The 321st chapter changes the love of a kind of means

The 321st chapter changes the love of a kind of means

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“Staying in the home, is the sense good? ” Williams sits in blood beside eating potato piece.

Blood look at Williams some say the look with the sort of crazy flower helplessly: “You can have these things beside me no longer, say this is me again store, you eat my snacks cabinet cram. You eat my snacks cabinet cram..

“Hey You, blood baby, what do you want I give you, I rectify an individual to go to you. ” Williams is playing intentionally blackguardly.

“Williams uncle, big mother’s brother has said, if what discover incorrect can call to him. ” sheng the back that black face appears in him.

Williams casts aside twitch one’s mouth secretly accurate, mutter ” went to still send an individual to supervise me. ” say to catch a potato piece a place of strategic importance is in the mouth of firm firm chewing.

“Don’t you know eldest brother to come back today? ” blood one face is comical very angry say.

“What? Eldest brother come back today? ” Williams sits immediately straight body is a little open-eyed look at blood.

“Hum, give my small letter in the morning. ” blood shake the mobile phone in shaking a hand, one face values the appearance of play.

“That comes back, I will go back to the motherland tomorrow. ” Williams instant resembles fade flower slouch head the dissatisfaction of one face.

“You are to be afraid that eldest brother still is… ” blood rotational clever eye eye ground all slies.

Williams is at a loss a little eye light glances sideways confusedly to the sitting room all around, blood titter. “If eldest brother knows, if you touch a flower to offend grass everywhere in this namely and taking care of me… “

“Do not fasten, baby, you a bit problem is done not have, I always cannot be bound every day be beside you! ” Williams is sufferring from what a piece of face embarrasses to say immediately.

Blood see shape nods ” you are at ease, look to go up in the helps me share of your again and again, I cross you with respect to forgive. I cross you with respect to forgive..

… …

“Childe, young mistress of the house is in the home very good, illness also problem of it doesn’t matter, those who restore is very good. Those who restore is very good..

“Hum, call Bai Chalai. Call Bai Chalai..

“It is a childe. “It is a childe..

Moment white tea knocks come in, “President. “President..

“Hum, cross young mistress of the house two days to be able to go to a company going to work again, you assist her to do the internal affairs of good company later, if have what what does not understand,looking for me, nevertheless as far as possible let herself solve. Nevertheless as far as possible let herself solve..

White tea is a little hesitant see the Wood beside say: “Childe, had you decided really? You should accompany the day of in the future more beside in young mistress of the house. You should accompany the day of in the future more beside in young mistress of the house..

“What I plan everything is sleek, it is good that you give aid to her little is familiar with. ” expressionless says area of severe grand weather.

White tea wants to start to talk to be shaken his head to prevent by Wood however again, two people can be retreated silently only finally.

White tea is sighing heavily, “The president ran really now, the president 9 years ago is disposition changed only, now is to rectified an individual to change. He gives young daughter-in law the company, everything gives young daughter-in law. They are trenchant so love is worn the other side why so him torment, what do everything what he does silently for young mistress of the house calculate again? What do everything what he does silently for young mistress of the house calculate again??

“Perhaps the childe just wants to retreat house back to continue to keep out wind and rain for young mistress of the house. ” what severe grand day does Wudejiao to having him certainly so is former consequently that reason is to loving that individual certainly.

… …

“Childe, a little while you can rest a little while on the plane. You had not closed a key point one day overnight, actually you will go back again tomorrow accompany a young lady. ” Si Lun is enjoining gently.

“Hum, do not have a thing. ” a postal matter that cold Xiao Feng considers to he is received in the morning gave a look.

… …

“Eldest brother, how to come b[……]


Wind of cold desolate of the 261st chapter and sheng came back

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Blood had drunk drug, he Sheng video said cause is not abandoned finally afterwards closed video; It is good that the French window that passes through a sitting room looks at a myriad twinkling lights of a city below hill to wishing New Year to putting gorgeous firework in Qi Qiqing beautiful. This New Year is very special really, without sheng do not have Yan Hao day more without eldest brother…

“Blood, come quickly, we put firework. ” the eider down with Williams deep dress takes outer limit to moving each firework to put orderly.

Blood light laugh, good coat is worn to also run out to participate in Williams one case since; “Do I think ignition is OK? “Do I think ignition is OK??

“Alas, you wait, I had been not put good! I had been not put good!!

Blood Cong Luoxuan has received lighter to preparing to ignite at any time in the hand, resemble a day should wait to put firework like the girl really.

Williams has moved the last firework to take clap one’s hand, “Good, you are nodded, bit more careful. Bit more careful..

“Then I was nodded. ” saying blood rose the firework dot beside, firework blossoms in the sky, very beautiful flowers, good not dazzling.

Severe grand day looks at the blood in video the happy laugh that aspic gets nose Gong Gong is worn in that way carefree, from time to time clap applauds; Yan Hao is bringing the smile of tender feelings in weather eye light, of this paragraph of time suffer to disappear momently in this it seems that, because she was worth…

“Etc, wait, this I am put to you, you are looked at on the edge, this is the most beautiful. ” before Williams establishs engrave, ignite firework.

Blood writing above the curious firework that looks at the sky to blossom, “Girl, happy New Year! ” blood nose one acid became red the has not lighted firework that orbit looks at the sky, “Williams, you say, eldest brother is to calculate those who allowed me beside make what you come right without the talent! Eldest brother is to calculate those who allowed me beside make what you come right without the talent!!

“Who says is there a person beside your? “Who says is there a person beside your??

Blood side famous voice looks at bearer personally too, when person seeing Qing Dynasty tear stayed with respect to indocile, “Eldest brother ” say to attack with respect to Xiang Lengxiao wind, “Elder brother, did you come? Did you come??

Cold Xiao Feng is holding the blood in the bosom in the arms patting gently, “You, how to return snivel? How to return snivel??

“I am done not have, I am too glad. ” blood the tear that brushing a face to go up at once.

Cold Xiao Feng is holding the blood in the bosom in the arms feeling myriad, “This is the nine New Year that we cross together, how likely I am absent! How likely I am absent!!

“Hum, ” blood nod in the bosom of cold Xiao Feng, the faucet that then tear resembling drove a powerful person all the time flow, perhaps be this paragraph of him time place susceptive everything alls momently in this release.

Cold Xiao Feng is stroking blood gently back, “Good, I am in be in all the time, eldest brother is the strongest supporter behind you all the time.

“Elder brother, it how don’t you tell me me ahead of schedule is good how don’t you tell me me ahead of schedule go receiving you! ” blood the tear on the face has not worked to laughing to leave pulling cold Xiao Feng to go to enter in house.

“Piece Mom, piece Mom boils dumpling quickly, who do you see come? Who do you see come??

“Young lady, you wear a dot more; You, did cold childe come? ” piece the flour of Mom both hands stands in blood before.

“Hum, piece Mom, ” cold Xiao Feng nods lightly.

“Young lady often talk about again and again you! “Young lady often talk about again and again you!!

“Piece did Mom dumpling become good? ” piece Mom sees blood there was long-unseen smile again on the face.

” good good, boil immediately, you take childe young lady a little while. You take childe young lady a little while..

“Elder brother, sit quickly, ” blood will cold Xiao Feng pulls buy to sit down on sofa, peremptory the appearance of a pair of young woman student.

“How, elder brother outside this surprise suggestion? ” the jacket that Williams doffed a body to go up a pair saying cock-a-hoop.

“When you plan, why don’t you tell me? ” blood white a Williams.

“Did not have, I just[……]


The news that the 264th chapter divorces

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“Cold childe good morning. “Cold childe good morning..

“Hum, piece Mom is early. Piece Mom is early..

“Childe, breakfast is already ready. Breakfast is already ready..

“Good, need not call blood, make her much sleep a little while. Make her much sleep a little while..

“Good. “Good..

“Sheng, had washed not, had a meal? ” cold Xiao Feng is knocking sheng gently door.

There is milk to look at the news on the mobile phone before cold Xiao Feng sits in table, see one point suddenly handsome eyebrow small frown his pupil is small shrank to send out an algidity, if the direction that moment packs up a mobile phone to look at stair is thought of somewhat.

“Wow, too cold, piece Mom I should have a meal starved to death. ” Williams moves come back to change a shoe to begin shout to wear in porch.

“Williams childe, breakfast is already ready. Breakfast is already ready..

“Eldest brother, early. ” the sheng that Williams sees just come down conveniently feels sheng hair top, “Sheng early. “Sheng early..

“The uncle is early. “The uncle is early..

“Is your mom still sleeping? Lazy bug! Lazy bug!!

Sheng turned over a supercilious look to express dissatisfaction, “You are not lazy, ran come back not to know to wash a hand to eat breakfast. Ran come back not to know to wash a hand to eat breakfast..

Williams sees his both hands, “What you say is right, I wash my hands. I wash my hands..

“Uncle, how don’t you eat? ” sheng look at bemused cold Xiao Feng.

“Be, do you send eldest brother what stays? ” Williams brushs a hand beside one buttock sits in him. See sneer wind do not answer does prestige cheap cry again ” eldest brother? See sneer wind do not answer does prestige cheap cry again ” eldest brother??

“Hum? ” cold Xiao Feng has answered a god suddenly; “What do you say? “What do you say??

“I say what you send to stay, doesn’t the meal also have? ” Williams is worn toward a place of strategic importance in the mouth decoct egg.

“You eat bit slower, give you to grab without the person again. ” sheng those who cold-shoulder look at Williams. “Uncle, you are fast have a meal, a little while cool. A little while cool..

Cold Xiao Feng is light laugh, “Good, have a meal first. ” look at Williams again next, “Feed not character stops not language, this is sheng teach me, what meaning does not know him to check. What meaning does not know him to check..

… … …

“President. ” of appear to be reluctant of Bai Chayi face look at Yan Hao day into the office. Before latter stands in French window, single hand is inserting pants bag to drinking coffee, there is tiredness on the face.

“How? “How??

“President, you see this! ” white tea is helpless the hand medium Ipad hands Yan Hao day. Latter has been received see the instant rectify an individual to appearing crime to enrage, the thrill through in his eye a chill, spurt of whole person instant gives out your person to feel intense kill meaning. White tea sees be used to such severe grand day but every time Yan Hao day is such he is very nervous, the sort of fear that this kind of enemy is become terror-stricken at the news letting a person not just can experience a kind of breath ash of raise of person defeat bone he is really beside him however.

“Go down to my pressing quickly, do not let young mistress of the house see. ” look of severe grand day closely the photograph that staring at screen to go up.

“It is a president. ” say to trot immediately.

“Wait, ” severe grand day takes skill machine to slip quickly immediately a picture is black, it is cold Xiao Feng took *** certainly. “Ask fasten a courtyard there what activity is there? ” the eye light of severe grand day still did not removed from screen, chain closely however that piece of face on screen is fine not the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty as good horse.

“It is a president. ” white tea drew out skill machine to dial a few phones to bade at once they remove that news rapidly. “Returned a day, everybody dare be offended. Everybody dare be offended..

“Hello, luo Xuan, what news does Lin Zhai have? What news does Lin Zhai have??

“What meaning? ” Luo Xuan is eating breakfast to ask lispingly.

“You still have idea to have a meal, do not watch news. ” white tea is hated the tooth is crawlily.

“I this still did not look[……]


Busy streets of the 156th chapter has bad person

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“Miss Lin, they are in now street the busy streets east, it is a lot of easier that that huge crowd of people wants to take away her. It is a lot of easier that that huge crowd of people wants to take away her..

“Go doing, remember taking away do not let her answer do not go. Remember taking away do not let her answer do not go..

“Yes, miss Lin… “

… … …

“You everywhere diffuse, this gets a person too random it is good that you are staring at young mistress of the house simply, then the individual need not use a pipe. ” Luo Xuan saw blood the busy shopping center that the place that wants heads him to had come last just about has a market.

Luo Xuan tightens frown to sigh to cuff say: “Wood, you take a person to go of the street that, I am being defended here go. I am being defended here go..

“Knew, each intermediate exit arrange a person, today’s feeling is bad. ” Wood feels the gun between the waist to see the huge crowd of people before.

“Do not worry too, the young lady should be known protect oneself… “

Blood a round mass of food in having an opening closes very hotly not approach mouth eats the photograph is very indelicate, aside Williams cold-shoulders look at her to shake shake one’s head, “The old young lady that who can know to your this sky has bag of a pair of good skin, conduct behavior was not to go up really mesa ah. Conduct behavior was not to go up really mesa ah..

“Your work became enough you, dare acid I? ” saying blood carry the foot is about to kick.

Williams admits immediately run before Song resembling, “Fasten, open a fun to be not taken seriously. Open a fun to be not taken seriously..

The person is very much squeeze blood then small body cannot move, look at the Williams that is nearly before to be not worn quite, “You are waiting to me. “You are waiting to me..

“Good, not was troubled by. ” Williams is folded from inside the crowd again return a station to be in blood with him tall figure is blocked beside go that congested crowd.

“Calculate your be sensible. ” blood hand he is strung together, “Eat! “Eat!!

“The expensive guest that you plan to take this to dismiss my this a long way comes for you technically. ” Williams looks at blood lispingly.

“Do you come for me? Should work? ” blood looking him up and down with one’s eyes open to think from him Na Shuangtao presbyopia is pleasant to the eye a plot.

“Do not believe calculated, gentleman does not know my Yue Junxi. Gentleman does not know my Yue Junxi..

“You are fast shut up, botch the good poem of our country, the place is used incorrect. ” blood cold-shoulder saw him, go then in front on the booth of that candy person; Was attracted by person of that one candy, “You see Williams quickly, good-looking, the culture of our country. The culture of our country..

“Hum, good-looking, come to to me. Come to to me..

“You want which you are chosen. “You want which you are chosen..

Williams looks at the person of a few candy before carefully not to feel awe-stricken the person that this holds with candy is lifelike; Looked at person of a candy suddenly to decide a god.

“Had you chosen Williams, I want this Sun Wu to come home for nothing with sheng video when see him like Sun Wu air most to him. I want this Sun Wu to come home for nothing with sheng video when see him like Sun Wu air most to him..

“Good, ” blood agree readily but see Williams is not responded to however, blood the interrogative shoulder that looks at Williams to patting him, “Williams, williams? Williams??

Williams pulls suddenly blood the laugh with light shoulder is worn, “Baby, it is good that I should bear a surname then. It is good that I should bear a surname then..

Blood what can be aware of a Williams is unwell also do not have nevertheless too care about, paid money to take away candy the person is happy very. The shoulder blood that does not cross the hand of Williams to had not left his all the time it is interrogative very, although this is planted between them intimate no matter what can be this too abnormal also! “It is cheap that you occupy me or… “

“Do not turn round, continue, our all round have bad person. Our all round have bad person..

Blood the pharynx of one Jing insecurity pharynx saliva, continue to pretend of as if nothing happened eating a hand to be strung together mediumly. “The person that is me? “The person that is me??



The 124th Zhang Yuner suspects blood the identity

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1699 words, update at: 2020-03-27 16:17

The person is an affection animal, just is an affection word baffled how many person how many thing, actually at every turn cannot leave feeling word, everybody cannot leave feeling word, because kiss affection, love, friendship, brotherly sister affection, then affection causes the heart that still has kind of planted compassion. Sweep so old depressed, severe grand day not by forced smile, oneself why is not to be in tiredly the affection with an inextricability common people inside the word…

“Hum, investigate that accident 8 years ago to me, does sea floor have submarine at that time? Does sea floor have submarine at that time??

Severe grand day drops a telephone call, eye light is abstruse and frozen, a banquet, make his results quite much. 8 years ago Y compatriots talks about the business suddenly with oneself that night, it is to follow C country originally the collaboration of the respect, but C country just abandoned suddenly cooperating, compatriots inserted back-to-back Y to come in, those who cooperate 8 years is long the person that never has shown a side, after 8 years resemble coincidence today like meet, the dribs and drabs in the process makes him disconsolate myriad, should suspect this thing the truth of backside more now.

Unwell mother of what M country can you be? She is a M compatriots clearly, why is M country unwell she? She is having with her exclusive not the about of 2, have really on the world exactly like person? Never mention it day of his Yan Hao is not believed, it is such really, it is exclusive really that he also should look not 2…

Because of,all these appears for blood return was destined to adapt the development of all stories, for instance that once Home Lin…

Lin Yuner goes to work these days mind is restless, she just wants not to understand that woman on the banquet is Lin Xieer after all, but explore,issue her not to know her, be be known really or pretend to be not known? Come this what is this purpose after all? Can you have menace to oneself? It is good in his head within that a chain of problem circles painful…

Attend a meeting, what Lin Tianci discovered Lin Yuner is peculiar, allow stayed, after waiting for everybody to go, Lin Tianci pushs the gold-rimmed spectacles that pushs a face to go up to ask: “How to return a responsibility, are these two days absent-minded? Are these two days absent-minded??

“Oh, father, thing of it doesn’t matter, it is these two days did not sleep good. ” allow laugh constrainedly, look at Lin Tianci to have again some desire character stops again.

Lin Tianci small frown, look at allow think of light sigh carefully, the daughter became big some idea also are inconvenience says what become father to oneself to listen, probably oneself can be guessed 78 minutes, for affection.

“You notice to rest more, some him things are taken it is good to hold, do not think too much. Do not think too much..

This word is like have encourage and how-to, allow small terrified, look at Lin Tianci to had gone cry suddenly beside oneself.

“Father, have a thing, I think I should tell you. I think I should tell you..

The stop pace of Lin Tianci doubt looks at allow later of one face anxious, slowly sit to the side of her locally.

“Say, what job to give? What job to give??

“Father, that… I feel blood living still. ” allow some look at Lin Tianci tensely to say.

“What? ” one face astonishs Lin Tianci look at allow, him for fear that mishear.

“You say blood living still, is this how to return a responsibility? ” the mouth of guard the entrance that Lin Tianci sound worries about a little again next since some float.

Oneself are very strange also in those days day of thing severe grand just says simply with oneself was to drop the sea, and be to find DNA? ?

“You say with father how this returns a responsibility after all, do you see her? Do you see her??

Allow nod to shake again shake one’s head, she was to see with her exactly like face, can be that individual unlike is blood.

“You do this have shake one’s head what meaning is what nod again after all? “You do this have shake one’s head what meaning is what nod again after all??

“That day banquet, I saw one follows blood exactly like woman, but she does not know me again, I also do not know how to return a responsibility, I also want to clear up. I also want to clear up..

“Be to say she had died in those days? Severe grand day had searched to was not found, can[……]


Thirtieth chapter is indignant

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2345 words, update at: 2020-03-13 15:25

One is meet meal, those who eat part on bad terms, lin Tianci and blood having talkinging about everything to leave. Strict also as blood leave, ask blood strictly without forereach, just look at her feeble back, the self-condemned more in the heart, eye ground a red, double fist is grasped, root of close gnash one’s teeth…

“You should stop the beautiful heart that stops you, it is OK also to also see a boy or girl friend otherwise. ” if severe grand day takes satirize slightly, transmit from strict back, go to strict beside with strict side-by-side, eye light also is cast to that far the car end that go.

Having in the word that gives severe grand day strictly without the feeling at all some some of vinegar meaning, just in the heart be fond of the impulse that makes him abrupt one kind speaks the truth, the division division that double fist grasps makes sound ” elder brother, but in order to hereto, did not continue again… “

Condensation of severe grand day is worn face, refract a cold light to angry eye. “Impossible. “Impossible..

“Elder brother, mom now already very happy be? You must be hated again why? ” when talking strictly some a little excited.

Light of eye of severe grand weather twinkles, know to appeared strictly to also eat a heart to that woman, handsome eyebrow small frown. “The becomes you doctor that you had been close friends only, next well Mom of give presents pa, the good son that becomes them is good, other you need not were in charge of. ” severe grand day abandons a word flintily, went with respect to footfall next.

“Elder brother, she is innocent, why to go up should the thing of generation person fall generation to return? Why to go up should the thing of generation person fall generation to return??

“Father debt child will return, this is the thing of perfectly justified. ” severe grand the top margin of a page also does not answer walk out of.

Look at the leave sturdy back of severe grand day strictly, in the heart anxious, he knows severe grand day one but should do a thing, no matter use what means,can accomplish, can achieve a goal.

Severe grand day takes a car, gently shut double eye, “Elder brother, she is innocent. ” strict word all the time the echo is by the side of ear, innocent, innocent, the double eye of her Na Mingliang appears again in brain, eye wave of Qing Zhan is kind-hearted extremely, innocent and moving… everything what what but think Shen Li,appearance says to oneself, that softness in heart of severe grand day is pressed again go down, the bottom of the heart emerges again crime of a firm…

An Na is to-and-fro in the room, the issue that there is severe grand day in the heart undertakes after all how, when going out afternoon, do not allow oneself to also go at all. Why doesn’t he let himself follow, his greatly small issue, what is he is being helped do, the thing that should marry that woman nowadays does not allow him to participate in actually, an Na wants more furious more…

Pay a mobile phone on the bed, open address book, big toe slips to go up to the name of severe grand day, but big toe does not have courage to press namely, be afraid that he can be fed up with himself. But… An Na sits disappointingly suddenly on the bed, big toe slid not carefully the name of the phone, as it happens slipped on the name of Liu reporter, an Na laughs weirdly suddenly…

The sky is dark, having thick fog, the drive a vehicle on the road is very slow, severe grand day sits in the car, those who feel this travel is slow, have some of vinegary knit one’s brow. Carry the hand saw watch, already 9:15, oneself can not be late, but this is planted today road condition, the likelihood should be late.

The mobile phone in the bosom is in shake, severe grand day saw the number on the mobile phone, receive a telephone call next, “Hum, “Hum,,

“President, where are you now? ” phone there transmit Lai Anna’s anxious inquiry sound.

“I still go up in the road, block a car up a bit, today may behind schedule arrives, ” severe grand day is saying lightly.

“The big client that the president did not forget to made an appointment with Brunei at 10 o’clock today should talk the agreement of the hotel. ” An Na gently remind, hope severe grand day wants ready-made.

“Hum… ” Yan Hao day hanged a phone immediately, bading next driver ” did not wait, turn around other way! Turn around other way!!

The driver is making steering wheel immediately, the car sides with another road rapidly to sail go…



The 21st chapter implies angry eye

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2239 words, update at: 2020-03-11 15:42

Dance Chi Zhongyan case and blood jumping dance, from time to time return whisper to each other what saying. The eyes of severe grand day anger removed dark cold breath, this woman has what objective after all, is she to know to want to marry her? But why to mix even what go strictly is so close, be still she marries herself additional purposeful? The in looking at dance pool blood of eye of dark in anger of severe grand day, lin Tianci, in those days you harm my mother, because do not have me,that is, day of my Yan Hao is in nowadays, the family that you are harming me with respect to don’t imagine that is possible one fine long hair…

Severe grand day is animosity completely in indignant pupil, look at her to be like a flower to strict smiling face, always feeling she resembles is a poisonous papaverous flower. Although beauty enchantings, but its poison is bite heart to the marrow however, why the sense that oneself always feel to that woman gives her is the sort of feeling, what be like not to know to be absent, but appear,everything accuses in her palm in. Severe grand day grasps the hand of goblet to be tightened, carry hand a fill joins the alcoholic drink in one raise hand larynx, in wine sweet acerbity let the face with Yan Hao callous day go up to stretch tight more closely, him first time can have this kind of mentality, guess to a woman not, are oneself all the time devise clever strategies to everything?

“Tell me, why? ” strict gently we should like to ask.

Blood carry eye is very affectionate carry eye is being stared strict, think the careful appearance him is engraved into the heart very much. Although oneself feel in what how be reluctant to leave him, but the destiny won’t give you according to what you like after all, won’t need to you more…

Staring blood affectionately strictly as much, there are inquiry and doubt to ache purposely still in eye eye.

Blood laugh lightly, “Do not know when all what, whats do not ask. ” blood a little wispy sincere feeling in eye light, look again next to strict Na Zhangjun face slightly laugh. “The life of everybody can have a paragraph of the darkest level, do not see an end greatly, the yourself in the night that does not watch after all in that must hand hold remove sharp and dark fight closely although bruise of all over the body just is best then,prove finally, to the enemy’s euqally principal to oneself proof. ” staring blood strictly eye light is wispy the Yi Zhen that seem a dream, in the heart insurgent. “So fugacious and changeful life, also be a process of decay, be before the process of the Cheng Die that defeat chrysalis is sufferring in that darkness? ” blood pack up disconsolate feeling to be opposite before have sth in mind blink fawn on gently strictly eye is piquant laugh.

Listening to blood strictly if, firm of the firm in the heart aches. ” don’t you consider this kind of issue revolt? ” don’t you consider this kind of issue revolt??

“I am raised by the uncle as a child big, the girl of my have little physical strength is destined to become the victim in the home nowadays. ” blood eye eye is much mediumer trifling sentiment. “Because they are my family, my family finally, ” blood some from ridicule say.

Strict heart aches suddenly, double eye one red, tighten up the force in the hand, let blood the bosom that relies on oneself closely, stand by blood gently side side says: “Choose time to me, let me resolve this issue? Let I and eldest brother talk, let me think way, it is good when this victim that need not perhaps you come? It is good when this victim that need not perhaps you come??

“Are you my this appellation is severe doctor strict still? ” blood ask gently.

Staring blood strictly for ages, ability is slowly soft sound starts to talk: “Want you to like only, optional. Optional..

Blood be in again of good impression deeply touched say: “If be in this fight,true need sacrifices I can be saved whole before I joyfully, all employee go to Lin. ” blood the eyes became much one sturdy, corners of the mouth instigates the smile that a ego comforts, that smile prickled strict heart.

Perhaps the person of a such innocent goodness, be destined to must experience these on her body ought not to some affliction…

“Strict, actually, I value my life future than anybody, neither one person she is not selfishness. ” blood had delimited in eye light a faint light. Say then: “But compare with my family photograph, what does my individual life calculate again, hum? I cherish my family more, their favour is not happy, what I cherish this, what cherish… “



The 10th lance umbo of Zhang Xieer manages

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1521 words, update at: 2020-03-08 15:48

Blood apathetic is changing the clothes, cerebral sea mile is the dialog of aunty and uncle as before, should marry oneself to a businessman to do trade the safety that exchanges Lin…

No wonder aunty just began the manner to oneself actually so have change, so everything is so purposeful…

If this is father,in administer Lin won’t let him do absolutely trade. Right also, a moment ago not doesn’t that is to say want permit is go and letting his go? Are oneself returned can what does excessive beg? If uncle mouth says, oneself can revolt. Can be aunty those who say is right, also won’t have oneself without them today, oneself should pay a debt of gratitude forever return them, also do not owe anyone again later…

Blood the instant restored reason, arranged in a rapid thing in brain, want first suspend one’s schooling, the ability by oneself can cast off that individual certainly.

Nevertheless… blood what to think of suddenly, take oneself pen report immediately, knocked a little while on clavier, appeared immediately the data of severe grand day.

Those who a word says is good, want to beat rival, should understanding adversary first is a what kind of person, the bosom friend tells the other, emerge victorious in every battle, severe grand day, I can not be a docile and clever cat Mi!

Read the material of severe grand day a little while nevertheless, blood the whisper made in the heart…

“Severe grand day, this year 27 years old, financial group of severe family name was taken over since 20 years old, answer nowadays via 7 years, in time of 7 years, the cogongrass before he lets financial group of severe family name lead in this international… “

So fierce, blood a bit afraid, a such sagacious businessman how does the force of the oneself by oneself escape?

Look at the meal of industrial public house that he involves, trading company, culture recreation, electronic science and technology, the many domains such as estate.

Blood the actual strength that knew severe grand day almost has many strong, want to escape he has an idea only, look for a person that contends with his ability to save his namely, it is a bit difficult to be like nevertheless, by him the actual strength of the financial group surface that now is international has been very fierce, nature of this kind of person also has the actual strength of backside, otherwise how can hand block day, oneself should escape he is more impossible, unless…

Unless, let him himself put him to go, but how can you let him again to but how can you let him again,unlock oneself? Blood was immersed in blind lane again.

Tell him himself the daughter that is not an uncle, such he can be aimed at Lin again, be no good, oneself are not a well-advised method apparently so so, the uncle has a plenty of method to let his do not read a book to be able to be married only so. Without giving thought to he how does him create difficulties for sb want to bear, cannot revolt, till his be bored with till? Blood planning in the heart, think to be able to have protected oneself so, but father,grand day is punished to hers far the imagination that exceeded her…

A gules farad benefit fleets go up in highway, of speed fast, caused the scenery string of a boast person naturally;

The face mirrors a piece of meticulous melon seeds to go up in car window, there are anger and grievance in double eye, small biting a lip; The finger of accelerator is in ceaselessly mobile; She is abreacting, abreact the complaint in the heart. Oneself should replace allow marry a person to save Lin, what trouble did the uncle offend to you can be had after all is handle minatory? Oneself think him evermore earn one’s own living need not be offended on aunty is not offended on Home Lin, but why be always come in by drag in, you are not picky won’t not look for you on behalf of the trouble. But the concern that oneself are having blood with Home Lin unluckily however, can you kill him lifetime because of his goodness after all? Think of this, blood one foot steps on accelerator after all, handholding steering wheel of both hands emphatic, on the hand because exert oneself to do sth. excessive joint floats white, the blue veins on the hand is cruel case; Rotating the car all round steering wheel at one’s convenience cries flute pays a warning, just running quickly to come on highway drain is worn the grievance in him heart…

The car stopped in the one place of this city eventually, blood sit in the car, lean to the back of the chair, eyes slack, having despair, tear of a drop comes down down[……]


06 disaster come

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Wu Lin is nightly be on duty come back, going livelily all the way, unexpectedly however by from the back open the car that come to give bumped.

And Wangyue if from the elevator when the company comes home abrupt out of control ten minutes, this let Wang Yueru think of Chen Dashi’s word again.

In the morning, wangyue if hastily ward of run to Wu Lin, can be Wu Lin as before prep before sees Wang Yueru.

“What will you work? Go! Here does not welcome you! ” Wu Lin points to to say at the door the move single-handed.

“Small beautiful jade, I had said, you can have risk, you see this not — ” Wang Yueru has not said.

Wu Lin says again: “Went, I say to go again! I say to go again!!

“Small beautiful jade, anyhow I am your mother! I am to care you! ” if Wangyue is being taken cry antrum says.

“Went, go! ” Wu Lin as before not concede, do not have method, if Wangyue is forced to go out.

“Old eldest brother, do you make sure she won’t be not believed? ” Milan asks in ground of evil spirit of the evil in Chen Hao’s bosom.

“Be at ease, I had learned psychology, I know this kind of woman! I know this kind of woman!!

Chen Hao continues to say again: “Milan! Believe my old Hao! Believe my old Hao!!

“Hum. ” Milan is light answered.

Right now Wang Yueru have one’s mind stuffed with is Chen Zaishi’s prophecy.

For a long time, if Wangyue hit so called Chen Dashi.

“Went, you see Milan, this does not go up ticked off! ” Chen Hao was saying to take a mobile phone.

“Chen Dashi, I had thought, which to look for you? ” ” at the door the hospital on the place that sees me last, all one’s life below your daughter is decided restful also, this all one’s life more without the thing! This all one’s life more without the thing!!

Chen Hao was pulled a long time with Wang Yueru hanged a phone.