。 Ke Shi Zui Hou , Ta Zou De Shi Hou Huan Shi Zhang Zhuo Zui De , Hun Po Li Kai Shen Ti , He Wo Da Chao Liao Yi Jia Cai Zou 。 Zai Bi Ru Yi Ge Xiao Hai Zi , Chu Liao Che Huo Tang Zai Bing Chuang Shang Yan Yan Yi Xi , Ta Shuo Ta Xiang Kan Xue , Wo De Tian , Na Shi Liu Yue Ku Shu , Wo Zhen Shi Nan Wei De Mei You Ban Fa Liao , Xiang Ban Fa Nong Liao Yi Chang Ren Zao Xue , Na Xiang Ta Jing R[……]


Zhe Li 广州桑拿狼友网 Bu Shi Ni Sa Ye De Di Fang

《 Shou Xi Si Chong Xiao Tian Xin 》
Zuo Zhi Xi Zuo / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 2048 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2019-09-27 22:52

Nan Gong Xuan , Ni Yi Wei Ni Jiu Zhe Yang Zi Ke Yi Ba Wo Shuai Diao Ma ? Ni Wang Ji Liao Wo Ye Hui Kai Che Ma ?

Zuo Zhi Lin Ba Bao Bao Shuai Zai Fu Jia Shi Zuo , Zuo Dao Zheng Jia Shi Zuo , Zhong Xin Qi Dong Che Zi , Wang Hou Mian Dao Liao Yi Xia , Zhuan Dong Zhuo Fang Xiang Pan Wang Nan Gong Ji Tuan De Fang Xiang Zheng Yao Kai Qu 。

“ Zuo Zhi Lin , Ni Gan Shi Me ?”

Zuo Zhi Ye Zheng Xiang La Kai Che Men , Mei Xiang Dao Zuo Zhi Lin Zhi Jie Kai Zou Liao , Yi Ju Hua Ye Mei Shuo , Su Du Ye Gou Kuai Liao 。 Ge A , Dui Bu Qi , Yao Shi Ni Shang Che Liao Wo Huan Neng Zou Ma ?

Yuan Liang Mei Mei A 。

“ Bie Zou Na Me Kuai Ma , Ni Men Lia Du Ba Che Kai Zou Liao , Wo Kai Shi Me ?”

“ Wo Che Ku De Pao Che Hao Jiu Du Mei Kai Liao , Huan Mei Xi Che Ne ? Zen Me Kai A , Zhe Bu Jiu Shi Rang Wo Zai Jia Chi Bi Men Geng ?”

“ Kao , Wo Zhen De Shi Qian Liao Ni Men Lia Ren De 。”

Zuo Zhi Ye Dao Shi Bu Pa Zuo Zhi Lin Kai Che Shang Lu , Bi Jing Ta De Che Ji Huan Shi Ta Zi Ji Qin Shou Jiao De , Dao Shi Bu Pa An Quan Wen Ti 。 Yi Lian Wu Gu De Zuo Zhi Ye , Na Qi Shou Ji Gei Nan Gong Xuan Fa Liao Tiao Yu Yin , Gao Su Ta Zi Ji De Mei Mei Ying Gai Shi Pao Qu Ta Gong Si Liao , Rang Ta Zhao Gu Zhao Gu 。

Dan Ci Shi De Nan Gong Xuan Gu Ji Mei Kan Jian , Dai Ta Dao Da Gong Si Zhi Hou , Zhi Jie Ba Shou Ji Jiao Gei Zhu Li Liao , Zuo Shang Si Ren Dian Ti , Wang 60 Ceng Hui Yi Shi Shang Qu Liao 。

Zuo Jia Ju Li Nan Gong Ji Tuan Ye Bu Suan Yuan , Zuo Zhi Lin Dao Da Liao , Jiu Ba Che Ting Zai Di Xia Che Ku Liao 。 Zuo Shang Dian Ti Wang 60 Ceng Zong Cai Ban Gong Shi Shang Qu Liao 。

Ta Zhe Yi Shen Da Ban , Bei Xin Qun Jia Ping Di Xie , Ming Yan Ren Yi Kan Jiu Zhi Dao Shi Xue Sheng , Xiao Luo Li Yi Ge 。

Ta Sui Ran Mei Lai Guo Nan Gong Ji Tuan , Dan Shi Ta Ting Zi Jia Ge Ge Shuo Guo , Jia Shang Zhi Shi Pai Ye Bu Suan Nan Zhao 。

Dang Ta Yi Ta Chu Dian Ti Men , Jiu Jian Dao Yi Ge Piao Liang De Xiao Jie Jie Zuo Zai Qian Tai , Ta Gen Ben Jiu Bu Xiang Qu Wen Nan Gong Xuan Zai Na Li , Zhi Jie Zi Ji Zou Jin Qu Zhao 。

Xiao Jie Jie Jian Dao Mo Sheng De Mian Kong , You Bu Xiang Shang Wu Ren Yuan , Zi Ran Di Wang Qian Mian Yong Shou Lan Liao Yi Xia 。

“ Zhe Wei Xiao Jie , Qing Wen Ni Zhao Shui ?”

Zuo Zhi Lin Kan Ta Chang De Huan Bu Cuo , Shuo Hua Huan Zhe Me Wen Rou De Fen Shang , Sui Yi Hui Da Liao Ji Ju 。

“ Wo Zhao Nan Gong Xuan , Ta Zai Na Li ?”

Xiao Jie Jie Tai Tou Kan Zhuo Zhe Wei Chang De You Dian Ke Ai De Nv Sheng , Kou Qi Ting Zhuo Huan Bu Xiao , Zhi Jie Hu Huan Zong Cai De Ming Zi , Ye Bu Ke Qi , Zhi Beng Zhu Ti 。

“ Qing Wen Zhe Wei Xiao Jie , Ni You Yu Yue Ma ?”

“ Mei You , Zhe Wei Piao Liang De Xiao Jie Jie Ke Yi Dai Wo Zhao Xia Ta Ma ? Wo Zhao Ta Ji Shi 。”

“ Bu Hao Yi Si O , Zong Cai Zai Hui Yi Shi Kai Hui , Er Qie Nin Mei You Yu Yue Shi Bu Ke Yi Zhi Jie Jian Ta De 。 Xiao Jie Qing Hui Ba ” Xiao Jie Jie De Shou Ba Zuo Zhi Lin Wang Dian Ti Na Bian Dai 。

Zuo Zhi Lin Yi Shou Shuai Kai Liao , Jiu Zhi Dao Hui Shi Zhe Zhong Qing Kuang 。 Ta Fei Yao Jian Dao Nan Gong Xuan , Kan Xiao Jie Jie Tai Du Huan Ke Yi , Jiu Bu Wei Nan Ta Liao 。 Bu Jiu Shi Kai Hui Me ? Da Bu Liao Wo Deng Ge 2 Xiao Shi 。

Zuo Zhi Lin Nuo Dong Jiao Bu Zou Dao Sha Fa Pang Bian Zuo Liao Xia Lai , Na Qi Pang Bian De Za Zhi Kan Liao Qi Lai 。“ Xiao Jie Jie , Wo Ne , Jin Tian Shi Yi Ding Yao Jian Dao Ta De 。 Ni Jiu Rang Wo Zai Zhe Bian Zuo Zhuo Deng Ta Ba 。”

Xiao Jie Jie Ni Kan Zhe Nv Sheng De Yang Zi , Ye Bu Xiang Nao Chang De , Ye Jiu Rang Ta Zuo Yi Hui , Ta Shun Bian Da Liao Ge Dian Hua Rang Bao An Shang Lai Zai Pang Bian Dai Zhuo , Wan Yi Yi Hui Kai Wan Hui Zong Cai Chu Lai , Ta You Shi Me Dong Jing Hao Zhi Jie Rang Bao An La Xia Qu 。



Ji佛山桑拿论坛0757a Ying , Wo Xi Huan Ni

《 Zui Chang Qing De Ai 》
Tan Xue / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 1760 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2015-05-16 23:47

Zhe Ge Zhou Mo , Tian Qi Qing Lang , Feng He Ri Li , Wan Li Wu Yun , Fang Qi Ming Yue Jia Ying Yi Qi Qu Chun You , Yi Kai Shi Jia Ying Zhun Bei Ju Jue De , Yin Wei Zi Cong Na Tian Zhi Hou , Jia Ying Zhi Yao Yi Jian Dao Fang Qi Ming Zong Jue De Hen Zuo Zuo , Ke Shi Fang Qi Ming Shuo Zhe Shi Ji Ti Huo Dong , Mei Ge Ren Du Yao Can Jia , Suo Yi Ye Bu Hao Ju Jue , Xiang Zhuo Fan Zheng Hen Duo Ren Can Jia , Yu Shi Bian Shuang Kuai Di Da Ying Liao 。

Zhe Tian Jia Ying Shen Xi Bai Se De Lian Yi Qun , Zha Zhuo Liang Ge Ma Wei Bian , Yi Beng Yi Tiao Di Xiang Xue Xiao Zou Qu , Xue Xiao Men Kou , Da Jia Du Xing Gao Cai Lie Di Yi Lun Fen Fen , Ke Shi Yi Jian Jia Ying Lai Liao , Bian Tu Ran Zhuan Yi Hua Ti , Huan You Ji Ge Nan Sheng Hao Xiang Bu Shi Ben Ban De , Ta Men Zi Cheng Shi Fang Qi Ming Zai Zhong Dian Ban De Hao Ge Men , Ta Men Hao Xiang Dui Jia Ying Hen Gan Xing Qu , Yi Jian Mian Jiu Re Qing Di He Jia Ying Tao Jin Hu 。

Jia Ying Bu Dan Mei You Fan Gan , Huan He Ta Men Liao De Re Huo Chao Tian , Jia Ying Sui Ran Bu Shi Na Zhong Xing Ge Wai Xiang De Nv Hai , Ke Shi Zhi Yao Bie Ren Neng Dai Dong Qi Fen , Ta Ye Neng Hen Kuai Di Rong Ru Qi Zhong , Yi Fan Dian Ming Zhi Hou Da Jia Du Lu Lu Xu Xu Di Shang Che , Ke Shi Jia Ying Que Fan Nan Liao , Yin Wei Ta Yun Che , Ta Ke Bu Xiang Tu De Da Jia Yi Shen Zang Zuo Zuo De , Po Huai Liao Da Jia De Xing Zhi , Jiu Zai Ta Jue De Jin Ye Bu Dui , Tui Ye Bu Shi De Qing Kuang Xia , Fang Qi Ming Hao Si Kan Chuan Liao Ta De Xin Si :“ Jia Ying , Wo Qi Jiao Ta Che Zai Ni Ba !” Fang Qi Ming Wei Xiao Zhuo Shuo 。

Jia Ying Jue De Zi Ji Fang Fo Yu Dao Liao Jiu Xing Si De , Bian Bu Jia Si Suo Di Da Ying Liao , Jia Ying Qing Qing Di Zuo Shang Jiao Ta Che ,“ Zuo Hao Liao , Ru Guo Hai Pa Kao Zai Wo Bei Hou !” Fang Qi Ming Ding Zhu Dao 。“ Zuo Zuo !” Jia Ying Sui Ran Zui Shang Guai Qiao Di Da Ying Liao , Ke Shi Xin Li Huan Shi Jue De Kao Zai Yi Ge Nan Sheng Bei Hou Ting Bu Hao Yi Si De , Jia Ying Qi Shi Yi Zhi Shi Ge Si Xiang Guan Nian Hen Chuan Tong De Nv Sheng , Jiu Lian Dang Chu He Mu Zuo Feng Jiao Wang Shi Liang Ren Ye Zhi Xian Yu La La Shou , San San Bu , Ye Jiu Jin Ci Er Yi , Xian Zai Que Yao Ta Kao Zai Ta De Bei Hou , Ta Zi Ran Yi Xia Zi Shi Jie Shou Bu Liao De 。

Dan Shi Fang Qi Ming Si Hu Bing Mei You Gei Ta Guo Duo De Shi Jian Si Kao , Yi Xia Zi Jiu Jia Su Qi Qi Lai Liao , Jia Ying Mei Ban Fa Zhi Neng Shuang Shou Jin Jin Di Bao Zhuo Fang Qi Ming , Fang Qi Ming Lu Chu Liao De Cheng De Xiao Rong , Jia Ying Ci Shi Yin Wei Jin Zhang Ye Mei Xiang Tai Duo , Wei Feng Chui Fu Zai Lian Shang Hen Shu Fu , Jia Ying Jue De Zi Ji Xiang Ge Fang Fei De Xiao Niao Yi Yang Zheng Zai Lan Tian Ao Xiang 。

Fang Qi Ming Bu Xiang Na Xie Shou Ruo De Nan Sheng Bei Shang Quan Shi Gu Tou , Ta De Bei Hen Kuan Da , Kao Zai Shang Mian Hen Shu Fu , Jia Ying Ye Jue De Hen An Xin ,“ Ru Guo Neng Zhe Yang Kao Yi Bei Zi Si Hu Ye Bu Cuo !” Jia Ying Mo Mo Di Xiang 。 Jia Ying Bei Zi Ji Zhe Tu Ru Qi Lai De Xiang Fa Xia Liao Yi Tiao ,“ Xue Jia Ying , Ni Xiang Shi Me Ne !” Yu Shi Gan Jin Zu Zhi Zi Ji Luan Xiang , Yi Lu Shang Wang Zhuo Lu Bian De Ye Hua Nu Fang , Jia Ying De Xin Qing Ye Bu Zi Jue Di Hao Liao Qi Lai , Qing Bu Zi Jin Di Heng Qi Liao Ge , Bu Guo Zhe Ge Hao Xiang Mei Shi Me Diao , Dan Shi Ta Si Hu Chang De Bu Yi Le Hu 。

Zhe Ke Ku Liao Fang Qi Ming Liao , Yi Bian Yao Fei Jin Di Qi Che , Yi Bian Huan Yao Ren Shou Zhuo Zao Yin , Ke Shi Mou Ren Si Hu Shi Ge Shou Nue Kuang , Ting De Jin Jin You Wei Ne ! Hen Kuai Dao Liao Mu De Di , Jia Ying Bian He Ji Ge Nv Sheng Mang Zhuo Ye Chui De Yong Ju , Zai Da Jia De Gong Tong Nu Li Xia , Zhe Ci Ye Ying Wan De Hen high, Jiu Zai Da Jia Chi Bao He Zu Zhi Shi , Er Fang Qi Ming Que Bu Jian Liao Zong Ying 。

Guo Liao Mei Yi Hui Er , Fang Qi Ming He Ta De Ge Men Er Chu Xian Liao , Bu Guo Zhe Ci Chu Xian Si Hu You Dian Yu Zhong Bu Tong O , Zhi Jian Fang Qi Ming Shou Peng Yi Da Pen[……]


Di 163 Zhang 2020广州桑拿夜蒲Zhen Xiang Zhong Lu

《 Qian Jin Yi De 》
Shang Jia Qian Jin / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 1123 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2020-03-24 12:50

Gan Jue Dao She Zai Zi Ji Lian Shang De Guang Xian , Xia Yi De Tai Qi Tou , Kan Xiang Liao Men Kou Chu 。

Dui Shang Liao Long Zuo Shuo Dong Zhuo De Shuang Zuo 。

Si Mu Xiang Dui 。

Qing Xu Wan Qian 。

Xia Yi De Jie Mao Chan Dong , Jing Ying Xi Zuo 。

Yuan Lai ,

Ta Jiu Shi Mu Yi Zuo 。

Long Zuo Shen Ai De Mu Yi Zuo ……

You Xie Shi , Fang Fo Zuo Zuo Zhi Zhong , Zao Yi Zhu Ding 。

Ji Shi Ta Bian Liao Mian Rong , Bian Liao Sheng Yin , Bian Liao Xing Ge , Long Zuo Huan Shi Hui Ai Shang Ta 。

Bu Guan Ta Shi Xia Yi De Huan Shi Mu Yi Zuo , Du Hui Ai Shang Dong Hua , Ai Shang Long Zuo 。

Zuo Zhong Jing Ying Ning Ji , Xu Man , Die Luo , Xia Yi De Ku Se Di Min Qi Chun Jiao 。

Ta Zhi Dao Ta Ai Ta , Zhi Shi , Ta Men Qing Shen Yuan Qian ……

Long Zuo Shen Hou , Man Zuo Jing Se De Mu Fu Ren Zhong Yu Hui Guo Liao Shen Lai , Ta Chan Dou Zhuo Shen Ti , Zai Xin Zhong Xiao Qi Liao Zi Ji 。

Dang Nian , Ta Fei Jin Xin Si Di Jiang Xia Yi De Nong Zou , Xian Zai , Ta You Qin Shou Jiang Ta Fu Shang Liao Gao Wei , Bang Ta Ru Zhu Mu Jia , Guan Li Hua Mu 。

Hen Duo Shi , Fang Fo Zuo Zuo Zhi Zhong , Zao Yi Zhu Ding 。

Gai Shi Ta De , Zhong Shi Ta De 。

“ Qin Si Yu !” Jing Cha Tu Xian , Jiang Bing Liang Shou Zuo Zuo Zai Liao Mu Yi Zuo ( Qin Si Yu ) De Shou Shang :“ Ni She Xian Gu Yi Sha Ren , Qing Gen Wo Men Zou Yi Tang 。”

Yan Lei Zuo Luo , Qin Si Yu Lian Bai Ru Zhi , Yao Tou Ru Bo Lang Gu :“ Wo Mei You , Wo Mei You Sha Ge , Ge Bu Shi Wo Sha De ……”

Qin Si Yu De Hua , Rang Mu Fu Ren Yi Xia Zi Qing Xing Liao Guo Lai , Ta Hong Zhuo Yan Jing Chong Xiang Qin Si Yu , Yi Bian Huang Yi Bian Che :“ Ni Sha Liao Yi Chen , Ni Sha Liao Yi Chen , Ni Zen Me Ke Yi Sha Yi Chen …… Ta Shi Ni De Qin Ge Ge A ……”

Mu Fu Ren Tong Ku Zhuo Si Che Zhuo Qin Si Yu , Yan Hong Ru Xue 。

Jiu Suan Mu Yi Chen Bu Shi Ta De Qin Sheng Er Zi , Zhe Er Shi Duo Nian De Gan Qing Ye Shi Zhen De 。

“ Mei You , Wo Mei You Sha Ge ……” Qin Si Yu Huang Kong Huang Luan , Kan Zhuo Si Hu Du You Xie Jing Shen Shi Chang Liao 。

Zhe Xie Ri Zi , Ta Mei Tian Wan Shang Zuo Meng Du Meng Jian Mu Yi Chen , Ta Du Kuai Bei Zhe Mo Feng Liao 。

Xia Yi De He Mu Yi Chen Hui Guo Hou , Mu Yi Chen Yin Dui Xia Ba Ba Suo Shuo Yu Lao Cun Chang Suo Shuo You Yi Chan Sheng Liao Huai Yi , Bian Pai Ren An Cha Qi Liao Qin Si Yu 。

Qin Si Yu Kong Shen Fen Bei Jie Lu Er Huang Huang Bu An , Sun Zi Bian Ti Yi Sha Zhi Yi Jue Hou Huan , Qin Si Yu Fan Dui , Fei Chang Fan Dui , Dan Sun Zi Mei You Ting Ta De , Qiao Qiao Zhao Ren Sha Hai Liao Mu Yi Chen 。

Mu Fu Ren Xiang Bei Chou Zou Liao Quan Shen De Li Qi , Yi Xia Zi Tan Zuo Dao Liao Di Shang , Qi Bu Cheng Sheng :“ Yi Chen , Wo De Yi Chen ……”

Mu San Shu Bai Shou , Zuo Qu Zhong Ren , Zou Xiang Mu Fu Ren :“ Da Sao , You Jian Shi Er , Da Ge Yi Zhi Mei You Gao Su Ni …… Qi Shi , Zuo Er Shi Ni De Nv Er , Ni He Da Ge De Nv Er ……”

Mu Fu Ren Zhi Zhu Ku Sheng , Nan Yi Zhi Xin Di Zhuan Xiang Liao Mu San Shu 。

“ Da Sao , Shi Zhe Yang De ……” Mu San Shu Xu Sheng Jiang Qi Liao Dang Nian Shi 。

Dang Nian , Mu Dong He Mu Fu Ren Xiang Ai Xiang Xi , Xing Fu Di Bu Ru Liao Hun Li De Dian Tang , Ben Yi Wei Jiang Ying Lai Xing Fu Mei Man De Sheng Huo , Que Bu Xiang , Mu Fu Ren San Ci Huai Yun , San Ci Liu Chan 。

Mei Ci , Du Shi Hai Zi Wu 、 Liu Ge Yue Jiu Diao Liao 。

Yi Sheng Yi Zhi Zai Cha , Que Cha Bu Chu Jie Guo , Ta Men Huai Yi Ke Neng Shi Mu Dong He Mu Fu Ren Xue Xing De Wen Ti 。

Mu Dong Bu Zai Yi , Dan Shi , Pan Sun Er De Mu Ye Ye He Mu Nai Nai Zai Yi , Ta Men Kai Shi Gei Mu Dong Shi Ya , Bi Er Ren Li Hun 。

Mu Dong Dang Ran Bu Tong Yi 。



Di 116 Zh广州98场推荐JGDang Xian Jiao Shu Shu

《 Qian Jin Yi De 》
Shang Jia Qian Jin / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 1021 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2020-03-24 11:58

Hong Zhuo Lian Cong Cong Chi Wan Zao Fan Hou , Xia Yi De Bian Yu Tao Dun 。

Jin Tian Zhou Ri , Qu Wen Hua Guan Ting Dong Hua Gong Kai Ke , Duo Long Zuo 。

Dan , Xia Yi De Wang Liao , Mou Zong Cai Yi Hua Shen Cheng Wei Liao Zhan Zhan Jiao 。

Xia Yi De Shou Shi Hao Dong Xi Chu Men De Shi Hou , Long Zuo Shi Shi Chu Xian , Gen Shang 。

Xia Yi De Ting Bu :“ Gan Shi Me ?”

“ Pei Ni Qu Ting Ke 。” Long Zuo Tan Yan 。

Xia Yi De Hei Xian , Ta Pei Ta Qu Wen Hua Guan Huan Bu De Yin Qi Shi Jie Da Luan ?

Long Zuo Min Zhuo Bao Chun Kan Zhuo Xia Yi De , Yong Mu Guang Shuo Hua : Ni Xian Zai Hen Wei Xian , Wo Bi Xu Cun Bu Bu Li Bao Hu Ni 。

Xia Yi De Luo Zuo , Zhuan Bu , Wang Hui Zou :“ Na Ni Huan Shi Rang Ren Bang Wo Lu Xiang Ba 。”

Ta Ke Bu Xiang Yin Qi Shi Jie Da Luan 。

Er Qie , Ta Wang Liao , Ta Qi Shi Yi Jing Bu Neng Zai Qu Wen Hua Guan Liao , Tang Tang Yi Jing Pu Liao Ta De Shen Fen 。

Sui Ran , Long Zuo Suo Fa Jie Hun Zheng Shang Jiang Zhao Pian Zuo Liao Chu Li , Dan Shi ,“ Xia Yi De ” Zhe Ge Ming Zi Quan Shi Jie Du Yi Jing Zhi Dao Liao , Ying Gai Yi Jing You Hen Duo Ren Zai Wen Hua Guan Deng Ta Liao 。

Dou Ran , Shou Ji Ling Sheng Xiang Qi 。

Ping Mu Shang Xian Shi ——“ Ba Ba ”。

Chun Jiao Yang Qi , Xia Yi De Zuo Liang Yan Yue :“ Ba !”

“ Yi De 。” Ting Tong Li Chuan Lai Liao Xia Ba Ba Shu Xi Hun Hou De Sheng Yin 。

“ Ba , Nin Shen Ti Hao Ma ? Tian Liang Liao Nin ……”

“ Yi De , Ba Zuo Wan Huo Che , Gang Dao Jia , Ni He Long Zuo Hui Lai Yi Xia 。” Xia Ba Ba Zhi Yan Shuo Dao 。

Ba Ba Hui Lai Liao ? Rang Ta He Long Zuo Hui Qu ? Xia Yi De Wei Zheng 。

“ O , Hao , Wo Men Zhe Jiu Hui Qu 。” Xia Yi De Ying Dao 。

Wu Nian Lai , Xia Ba Ba Yi Zhi Zai Wai Di Da Gong , Ben Lai , Zhong Tian Suo De Jiu Nan Yi Wei Chi Sheng Ji , Wu Nian Qian Gei Xia Yi De Kan Bing Xia Ba Ba You Mai Liao Di , Suo Yi , Wei You Chu Qu Da Gong Zhuan Qian 。

Wan Hua Shan Lv You Kai Fa Qi Dong Hou , Lao Cun Chang Xiang Zai Wai Da Gong De Cun Min Men Fa Chu Liao Zhao Ling :“ Jia Li ” Xu Yao Ren Shou , Du Hui Lai 。

Xia Ba Ba Ye Shou Dao Liao Zhao Ling , Ta Yi Jing He Lao Ban Shuo Liao , Rang Lao Ban Zhong Xin Zhao Ren , Deng Lao Ban Zhao Dao Ren Ta Jiu Hui Hua Lin 。

Jie Guo , Xia Jia Tu Qi Da Huo , Lao Po 、 Nv Er Xian Xie Zang Shen Huo Hai , Ta Xin Ji Ru Fen 、 Ji Ru Xing Huo Di Gan Liao Hui Lai 。

Xing Hao , Xia Jia Qi Huo Shi , Xia Ma Ma Jie Zhu Er Shen Jia , Xia Yi De He Tang Tang Shang Shan Kan Fa Guang Shi , Du Mei Zai Jia 。

Ru Guo Dang Shi , Lao Po He Nv Er Zai Jia …… Xia Ba Ba Bu Gan Xiang !

Ta Xin Xin Ku Ku Zai Wai Zhuan Qian , Jiu Shi Wei Liao Lao Po He Nv Er , Ru Guo Lao Po He Nv Er Chu Liao Shi , Na Ta ……

Liang Ge Xiao Shi Hou 。

Xia Yi De He Long Zuo Hui Dao Liao Hua Lin 。

Lin Shi Fang Li 。

Xia Ba Ba Wei Yan Zheng Zuo 。

Xia Jia Zheng Zai Zhong Gai , Xia Ma Ma Zan Zhu Bei An Zhi Zai Lin Shi Fang Li 。

Kan Dao Yan Ran Feng Shuang Yi Ran Ying Jun De Xia Ba Ba , Shen Wei Tian Zhi Jiao Zi Cong Wei Jin Zhang Guo De Long Zuo Mo Ming Gan Jue You Xie Jin Zhang 。

Yin Jian Xia Yi De Fu Qin Er Jin Zhang 。

“ Ba !” Xia Yi De Yang Qi Chun Jiao , Tian Tian Huan Dao 。

“ Zuo 。” Xia Ba Ba Ying Sheng , Sui Ran Mian Se Reng Zheng , Zuo Zhong Que Yi Man Liao Rou He 、 Chong Ni 。

Long Zuo Jiang Hou Li Fang Dao Zhuo Shang , Yi Sui Zhuo Xia Yi De Huan Liao Yi Sheng :“ Ba 。”

Long Zuo Tai Du Gong Jing , Yu Qi Sui He , Ben Yi Wei Xia Ba Ba Hui Zuo Shou Jie Shou , Que Bu Xiang , Ta Sheng Se Yi Zhuan :“ Xian Jiao Shu Shu Ba 。”

Ji Ge Zi Luo Xia , Suo You Ren Du Zheng Zhu Liao 。

Long Zuo[……]