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Duty field " rubber person " 5 typical symptoms

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Duty field " rubber person " 5 typical symptoms

"I am already exhausted, take a passive attitude towards one's work. " " go to work one day this actually very bri上海品茶工作室

ef, computer shuts, one day went; Computer does not shut, the contract expired. " " do not think conversation does not want to move, see a newspaper get online drink tea to go. " ... these words tall frequency ground appears in a group.

They do not have nerve, without keenly feel, without efficiency, without reaction; Do not accept any newly emerging things and opinion; To criticize and be being praisedWithoutAlleged, without discreditable feeling and honorary feeling; Those who rectify an individual to be just as rubber make it is same. They are called duty field " rubber person " .

Duty field relations with people why " rubber is changed "

A few days ago, one has the investigation that 4734 people participate in to show, of 91.0% suffer the person that visit to affirm beside existence " person of duty field rubber " , among them the person of 14.2% expresses to have " a lot of " , the person of 41.8% shows " more " .


Duty field " rubber person " 5 typical symptoms

These " person of duty field rubber " what symptom is there?

Symptom one: Be gone by duty field regular absorb

After small king graduate student graduates, stay in this school office work. The personnel of the office is little, the work is serious, xiaowang often works overtime, be in the office tiredly pass the night. Went 6 years, xiaowang was not promoted, also resemble no longer at the outset in that way desperately. "Everybody is a take a passive attitude towards one's work. If you work desperately, appear additional on one hand kind; On the other hand the someone says you to rapid move is behaved and want to promote. Fell this fame is couldn't get however promote, why? So can according to go regulation comes. So can according to go regulation comes..

Symptom 2: Working enthusiasm no longer

"Desperately 3 man " Liu Na just wants the child till many years old 30. During be pregnant, Liu Na still holds to the job, of unripe even child still worked in the company that day. However, rest maternity leave goes to work, she changed however a person: Come the latest everyday, go the earliest, if talking about, inscribe around move the child. "I before this age energy already was inferior to greatly, the job and child can consider only. Rearing the chi广州夜网论坛

ld is the thing with the most important whole world to me. The task that shows level so has reared the child namely, the job is less important, drift along. Drift along..


Duty field " rubber person " 5 typical symptoms


Symptom 3: Censure to criticism no longer sensitive

Mr Ma that did 5 years of advertisement to design the job says frankly, also search to be not answered again at the outset joy and passion. "The originality that cudgel one's brains for thinks up always is criticized to get without a single redeeming feature by the client; Boiled a few all night to do good program to always be overturned to weigh; Always be asked to do by the client ' mountain fastness ' edition advertisement, what intense emotion do you still have but character? " after be hit to press, recently two years his " immune force " increasing ceaselessly, to criticize and censuring more and more not sensitive.

Symptom 4: The job is trifling everyday dawdle

Miss Liu that in some mechanism office the announce outside doing works, everyday working content calls namely and get online. If have propagandist job, call announcement media, extend to mobile spot again material, perhaps send medium electronic edition material. Odd time gets online namely, watch news, chat. Although just work two years, she had lost the power that continues to struggle. "The female in mechanism's rising space is too little, I am dawdle everyday. I am dawdle everyday..

Symptom 5: Promote all up decadent answer

The company should promote cadre of a batch of middle-level, xiaowu and Xiaochen ability comparative, attended contest to hire. As a result Xiaowu wins out, became Xiaochen's one's direct superior. Xiaochen promotes all up, the feeling is brokenhearted unceasingly, begin to complain with be agitated, answer the job decadently everyday.

These are typical " rubber " symptom, duty field lets " rubber person " can be recognized.


Duty field " rubber person " 5 typical symptoms

"Rubber person " reflection goes out " the society is ill "

"I most fear ' rubber employee ' . He not only him dawdle, still affect the working position of other staff. " the chief king gentleman of company of a large medicine says Zhengzhou. Almost every enterprise is existing " rubber person " , it is the employee after having a job 35 years mostly. "The angle that develops from the company sets out, they are returned not as good as duty field new personality is valuable. They are returned not as good as duty field new personality is valuable..

And controller of company of some electron equipment applies a manager to express, the employee after working 35 years, already was the backbone of the company mostly, although some " rubber is changed " , but from total consideration, also cannot fire him. "Endeavor only keep within limits, arouse its enthusiasm through raising the method such as salary, welfare and pay. Meet otherwise as ' pestilential ' spread, eat more stuff. Eat more stuff..

In fact, at present duty field of China " rubber person " group gianter and gianter, " China " the job is listless index " investigation " show, the informant of 70% appears the job is listless; " obtain employment of Chinese writing heart reports " say, be stated by investigation company the profession is dried up of 57% the circumstance is aggravating.

So what profession appears easily " is rubber changed " ? Investigation shows: Doctor, silver-colored clerk, programmer, teacher, reporter, policeman, officeholder, actor and taxi driver are become more easily " rubber person " . They always perhaps complete the work independently, need not share; The space that perhaps rises is limited; Always perhaps exceed regular working hours, mix in exhaustion empty in more and more " rubber is changed " .

"' rubber person ' refract on one hand give a kind ' the society is ill ' , be opposite on the other hand individual and character, more resembling is a kind of inactive revolt. " worker of Beijing University China and Tong Xin of director of work research center point out, "Rubber person " appear, scarcely light is the individual's problem, work however concern of environment, group and whole society gave an issue. A kind of circumstance is, most person regards the job as the method that acquires fortune and position, the contented sense that working itself brings and achievement feel by clear up; The 2nd kind of circumstance is, short-term labour and not steady work are added gradually much, a lot of people cannot hold his job, cannot see foreground and future; The 3rd kind of circumstance is, was full of each trying to cheat the other in order to compete for working environment of the foundation, people cannot build active human relations in society, experience ceaselessly in working process scanty from feeling and oppressive feeling, chase gradual change to get coma with acclimatization.


Duty field " rubber person " 5 typical symptoms

Next multibarrel is neat preventing " rubber is changed "

Actually, a lot of " rubber employee " also realize oneself are in " inferior healthy " working status, had taken the dangerous edge of professional career. Answer passion and fight to search, many duty field " rubber person " begin to attend groom the class will enrich raise oneself.

Him discovery appears " rubber is changed " after the trend, tall young lady attended spoken English class. "Not be why and learn, consider the status that seeks namely. The mood restores calm gradually now, working status it may not be a bad idea a lot of. Working status it may not be a bad idea a lot of..

Mr Wang signs up attended professional handler to groom. Although ascendant space is at present limited, but attend groom, helpful to the job and life, "The key is to let his move truly rise. "The key is to let his move truly rise..

Be aimed at duty field " rubber person " , many enterprises also were adopted answer measure actively, build a series of benign systems.

Zhengzhou some equipment company, have round of post to managing a layer at present, for instance the director exchange two close branch, working property did not produce too big change, but personnel had change, can prevent so " rubber is changed " . Some companies are passed adjust salary, welfa上海品茶工作室

re and pay, arouse the enthusiasm of employee; Perhaps undertake company culture grooms, make employee has attributive feeling, know the same feeling. In addition, still a few companies hold chair of professional career program for the worker, stimulate their working appetite afresh; Hold activity of worker couplet friendship regularly, build the weak environment that a kind of human nature changes, slow the psychological gloomy knot of employee.

Professional personage points out, "Rubber is changed " the working status that is a kind of depression actually, go still unrestrained and far -ranging. Above all,上海品茶工作室

after sufferring duty field setback, want to learn to adjust state of mind, walk out of " gray state of mind " ; Next, want to know oneself afresh, enhance self-confident heart, pay attention to mining advantage andLatent capacity; Finally, below the condition that cannot hold to certainly or cannot change, abandon bravely, seek new way and seat.

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