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The 124th Zhang Yuner suspects blood the identity

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1699 words, update at: 2020-03-27 16:17

The person is an affection animal, just is an affection word baffled how many person how many thing, actually at every turn cannot leave feeling word, everybody cannot leave feeling word, because kiss affection, love, friendship, brotherly sister affection, then affection causes the heart that still has kind of planted compassion. Sweep so old depressed, severe grand day not by forced smile, oneself why is not to be in tiredly the affection with an inextricability common people inside the word…

“Hum, investigate that accident 8 years ago to me, does sea floor have submarine at that time? Does sea floor have submarine at that time??

Severe grand day drops a telephone call, eye light is abstruse and frozen, a banquet, make his results quite much. 8 years ago Y compatriots talks about the business suddenly with oneself that night, it is to follow C country originally the collaboration of the respect, but C country just abandoned suddenly cooperating, compatriots inserted back-to-back Y to come in, those who cooperate 8 years is long the person that never has shown a side, after 8 years resemble coincidence today like meet, the dribs and drabs in the process makes him disconsolate myriad, should suspect this thing the truth of backside more now.

Unwell mother of what M cou[……]


Thirtieth chapter is indignant

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2345 words, update at: 2020-03-13 15:25

One is meet meal, those who eat part on bad terms, lin Tianci and blood having talkinging about everything to leave. Strict also as blood leave, ask blood strictly without forereach, just look at her feeble back, the self-condemned more in the heart, eye ground a red, double fist is grasped, root of close gnash one’s teeth…

“You should stop the beautiful heart that stops you, it is OK also to also see a boy or girl friend otherwise. ” if severe grand day takes satirize slightly, transmit from strict back, go to strict beside with strict side-by-side, eye light also is cast to that far the car end that go.

Having in the word that gives severe grand day strictly without the feeling at all some some of vinegar meaning, just in the heart be fond of the impulse that makes him abrupt one kind speaks the truth, the division division that double fist grasps makes sound ” elder brother, but in order to hereto, did not continue again… “

Condensation of severe grand day is worn face, refract a cold light to angry eye. “Impossible. “Impossible..

“Elder brother, mom now already very happy be? You must be hated again why? ” when talking strictly some a little excited.

Light of eye of severe grand weather twinkles, know to appeared strictly to als[……]


The 21st chapter implies angry eye

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2239 words, update at: 2020-03-11 15:42

Dance Chi Zhongyan case and blood jumping dance, from time to time return whisper to each other what saying. The eyes of severe grand day anger removed dark cold breath, this woman has what objective after all, is she to know to want to marry her? But why to mix even what go strictly is so close, be still she marries herself additional purposeful? The in looking at dance pool blood of eye of dark in anger of severe grand day, lin Tianci, in those days you harm my mother, because do not have me,that is, day of my Yan Hao is in nowadays, the family that you are harming me with respect to don’t imagine that is possible one fine long hair…

Severe grand day is animosity completely in indignant pupil, look at her to be like a flower to strict smiling face, always feeling she resembles is a poisonous papaverous flower. Although beauty enchantings, but its poison is bite heart to the marrow however, why the sense that oneself always feel to that woman gives her is the sort of feeling, what be like not to know to be absent, but appear,everything accuses in her palm in. Severe grand day grasps the hand of goblet to be tightened, carry hand a fill joins the alcoholic drink in one raise hand larynx, in wine sweet acerbity let the face with Yan Hao callous day go up to stretch tight more closely, him first time can h[……]


The 10th lance umbo of Zhang Xieer manages

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1521 words, update at: 2020-03-08 15:48

Blood apathetic is changing the clothes, cerebral sea mile is the dialog of aunty and uncle as before, should marry oneself to a businessman to do trade the safety that exchanges Lin…

No wonder aunty just began the manner to oneself actually so have change, so everything is so purposeful…

If this is father,in administer Lin won’t let him do absolutely trade. Right also, a moment ago not doesn’t that is to say want permit is go and letting his go? Are oneself returned can what does excessive beg? If uncle mouth says, oneself can revolt. Can be aunty those who say is right, also won’t have oneself without them today, oneself should pay a debt of gratitude forever return them, also do not owe anyone again later…

Blood the instant restored reason, arranged in a rapid thing in brain, want first suspend one’s schooling, the ability by oneself can cast off that individual certainly.

Nevertheless… blood what to think of suddenly, take oneself pen report immediately, knocked a little while on clavier, appeared immediately the data of severe grand day.

Those who a word says is good, want to beat rival, should understanding adversary first is a what kind of person, the bosom friend tells the other, emerge victorious in every battle, severe[……]


06 disaster come

” revive die young ” Ai Leyao / , this chapter in all 433 words, update at: 2020-05-14 11:33

Wu Lin is nightly be on duty come back, going livelily all the way, unexpectedly however by from the back open the car that come to give bumped.

And Wangyue if from the elevator when the company comes home abrupt out of control ten minutes, this let Wang Yueru think of Chen Dashi’s word again.

In the morning, wangyue if hastily ward of run to Wu Lin, can be Wu Lin as before prep before sees Wang Yueru.

“What will you work? Go! Here does not welcome you! ” Wu Lin points to to say at the door the move single-handed.

“Small beautiful jade, I had said, you can have risk, you see this not — ” Wang Yueru has not said.

Wu Lin says again: “Went, I say to go again! I say to go again!!

“Small beautiful jade, anyhow I am your mother! I am to care you! ” if Wangyue is being taken cry antrum says.

“Went, go! ” Wu Lin as before not concede, do not have method, if Wangyue is forced to go out.

“Old eldest brother, do you make sure she won’t be not believed? ” Milan asks in ground of evil spirit of the evil in Chen Hao’s bosom.

“Be at ease, I had learned psychology, I know this kind of woman! I know this kind of woman!!

Chen Hao continues to say again: “Milan! Believe my old Hao![……]